Week of September 17th

Calendar Events

Wednesday 9/19 – Half-Day Dismissal 11:00

Thursday 9/20 – Back to School Night

Friday 9/21 – Peace Day

Friday 9/21 Wordly Wise and Social Studies Quizzes

Wednesday 9/26 – Reading MAPS

Thursday 9/27 – Math MAPS

Friday 10/12 – Fall Festival

Friday  10/19 – Fall Pictures


  • 4.1 Number Sense – In this unit students will read and write numbers to 100 millions place.  They will also be expected to write those numbers in expanded and word form.  Next week we will be rounding, ordering, and comparing numbers to millions place.

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – we will build vocabulary several ways.
    • Word of the Week:  Students are asked to use RAVENOUS  in written and spoken word.
    • Greek/Latin stems with PHOTOS (light) and TELE (distant)
    •  Fab Five words that will include synonyms and antonyms study.  Students will use these 5 words in sentences: sluggish, rapid, brace, meek, sassy
  • Reading –
    • Comprehension Strategies:  Monitoring Comprehension
    • Main Idea and Supporting Details
    • Summarizing
  • Writing –
    • This week we introduced a program called Mentoring Sentences in which students dissect a well written sentence.
    • We will continue  Daily Dazzle.  This weekly program includes questions on plurals, possessives, sentence type, synonyms, capitalization, editing,  grammar, simple/compound sentences, etc.
    • students will practice writing 2 paragraph essays.

Virginia Studies –

4.2 Regions – During this unit students will locate on a map the following: border states, major waterways, the 5 Regions of Virginia and the products/industries in each region.  Students will learn mnemonic devices to help:

Borders: Never Trust Kangaroos With Mac And Cheese

Rivers: Please Remember Your Jacket

Cities on the fall line: Alex likes Potatoes; Fred likes to Rap; King James with Rich

Regions: Always Vacuum Before People Find Crumbs