Week of Sept. 10th

Calendar Events

Thursday 9/13  Math and Science quizzes – given a day early due to the emergency closing of school on Friday

Friday 9/14 – School Cancelled

Wednesday 9/19 – Half-Day Dismissal 11:00

Thursday 9/20 Rescheduled Back to School Night 6:30-8:00

Friday 9/21 – Peace Day


  • 4.14 Graphing – Students will read, interpret, and create both line graphs and bar graphs.  They need to understand that line graphs are used to show a change over time.   There will be a quiz on Thursday 9/13  with 15 multiple choice questions and 2 performance questions that require students turn data into an appropriate graph.  ***This is a change due to the emergency closing of school***

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – we will build vocabulary several ways.
    • Word of the Week:  Students are asked to use BIZARRE  in written and spoken word.
    • Greek/Latin stems with PHOTOS (light) and Graph (write)
    •  Fab Five words that will include synonyms and antonyms study.  Students will use these 5 words in sentences: sluggish, rapid, brace, meek, sassy
  • Reading –
    • Socratic Seminar where students practice being active, supportive listeners during round table discussions
    • Comprehension Strategies:  Monitoring Comprehension
    • Reference materials – for what information do we use a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, or atlas?
  • Writing –
    • This week we will introduce students to Daily Dazzle.  This weekly program includes questions on plurals, possessives, sentence type, synonyms, capitalization, editing,  grammar, simple/compound sentences, etc.
    • students will practice writing 2 paragraph essays.

Science –

4.1 Scientific Investigation – through a variety of hands on activities, students will learn vocabulary such as variables, constants, qualitative vs quantitative data, etc.  This one-week unit will conclude with a quiz on Thursday. ***This is a change due to the emergency school closing on Friday***