Week of September 4th

Welcome back 4th Grade Families!!

I am so excited to go on this adventure in learning with all of you!


Orange Folder- This folder will come home daily with homework, communication from the school, PTA and/or me as well as completed daily classwork assignments.  Students should go through these nightly,  take out completed classwork, and return them to school each day with completed homework and any notes for me.

Homework –  Today students were given an orange homework notebook to write assignments each day.  Homework is also posted on my blog.

Subscribe to the BLOG– by subscribing to the BLOG you should get an email alert letting you know when the BLOG is updated.  I usually update the BLOG every Tuesday which is the same day the red folders go home with graded papers.


Back to School Night- is September 13th from 6:30 – 8 pm.  I hope to see many of you back again to learn all about 4th grade.

SCA Applications-  Students will receive these tomorrow. Each child who would like to run for class representative needs to give a speech to our class.  Remember, they may not “promise” things that they cannot do;  for example – more recess time for each class. Our class will give speeches and vote on Friday, September 14th.