Happy New Year + Welcome Back

Happy 2019!

Welcome to January in Room 103:



Review the information above to stay up-to-date on what we are doing this short week and during the month of January. Please give special attention to letter sounds, word families, and sight words this month.

Let’s finish the semester strong,
Mrs. H.

Applying Reading Skills

I hope everyone had a wonderful October weekend!

As mentioned earlier this month, the children will be bringing home a plethora of (primarily) language arts/reading information as we gear up for increased independent and small group work. Some of this information is more general, while some is more specific. Today your learner is bringing home one piece of more particular information about how to approach and sound out unknown words in text, a practice we refer to as decoding. One of the approaches you already received information about is a broad, wide-ranging skill (“make your mouth ready”), while the new one coming home today is a tactical strategy (pointing strategy). Both documents are also available below. Consider placing these close to an area where your family enjoys reading together so that you and your child may reference them as needed.

As always, please do get in touch with any questions, concerns, or stories to share. I love to hear about how beginning reading is going at home and all around. Remember to relax and enjoy – practice, not perfect.

Happy Reading,
Mrs. H.

Make Your Mouth Ready

Reading Strategies 1 – Pointing

On Becoming Independent Readers and Writers …

Good Afternoon,

As October breezes in and out, we are in the process of developing new reading and writing routines in Room 103. Soon we will be starting literacy centers and small group reading lessons through which we will practice our language arts skills both independently and with instructional support.

Throughout the rest of this month, your learner will be bringing home important information about our language arts program. This information will help you all to know how to best support your child as she/he begins the process of becoming an independent, literate primary school student. Our weekly newsletters will also contain appropriate prompts and questions for guiding you and your child through the reading process.

Please read and review all of this information carefully. Most importantly, please relax and enjoy as you practice literacy skills together. Progress, not perfect 🙂

Mrs. H.

Special Activities Interest Forms

Good Afternoon,

Today your child will be bringing home information about four special activities we will be having in our classroom throughout this school year.

Parents/family members will be able to rate their availability/interest on the form 1 – 4 (1 being highest preference). Please complete and return this form Wednesday so that our room parents may effectively plan for activities with enough volunteers. Participation will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Any volunteers interested in helping out will need to have a volunteer/mentor application on file with our school.

Thanks for checking the folders for the interest forms this evening. The volunteer application form may be accessed here: http://shortpumpes.henricoschools.us/wp-content/uploads/sites/68/2018/09/Fillable-PDF-Volunteer-Application-Revised-August-2018-Copy.pdf

Mrs. H.

First Scholastic Book Order of the Year!

Hi Everybody,

Today the children are bringing home their very first Scholastic book order. Scholastic is a great source of affordable reading material for both home and the classroom. Any purchases that you make as a family also earn our class spending points for materials to be used at school.

This year we will be placing all orders online using our class activation code: MKTQ9. If you would like to place an order, please follow these steps:

1. Go to https://clubs.scholastic.com
2. Click on the orange “Parents” section – “Get Started”
3. Enter our class activation code (MKTQ9)
4. Begin shopping!

Thank you for considering purchasing books through Scholastic. Our due date is Friday, September 28th by 3:00 PM. Happy Shopping!

Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, parents and families for a wonderful first week of kindergarten!

We have had one of the smoothest starts to the school year that I can remember. I have observed your children using excellent manners, taking care of personal and classroom belongings, and treating classmates and adults with respect. I am very thankful to be working with such responsible and kind students and their families. Thanks for all you are doing and have done to help the learners of Room 103 have a fantastic first week.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns you may have. Have a super weekend!

Mrs. H.

First Day, Hooray!

We did it! We have completed one whole day of kindergarten!

The children and I enjoyed a successful first day together. Thank you all for sending your children to school ready to listen, learn, and make new friends. Here are a few reminders for continued success and safety …

*Please send your child’s folder to school with him/her every day even if you have nothing to send.

*Please have your child wear the green oval every day this week and keep the colored pipecleaner on his/her backpack as well.

*For snack, simply send one small item that your child may easily open him/herself. We only have about 10 minutes for snack, and the children typically enjoy talking to and learning about new friends more than eating a larger snack.

*Your child may bring a small towel/blanket from home to use for rest time (in addition to the mat).

*Please keep the skills and news sheets from me in your child’s folder all week. They are also posted online, on the classroom website, should you lose one. The skill practice suggested on these sheets is optional, serving as a gauge for you to measure your child’s progress in between progress/report cards.

*Complete and return the orange “Authorization to Pick-Up” forms as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support,
Mrs. Harkins

Kindergarten Orientation Information: Getting Started in Room 103

Hi Everyone,

It was so nice to meet you all earlier today!

Your children were also extremely polite and well-behaved during their visit to Room 103. They were able to cooperatively form a circle, sit criss-cross-applesauce, keep all appendages to themselves, and even remembered to raise their hands to speak. Wow! Thank you for all you are doing at home to ensure a successful start for your learners.

The primary information from this morning’s meeting is posted below. Thank you for completing the forms! Let me know if you would like a “birthday book” form – I have extra. Thanks again for coming!

Have a wonderful long weekend,
Mrs. H.

Kindergarten Orientation Room 103

Open House Newsletter Page 1

Open House Newsletter Pages 2 and 3