Week 18 1/14-1/18

Happy Thursday!

We had another busy, and short week in 4th grade. I am beginning to wonder when we are going to have our next full week of school! The students have been doing a great job in the classroom.

In reading this week, we are continuing to practice annotating and reviewing passages that are fiction and nonfiction. This week we read about Hawaii and the volcanoes, China and the dark side of the moon, and the sun! Students are taught how to go through a story and circle the title, number the paragraphs, etc. to be able to understand what they are reading but also to be able to answer questions!

In math this week, we continued teaching fractions. We went over comparing fractions as well as ordering and placing the numbers correctly on a number line. Next week, we will continue with fractions and begin reviewing for benchmarks! We will also be having a math test on fractions on Tuesday.

In VA studies this week, we finished learning about the Revolutionary War and began reviewing for the benchmark! Next week, we will be reviewing VS 1 through VS 5 to get ready for our benchmarks. A great resource to have the students use at home is SOL pass . The password to access the games and information is tigers.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

-Ms. Cockrum

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 1/21- NO SCHOOL- MLK Holiday
  • 1/22- Math Test on Fractions
  • 1/24- Biography Bottle Project Due
  • 1/25- Vocabulary Test
  • 1/25- PAW Achievement
  • 1/25- End of 9 weeks
  • 1/28- NO SCHOOL

*Please continue to check your students Blue Trevvett folder. This is where they bring home graded papers, fliers from school, as well as their behavior chart every Friday. Please sign the behavior chart each week!*

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Week 17 1/7/19-1/11/19

Happy Thursday!

We have had a great first full week back at school! The students have worked so hard in the classroom and have done a fantastic job. We even received the Golden Shoe for grade 3-5 in gym class. The gym teacher picks the class with the highest score for the month in gym and whoever has the highest wins the golden shoe- and we won for

In reading this week, we learned about different strategies that we can use to help better understand a story. This week, we read poetry as well as nonfiction passages. One of the strategies that we have been focusing on this week has been stop and jot. Students stop and jot a sentence or two about each paragraph in a passage. Once they are finished, they should have a good summary of what the passage is about! We will continue with these strategies, and learning more, next week.

In math this week, we focused on fractions. We began this week by talking about what they look like in pictures, and how we can tell if one is bigger than the other by using pictures and models. Then, we moved into comparing fractions with different denominators and numerators. The students learned several methods of how to compare these, but the main one was trying to make the denominator the same by creating a common denominator. With fractions, we also began placing them on a number line. We will continue with fractions next week in math. We will have a test on fractions next Friday, January 18th.

In social studies this week, we learned about the American Revolution. We talked about the important people in the Revolution as well as the different roles that groups of people played during this time. Next week, we will begin to review for our Social Studies benchmark, which we will take in early February. I have been encouraging students to take home their packets with them to study. If you need any additional activities, SOL pass is a great resource!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

-Ms. Cockrum

Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

  • 1/16- Reading Summative Assessment
  • 1/21- MLK Holiday- NO STUDENTS
  • 1/22- Vocabulary Test
  • 1/18- Math Test on Fractions
  • 1/24- Biography Bottle Buddy Due
  • 1/28- NO STUDENTS

*Please continue to check your students Blue Trevvett folder. This is where they bring home graded papers, fliers from school, as well as their behavior chart every Friday. Please sign the behavior chart each week!*

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Week 16 1/3/18-1/4/19

Welcome Back!

We have a short week but it has been great to get back into the swing of things! A little sleepy, but hopefully next week we will get into routine!

This week in math, we are beginning to learn about fractions. Today we began by using fraction boards and creating fractions by piecing different parts together to understand equivalency. Next week, we will continue working with fractions and focusing on comparing and ordering fractions and mixed numbers, representing equivalent fractions, and identifying the division statement that represents a fraction.

In reading this week, we are continuing to review prefixes and suffixes. We have been talking about how both prefixes and suffixes can change the meaning of a word, and what that looks like in reading and writing. The students this week are creating a winter break writing that includes examples of this as well as homophones. Next week, we will be focusing on strategies that we can use during reading to help us understand the text better. We will also be using some poetry next week!

In social studies, we began learning about the American Revolution! We will continue to learn about this next week as well. Along with the American Revolution, we have also began to review previous social studies units by using the activities on SOL Pass  (Username: trevvett password: tigers). This website is a great resource for review!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

-Ms. Cockrum

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 1/11- Picture Make-Up
  • 1/21- MLK Holiday- NO SCHOOL
  • 1/28- PAW Achievement
  • 1/31- Zaxby’s PTO Spirit Night

*Please make sure you are checking your child’s Blue Trevvett folder on a weekly basis. This is where graded school work is sent home and where I put the weekly behavior chart. Please sign the behavior chart and send it back with your student every Monday.

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Week 15 12/17-12/19

Happy Wednesday!

We have had a busy but great week at Trevvett! Tuesday we had Colonial Day, where the students learned how to make butter, pomander balls, and weaving. On Wednesday, we had our Winter Party where we began the day with a basketball game and ended it with a classroom party.

If you would like your child to continue some schoolwork over break, I have listed some helpful links below to follow!

Trevvett YouTube channel: 


Multiplication & Division Practice:



Students can also access MobyMax from home and use their usernamen and password to log on!

Happy Holidays and Winter Break!

-Ms. Cockrum


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Week 14 12/10-12/14

Happy Friday!

I hope that you enjoyed your snow days- I know I did! I have to say that I am happy to be back to school though to get back on track!

In reading this week and next week, we will be learning about fact and opinions in a fiction and nonfiction text. We talked this week about how facts can be proven true or false while opinions are what someone personally believes.

In math, we are reviewing multiplication and division by practicing word problems and also simple problems. Please check out the You Tube page to view videos on these two methods. We will continue to review these throughout the year. Next week we will continue to review and have a multiplication and division test on Tuesday.

In Writing, we will have been working on several pieces that have to do with Jamestown. Next week, we will be putting these writings together to create a nonfiction magazine that includes a cover page, table of contents, glossary, index, works cited, and their 3 writings!

In Virginia Studies, we will experience Colonial Day on Tuesday. We will learn how to make butter, weave, and make pomander balls and a family quilt. Students are encouraged to dress in colonial attire!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns!

-Ms. Cockrum

Upcoming Events and Reminders:

  • 12/19- Multiplication and Division Test
  • 12/19- Colonial Day from 12:30-2:00 (wear colonial attire)
  • 12/20- Winter Celebration: Basketball Game, Classroom Party (WEAR PAJAMAS TO SCHOOL!)
  • 12/21-1/2- WINTER BREAK
  • Please continue to check your child’s blue Trevvett folder. Any graded papers go home in this as well as important fliers throughout the week. On Friday, students should bring home their behavior chart which should be signed and brought back to school on Monday.


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Week 13 12/3-12/7

Happy Thursday!

Another week in fourth grade complete and another week closer to Winter Break! The students have worked really hard this week and we have also had some fun activities throughout. On Monday, we had another Fire Safety Lesson with the Henrico Fire Department and next Monday (12/10) we have our final lesson outside. This Friday, we also have a Math and Science Center lesson in the classroom!

In reading this week, we moved on from making inferences and into author’s purpose. We have learned about author’s purpose already this year. Author’s purpose is the reason why the author is writing a story, and we learn about this by P.I.E. which stands for Persuade, Inform, and Entertain. Next week, we will continue authors purpose in a fiction texts using articles and books!

In math this week, we have continued to work on division using 2×1 and 3×1 problems. The students are working really hard this week and learning division is not easy! Please continue to have your child working on their multiplication fluency facts at home, this is very helpful when it comes to division! Ms. Bauer also created several great YouTube videos that show how we teach division in the classroom, here is the link to watch them!

In Social Studies this week, we have moved on past Jamestown and are now learning more about the colonial times. In writing, we are creating a compare and contrast piece that has to do with the differences and similarities between colonial times and present day. We have learned this week about how the colonists had to barter, save, and use credit when it came to purchasing items from other colonists and Indians. We will take our Social Studies Unit Test this Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

The students are working so hard in every area of school and I am super proud of how they have done so far. I am looking forward to seeing the continued growth during the year!

-Ms. Cockrum

Upcoming Dates and Reminders

  • Please make sure to be checking your child’s Trevvett folder every night. This is where they should be putting graded papers as well as their behavior chart that goes home every Friday. Please sign and return the behavior chart each week.
  • 12/7: Enviroscope Lesson in the classroom
  • 12/10: Fire Safety Lesson
  • 12/11: Social Studies VS.4 Unit Test
  • 12/12: Family Life Lesson- the papers for this were passed out last Friday. If you wish that your child does not participate in this, then please sign the papers and bring them back to school. If a paper is not turned in for your child they will be attending the lesson on this day.
  • 12/13: Math NWEA
  • 12/14: MiSC Lesson in classroom
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Week 12: 11/26-11/30

Happy Thursday!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. It is hard to believe that we are basically to December- time is flying! We started our week of with a Young Scientist lesson about planets and their size, shape, and location. This week, we also had two fire safety lessons by the local fire department; we also took a Math IA test!

In reading this week, we continued to work on inferring in a nonfiction text. We read articles about several athletes who have overcome obstacles that the students really enjoyed. Today, we finished reading a book about Wilma Rudolph. When we inferred, we talked about how we have to look at what the context clues in the story and then our background knowledge. Next week, we will be learning about authors purpose as well as sensory words. At home, to see if your child is using this skill, stop them while they are reading and ask them how they can infer and what they did infer!

In math, we began learning 2×1 and 3×1 division with and without remainders. We will be working on division and multiplication up until Christmas but we will begin using these in word problems. Ms. Bauer has created several videos that have explained step-by-step to how we have taught division and multiplication problems. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_KEZ3AUvYJ_lC5bEQWRlg) At home, please continue to work with your child on multiplication fact fluency.

In Social Studies this week we began learning about the movement of the Virginia capital as well as colonial life in Jamestown and the surrounding areas. Next week, we will continue to learn more about colonial life but focus more on the economic aspect and how the colonists traded, bartered, and made money.

We will be taking a Reading NWEA test this week on Wednesday. This is a test that the students took at the beginning of the year and will take it again in the spring. We are looking to see lots of growth and effort from the students 🙂

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Cockrum

Upcoming Events and Reminders:

11/30- Vocabulary Test

12/5- Reading NWEA Test

12/5- PTO Santa Waffle Dinner (forms went home last week for this)

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Week 11 11/12-11/16

Happy Thursday!

As per usual, we had a great and very busy week in the classroom. Monday was PAW Achievement, where we went to Hermitage High School and saw a play; Tuesday we had a Veteran’s Day performance and on Wednesday we took a Reading Powertest. Finally, Thursday and Friday are days that we are spending in the classroom.

This week in reading, we have continued to learn about inferring in a fiction story. Students infer when they are not given all the information from the author, and by looking at the story clues and background knowledge students are able to infer. Next week, we will continue to work on making inferences in nonfiction stories.

In math this week, we continued to practice multi-digit multiplication. As of now, students have learned all of the strategies to solve these problems. In fourth grade we teach three different ways: the box method, partial products, and the standard version. Students are expected to master one way and use that to solve these problems. Next week, we will begin to talk about multiplication word problems, and how to solve them. Ms. Bauer has created a Youtube channel that shows the methods that we have been teaching in class, let me know if you have any questions! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_KEZ3AUvYJ_lC5bEQWRlg?view_as=subscriber

We took a break from Social Studies this week and learned about the solar system! We talked about all of the planets, their sizes, and other characteristics. Students learned acronyms to help them remember the order of planets and their distance from the sun (My Very Excellent Mother Just Made Us Nachos). And the order of planets from greatest-smallest in size (Joe’s Silly Unicorn Never Eats Very Moldy Meat). Next week, we will be working on both Science and Social Studies. In Science, we are going to continue to learn about the solar system; and in Social Studies we are going to take all that we have learned about Jamestown and talk about the First Thanksgiving!

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Cockrum

Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

  • *VOCAB Test has been moved to MONDAY*
  • 11/19- Picture Day- packets went home with students last week. If you would like to purchase pictures of your child, please turn in the forms!
  • 11/20- Classroom Awards Assembly from 1:30-2:00
  • 11/20- Report Cards sent home
  • 11/27- PTO Meeting and Veterans Day Performance by the 4th Grade
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Week 10 11/5-11/9

Happy Thursday!

We have officially made it through the first quarter of fourth grade! The students worked so hard and I am so proud of them, with that being said I am also expecting great things in the second quarter!

In reading this week, we have continued to learn about finding and creating inferences in fiction stories. Students learned that if we look at what the character says/feels and our own background knowledge then we can find out what the character may do next. We will be continuing this skill into next week.

In math this week, we began to learn and review multiplication. In fourth grade, students learn to multiply a double digit by single digit, double digit by double digit, and triple digit by single digit number. We began learning how to complete these problems by using the box method. I have linked two great videos below that show you how we taught this method. Box Method #1  and Box Method #2. Students will learn two more strategies for solving these multiplication facts, and then they will be able to pick the one that they understand the most to use to solve these problems.

In Social Studies, we spent the week reviewing everything that we have learned so far this year about Jamestown. We have our Jamestown Unit Test this Friday. Next week, we will be moving into Science and learning about the solar system and planets!

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Cockrum


Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

11/12: PAW Achievement @ Hermitage High School- Students went home with permission slips for PAW Achievement this past Wednesday. Please turn these into me before Monday!

11/13: Veterans Day Assembly


11/16: Vocabulary Test

11/19: Picture Day

11/20: Report Cards sent home


  • Please make sure that you are looking at your child’s Take Home Folder every night. During the week, papers for upcoming events and reminders are sent home. On Friday’s graded work and behavior charts are sent home as well! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please let me know!
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Week 9 10/29-11/2

Happy Thursday!

We had a busy week this week in fourth grade, but it was a great one!

This week in reading, we learned about how we can use background knowledge while reading a book to help us understand more! We used a K-W-L chart (Know, Want to Know, Learn) while reading to understand the story more. Next week, we will be talking about how to draw conclusions/make inferences based on a text. We will begin by using fiction stories, and then the following week we will use nonfiction!

In math, we had a review week. We connected decimals to real life by completing a Chick-Fil-A math activity where the students had a menu and had to order/answer questions based on the menu! They really enjoyed it, and realized that they actually use math strategies that they are learning in the classroom in real life 🙂 We also reviewed estimation, rounding decimals, and fractions. Next week, we are going to begin multiplication. In third grade, the students learned one digit multiplied by one digit multiplication. In fourth grade, we will be teaching two digit x one digit, two digit x two digit, and three digit x one digit. We will be working on this concept for several weeks. If you have a chance, the most helpful thing to do at home will be to work on their basic multiplication facts. I have linked some great websites/games that students can access at home:

  1. https://www.multiplication.com/games/play/quick-flash-ii
  2. https://www.multiplication.com/games/all-games
  3. http://www.abcya.com/clear_it_multiplication.htm

In Social Studies this week, we continued to learn about Jamestown. This week, we focused more on the government that the settlers formed as well as the impact that the African Americans and women had on the settlement. In school, students are given packets with notes to fill out, which we go through as a class. They should be bringing these home with them to study! On Friday (11/9) we will be having a unit test on Jamestown, which is everything that we have learned about Jamestown so far. I have included the link to the website where you can find completed study guides to look at. Next week, we will be reviewing for the test in class!

Looking forward to another great week! 🙂

-Ms. Cockrum


Upcoming Events and Reminders:

11/5- Social Studies Quiz on VS.3 d-g

11/5- Beginning of the second 9 Weeks


11/9- Vocabulary Test

11/19- Picture Day



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