Family Math Night

We hope to see you all this evening for Family Math Night.

The event begins at 5:30 and will kick off with pizza in the cafeteria.  Families will then visit classrooms around the school to participate in some math fun.

See you there!

Famous Americans

2nd Graders will be studying Famous Americans over the next couple of weeks.  Please take time to read and learn more about some of the great men and women we study.  We will take a look at the contributions of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jackie Robinson.

Coins for Critters

“Coins for Critters”

Maymont’s “Adopt a Living Thing” Animal Appreciation Week

September 29 – October 3

This year we will again be participating in Maymont’s Adopt a Living Thing program for Animal Appreciation Week.  It is through this program that Maymont raises funds to feed and care for over 400 animals.  At Echo Lake, our program will be called “Coins for Critters” and it will be held during the week of September 29th – October 3rd.

Students will be encouraged to bring in change (no dollar bills or checks please) to contribute to our school’s gift to Maymont.  The maximum donation per child will be 99 cents.  Participation in this program is strictly voluntary; students are not required to make donations.

Thank you for your support!

Wild Weather

Have you ever experienced any wild weather? Or a particular type of storm? What type? Where were you located geographically? Describe it for us! Please comment below and share your story or information.

We are encouraging students to respond and ask friends or family to respond! We hope to get some information from Virginia, from another state, country, or continent! We are looking for some local and global feedback. Feel free to pass this link on to get some diverse answers so we can explore these locations in class and research storms!

Thank you for your help to make our weather unit FUN for all students in 2nd grade!