March 25th-29th

Important Dates:

March 25th: Race Card Quiz #1 (Oceanography)

March 26th: Market Day

March 28th: Science Extra Credit Due (optional)

March 29th: 1/2 day of school, end of the 3rd 9 weeks & MW Open-book Test

April 1st-5th: Spring Break!

This week we have been learning:

In Math, we will be learning about volume and then metric measurements. When we return from Spring Break, we will look at metric measurements further, and will review metric measurements in addition to perimeter, area, & volume. We will have a test on ALL of measurement (metric & P/A/V) on Wednesday, April 10th.

In Reading, our mini lessons this week will focus on cause & effect and compare & contrast text structures. We will continue our small group guided reading this week. 

In Writing, our mini lessons this week will focus on writing a “how to” essay.

In Science, a 3rd 9 weeks extra credit opportunity was sent home in Tuesday folders. This is due Thursday, March 28th. Extra credit will not be accepted late, but will happily be taken early! Our 1st race cards quiz will be on Monday. The students get to borrow these for the week to prepare for their quiz on this 5th grade science review topic. The race cards must be returned on the quiz day. The students who earn a score of 80% or greater are rewarded with an additional 30 minutes of recess. We will be doing 7 review units between now & our science SOL test in May.We will get a new set of race cards on the Monday we return from Spring Break. Our 2nd race card quiz will be on Tuesday, March 16th.

In Geography, we will be finishing up learning about the Midwest region of the US. We will learn about the products & natural resources, landmarks & people/culture. We will have our open book test on the Midwest Region on Friday, March 29th.

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