March 4th-8th

Important Dates:

March 5th: Light Test

March 6th: Young Scientists Lesson on Light & Sound

March 8th: Transformations/Combining/Subdividing Polygons Quiz (my math class) & poetry test

March 13th: Sound Test

March 14th: Sound Projects due

This week we have been learning:

In Math, we will be learning about combining, subdividing, and transformations of polygons. We will have a quiz on Friday, March 8th.

In Reading, our mini lessons this week will focus on poetry. We are looking at poems more in-depth and answering questions about poetry. We will continue our small group guided reading/novel studies this week. 

In Writing, our mini lessons this week will focus on word choice & writing poetry.

In Science, we will conclude our uni on Light. We will review everything we have learned and we will have a test on Tuesday, March 5th. Then we will begin our next unit on Sound. We will learn about the structure of a sound wave and explore how sound travels and how it travels through matter differently. A sound project information sheet will be coming home on Tuesday, March 5th. The project will be due on Thursday, March 14th. We will have our unit test on Wednesday, March 13th.

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