February 25th-March 1st

Important Dates:

February 26th: Richmond Symphony @ 10:00 am & rescheduled angles quiz (my math class)

February 27th: Mini Economy money design due (if you chose to do it)

February 28th: Club Pictures (or new to CTES pictures)

March 1st: Triangles Quiz (my math class)

March 5th: Light Test

This week we have been learning:

In Math, we will be learning about classifying triangles by both sides and angles. We will also learn to determine the missing angle measurement using the other 2 angles’ measurements. We will have a quiz on Friday, March 1st.

In Reading, our mini lessons this week will focus on poetry. We are looking at the parts of a poem and different types of poems. We will continue our small group guided reading/novel studies this week. 

In Writing, our mini lessons this week will focus on word choice & writing poetry.

In Science, we will began our unit on Light. We will learn about the visible spectrum, how light travels through different mediums, the structure of a light wave, and the historical figures connected with light. We will have a test on Tuesday, March 5th.

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