February 11th-15th

Important Dates:

February 11th: Report cards go home

February 14th: Valentine Exchange, Atom & Molecules Quiz, and Patterns Quiz (my math class)

February 19th: Multicultural Project Due

February 21st: Multicultural Night @ 6:30 pm

This week we have been learning:

In Math, we will be learning about geometric & numeric patterns. We will look at consistent, growing, & repeating patterns, as well as input/output boxes.  We will have a quiz on Thursday, February 14th.

In Reading, our mini lessons this week will focus on finding text evidence to support opinions/predictions/conclusions. We will continue our small group guided reading/novel studies this week. 

In Writing, our mini lessons this week will focus on editing/revising/finalizing writing our paragraphs for our Multicultural Night Project. The information sheet was sent home last Friday, it should be in your child’s geography folder.

In Science, we will begin our next unit on Matter. We will learn about atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, mixtures, & solutions. We will have a quiz on atoms & molecules on Thursday, February 14th.

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