I am the Gifted Identification Coordinator (GIC) for Ridge and if you have additional questions feel free to contact me at 673-3745.

Screening Process for Gifted Identification:

The screening process consists of creating a pool of potential K-12 students who may or may not proceed to the referral process.  The screening process requires instructional personnel to review, at a minimum, current assessment data on each kindergarten through twelfth-grade student annually. Screening criteria may include any of the following sources.


  1. 1.    Screening Checklists of Gifted Characteristics – Classroom teachers document students’ gifted characteristics and behaviors.
  1. 2.    Inquiries – The school’s Gifted Identification Coordinator (GIC) receives inquiries about gifted services from parent/guardian(s), professional educators, community members, peers, or students. Inquiries must be made by emailing or making a request in writing to the GIC.
  1. 3.    Nationally Norm-Referenced Test Scores – The school’s GIC, gifted resource teacher, school principal, or Educational Specialist for Gifted Education Programs reviews students’ ability and/or achievement test scores, with a particular emphasis on scores at the 96th percentile or higher.
  1. 4.    Records of Identified Transfer Students – The school’s registrar and/or school counseling office notifies the school’s GIC of students who have been identified for gifted education services in other school divisions. 

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