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Welcome Back Road Runners!

Welcome Back Road Runners!

I am so excited to start off another great year at Ridge with all my fellow super heroes! This year marks my 12th year at Ridge which means I know most all of you already. I have been eating lunch with all the new students and been making my rounds to each and every class to remind everyone of our NBA Rules. Here they are just in case you forgot!

1. We will not bully other students (bully=purposely hurt someone’s feelings or body repeatedly)

2. We will try to help other students who are bullied. (we stand up for our friends!)

3. We will include students who might be left out (excluding students repeatedly is a form of bullying)

4. We will tell our teachers when we see bullying behavior (through the bully box or a private conversation at recess)

If we do all of these rules we can make ridge an NBA School where NO BULLIES ARE ALLOWED!

I’ll be beginning my individual and group sessions in October and if you feel your child could benefit from any counseling services, please contact me at school, 673-3745 or

Mrs. R