Explorer Day-2017!

After working hard on our explorer unit, we were ready for some fun! Twenty-five authentic explorers showed up in Room 17 and joined many others in our “explorer exhibit”! We invited our parents to join us. Staying in “character”, we answered all the questions they had about us and our explorations! What a great day! We also completed a performance based learning project (PBL) with the four explorers that third graders study. The students had to work cooperatively in teams, an important part of the PBL. Each group was tasked to research one explorer for certain information. Each group then created a life size paper cut out of their explorer, showing the motivation for exploring (on a heart), obstacles (on a band-aid), successes (on an award), the impact on Native Americans, the country’s flag, a ship to show the route the explorer took, and a wanted poster the explorer might have used to hire his crew. The final products were displayed in the hallway outside our rooms. Well done, third graders!

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  1. Tatiana Colla Argeiro says:

    Very nice!

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