Genre Dudes – 2017!

Third Grade Parents:

This week, the Library introduced a new reading program for all third graders called the “Genre Dudes” reading initiative, based on a book entitled Joe Bright and the Seven Genre Dudes by Jackie Mims Hopkins, which we shared during a recent Library visit. Every third grader has the opportunity to collect 8 cards (similar in size to baseball cards), each featuring a different literary genre. To collect a card, the student just needs to read a chapter book that is JUST RIGHT for him or for her, identify the book’s genre, and write a good one sentence summary of the book. The students can enter this information by accessing the “Genre Dudes” link on their teacher’s blog or on the school’s Library page at When a student submits the information about his or her book, the results are forwarded to our Librarian, Mrs. Blouch, who will then review and pull the appropriate card or cards for each student’s collection and have them ready to put in their plastic “card saver” sleeve each Friday. The sleeves will be kept in the Reading section of each student’s binder.

The objective of the program is to encourage students not only to read, which is ALWAYS a primary goal of the Library program, but to read and enjoy books in genres that they might not usually read. The books don’t have to be from our school library, as long as the book is a chapter book (it can be a book from the Nate the Great or Magic Treehouse series if that is JUST RIGHT for a particular child…or a book from the Harry Potter series that might be JUST RIGHT for another child). As long as the student reads the book entirely, can identify its genre, and write a good summary sentence about the book, he or she can earn a card and the accompanying incentives and recognition. In order to make sure that children are reading thoughtfully and meaningfully (and not rushing through their choice titles), students are requested to enter no more than two chapter books a week. The program will continue through the end of May.

Not only will the students collect a Genre Dudes card with each acceptable summary, they will also be awarded a fun incentive at the halfway point (after collecting 4 cards) and recognition on our Morning Announcement program after completing the program and collecting all 8 cards. Each student who collects all 8 cards by the end of the year will also receive a certificate of achievement and another fun incentive in honor of his or her accomplishment.

Please encourage your third grader to participate and develop into the lifelong reader and learner we know you want him or her to be!

The direct link to the summary page is:

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