WW1 Radio Transmissions

Your Task: Working in groups, you will research the essential questions asked in SOL WHII.10 in order to create 6 radio clips that address the question assigned to your group. You will incorporate these clips into a Power Point presentation that provides background knowledge and an explanation for each clip. Your Power Point will concluded with your opinion on whether or not the actions or events mentioned in your clips were ethical or justified. You will share your presentations with the class through a gallery walk and respond to each group’s presentation.

You may need to research a bit of the history of WWI radio to make your clips authentic. For example, did you know that private citizens in the US were forbidden from using the radio from April 7th, 1917 – November 11th, 1918? However, the Navy used the radio extensively during the war to transmit instructions and even entertainment to its ships at sea.

Instructions and Rubric

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