Explorer Journal

Your Task: With the help of a time machine, you will travel back to the age of exploration and join a famous explorer on his voyage. To document your trip, you will create a digital journal/scrapbook using the bookemon.com website. Use the writing prompts in this example to help you document your trip. Be sure to read theInstructions and Rubric!

  1. Go to One Search and use the Britannica School database to find some basic information on your explorer.

  2. Cite each source as you find it using EasyBib.

  3. Use the provided books and the Student Resources in Context database to find more specific information about your explorer. Make sure you have enough information to write about every topic required in the project instructions.

  4. Use the information you have gathered to write your journal entries. Remember to write as if you were there experiencing everything first hand with the explorer.

  5. Use the Britannica Image Quest database to find images to include in your journal. Download the images to your computer and cite them in EasyBib.

  6. Sign in to bookemon.com using your school Google account. Upload your images and journal entries and works cited page to create a digital scrapbook of your voyage.

  7. Share the link to your finished book with Mr. Hudson and Mrs. Smart 

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