Team Branding

Find a city for your franchise

The official website of the NFL
Sports Map world
Link to an interactive map identifying all current NFL teams

Find your city’s demographics

The U.S. Census Bureau Fact Finder
Information on population, economics, education, employment, and more. Search by city/state.

Best Places
Comprehensive community information

Find your city’s personality

City Search
Information by city on entertainment, events, and businesses

Yahoo Local
Information by city on entertainment, events, and businesses

Links to state tourism websites

Additional information

Search by city/state to find local newspapers

Nielsen media market rankings

Avoid plagiarism

Cite your sources

CIT Annotations

~ Annotation tips ~

A good annotation should include the following information:

1. Who is the author?

2. What are the author’s credentials?

3. Who is the target audience?

4. What is the scope of the source?

5. What are your evaluative comments?


Where to look for information

In addition to the general web and books, Clever has several databases you may find helpful. Gale Power Search and eLibrary are likely to be the most helpful.

Scientific Research

Library Encyclopedias & Databases

Databases in Clever

Gale Databases, elibrary, Advanced Placement Source, and Student Resources in Context are great choices for journal articles. Use the advanced search option to select Peer Reviewed and Full-Text.

Public Library Databases – requires public library card for log-in

Recommended free science search engines

Directory of Open Access Journals – this site provides a browseable list of scholarly online journals available about several topics
Google Scholar – a search tool useful for finding journal articles and other scholarly writing.
Jurn – Free scholarly journal articles .
Educus – Free online medical journals
PMC – Free medical and life science journal articles from the National Institute of Health
BioMed – Free journal articles on Biology and Medicine
Open Directory – not a search engine, but a list of free online scientific journals.

Citations and formatting


The OWL Lab at Perdue guide to APA


Freshmen Orientation

Your Librarians, Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart are so glad to meet you! Today you will explore six stations that will teach you a little bit about the library, some research skills you need for high school, and biographical information about authors you will study this year.

Click below to download the answer sheet for your class:

Honors Freshmen Library Orientation Notebook

College Prep Freshmen Library Orientation Notebook