It’s off to Jamestown we go! On November 19th, we will be going on one of the highlights of fourth grade field trips. Please return the field trip form and the $25 fee as soon as possible. If you would like to be considered for a chaperone, please fill out the bottom but do not send a fee at this time. I hope to take all willing parents, but if I have more volunteers than I’m allowed to take, I will be “pulling names out of a hat”. Looking forward to it!


Dear Families,

Please remember to send in a small snack each day with your child. I have 3-5 students every day without a snack. I have gone through all the snacks that parents have sent in and I have had to buy additional ones to hand out. In addition, snack time is during reading centers and the students asking for a snack are interrupting the reading group working with me. So, please remember to pack one each day. Thank you!


Dear Families,

Inside today’s folders there are a few papers that are of importance.

  1. Permission slip for Young Scientists (please submit along with payment by Oct. 5)
  2. T-shirt order form (please submit along with payment by Oct. 5)
  3. Supply request for a project your child is doing in class – shoebox or photo box and 4-5 colors of modeling clay. Supplies due on Oct. 5.

Thank you!


I look forward to seeing you all at Back-To-School Night on Thursday, September 20th. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see what your student will be doing this year. This is a time for parents and teachers to talk so please arrange child care, if possible.  See you then!

6:15 PTA in gym

6:40 First session

7:25 Second session.