Tomorrow is Patrick Henry’s speech at St. John’s Church. YAY!!! Students need to wear their class t-shirt or any yellow shirt.  They do not need any extra snack or food. We will be going to the church and then coming right back. We will have our regular lunch at school.




What is it? A poster board project on a famous person or a battle from the Revolutionary War. Pick either one battle or one person from the list below:

– Thomas Jefferson           – George Washington

– James A. Lafayette         – Patrick Henry

– Jack Jouett                     – Battles of Lexington and Concord

– Battle of Great Bridge     – Battle of Yorktown

When is it due? It is due on Monday, Feb. 12

When do I work on it? It is a weeklong homework project

What do I include?

  1. pictures (either drawn or printed)
  2. title
  3. writing – It must be in paragraph form and include at least five facts. It may be hand written or typed. The writing should be attached to the posterboard (either glued or stapled).
  4. Decorations appropriate to the subject (either drawn or printed). Be creative! There should be color included.


Today, we had an electricity lesson from the Math Science Innovation Center. It was a wonderful hands-on lesson that included collaborative groups, computer technology, and electrical circuit building materials. It was a fabulous lesson and the students were excited and engaged. The MSIC conducts amazing classes on the weekends, such as coding, robotics, engineering, chemistry, etc. I highly recommend for all students! You can see the lessons on their website,


2019 Winter After School Enrichment Classes

Classes will begin the week of February 11 and will run through the week of March 18. 

If you have a PTA Membership, you will have first “choice” on ASE Classes!! 

ASE registration for PTA Membership begins January 22nd – 24th. 

Regular ASE registration begins Friday, January 25. 

Registration deadline is Monday, February 4, 2019. 

Please see link below for more information on classes and to register online.





We are excited to welcome Catava Burton, HCPS Educational Specialist, to Muffins with Moms, January 18, from 8-8:30 am. In her “Are You Smarter than Your Child’s Smart Phone?” workshop she will share the latest texting slang, secret apps, and social media tricks.  Information will also be provided on bullying/cyber-bullying,human trafficking, internet safety, and psychological impact of these issues.  Strategies will be provided to help parents keep their children safe.  Bring your smart phone!


It’s off to Jamestown we go! On November 19th, we will be going on one of the highlights of fourth grade field trips. Please return the field trip form and the $25 fee as soon as possible. If you would like to be considered for a chaperone, please fill out the bottom but do not send a fee at this time. I hope to take all willing parents, but if I have more volunteers than I’m allowed to take, I will be “pulling names out of a hat”. Looking forward to it!