What’s happening?

What are we learning about in room 211?

Literacy:  This week we will continue to work on suffixes, prefixes, and root words. We will also focus on proper use of pronouns, review subject-verb agreement, and have our Word Trekker test on Friday. In reading, we will work on making predictions and review fact and opinion.

Math: We are finishing long division. We will continue to spiral back and review double-digit multiplication and long division. Our next unit will be fractions.

Science: We will complete our study of the relationship between the sun, moon, and Earth with a quiz on Friday. We will be reviewing all we have learned during our morning work time.

Social Studies: We are starting VS4: Colonization of Virginia. This is a short unit that focuses on the moving of our state capital, economics during colonial times, and settlement areas throughout the state.

Word Trekkers:  Lesson 2 introduces the word stem, “aqua”, meaning water. This is week 2 of our study, so a test will be on Friday. Students should be practicing flashcards each night.