What’s happening?

What are we learning about in room 211?

Literacy:  We are reading our Book Celebration books and having a book club talk on Friday. We will begin end of year F&P evaluations to determine each child’s reading level.

Math: We are reviewing for our Math SOL which will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Social Studies: We are learning about the era of Reconstruction. We will focus on the problems and solutions for the south after the war, we will examine the rise of Jim Crow laws and how the laws were defeated, and we will talk about the rise of cities due to railroads and the coal discovered in the Appalachian Plateau. We will have an open note test on Reconstruction on Wednesday. Beginning Thursday, we will focus on influential Virginians of the 20th century. We will also be spending time reviewing past units in Virginia Studies.

Word Trekkers: Trekkers will return next week. We will be spending a week on each new set of Greek and Latin stems, instead of two week.s.