What is it? A poster board project on a famous person or a battle from the Revolutionary War. Pick either one battle or one person from the list below:

– Thomas Jefferson           – George Washington

– James A. Lafayette         – Patrick Henry

– Jack Jouett                     – Battles of Lexington and Concord

– Battle of Great Bridge     – Battle of Yorktown

When is it due? It is due on Monday, Feb. 12

When do I work on it? It is a weeklong homework project

What do I include?

  1. pictures (either drawn or printed)
  2. title
  3. writing – It must be in paragraph form and include at least five facts. It may be hand written or typed. The writing should be attached to the posterboard (either glued or stapled).
  4. Decorations appropriate to the subject (either drawn or printed). Be creative! There should be color included.

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