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Multicultural Museum Night-  As a school/home community, we would like to come together for a night of celebrating our students’ writing on Thursday, Feb. 21st, 6:30-8:00. 

Kindergarteners will be required to bring in a writing idea and a drawing or photo representing their writing topic. Teachers will be using a writing program to assist in students’ writing. Presentations will be hung on the walls of our first floor for your enjoyment.

Thank you for your support from home.

 Winter Activity

I’m so happy some of you are volunteering in our classroom! We have a Winter Activity planned for Thursday, Jan. 24th  Please see Sign Up Genius to participate.

Please note:

Absolutely all parents attending MUST be on the volunteer list.  If not they need to do the form STAT!   Use the latest one from the HCPS website.  Here is the link:

Thank you so much!!!

Highlights for the week of 1/7/18-1/11/19

Important Dates   

January Birthdays- Aditri and Sawyer

Jan. 18th Muffins for Moms in Library 7:30 am

Jan. 21st Martin Luther King Day- Student Holiday

Jan. 28th Student Holiday/Teacher Clerical Day

Themes of January: Changes of Seasons, Winter Season, Winter Animals, Graphing.

Sight words we will learn this week: your, come, fun, have, do. Please practice memorizing these and words learned so far. The children will be assessed on these biweekly.

Classroom  Word Wall Words  will be posted weekly.

A- am, a

B-blue, black, be,

C-can, come

D-dad, do

F-for, from, fun

G-green, go

H- here, he, have

I- is

L-like, little, look

M-me, mom


O-orange, on, one

P-purple, play


S- see, said, some

T- to

U- up

W-white, we

Y-yellow, you, your

Please review these and the other words on the lists I will send home to you.