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Welcome to the Honeybee Hive!

Hello Parents,

Important Upcoming Dates:

Please help the SCA with our local service project! Our students will be collecting Pop Tops for another month, but our activity pack collection is time-sensitive. It’s so easy to get involved with this wonderful charity. Please have all donations returned by, 3/17/20. Thank you so much for your support of our community.

  • Pop Top Collection to help support our local resource, The Ronald McDonald House of Richmond


  • Support the Ronald McDonald House of Richmond by helping us collect the supplies necessary to make activity packs for children in the hospital.
    • Activity Packs Activity packs are handed out through the Happy Wheels program to families in the pediatric areas of the hospital. These items provide a small comfort and distraction for families during long days at the hospital.


      • Volunteers purchase 3-4 items appropriate for children to play with in the hospital
      • Items may include full size coloring books, crayons, puzzle books, playing cards, PlayDoh, travel size games, etc.
      • Activity packs may be geared towards infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and teens (please do not label)
      • Please DO NOT include food items





Monday, March 30 is a half day of school. Lunch order forms are due by Monday, March 23, 2020.

Spring  Picture Day  – Wednesday, March 11th.

Themes of March: 

Digraphs (  ch  wh ),  Short vowel review, Measurement (  money) Magnets, Counting by 1’s to 100, by 10’s to 100, count backwards from 10-0.

Sight words:

(Reminder:  Kindergarten students  must know 50 sight words by June 12th.

Please have your child practice writing their first and their last  names  with capital and lower case letters. This is the  ” Kindergarten Way.”  They should not write their names in all capital letters.





A- am, a, and, at, as, are, away

B- blue, brown, black, be, by

C- can, come

D-dad, do


F- for , five, fun

G- green, go

H- here, he, have

I-  is, in, it

L- like, little, look, let

M- me, my, man, mom

N- not , new

O- orange, of, one, out

P- purple, pink, playR- red, run

S-  see

T-  to, the, this

U- up

W-white , we, who, will

Y- yellow, you, your

Please review these and the other words on the lists I  send home to you.