Welcome to the Honeybee Hive!

Hello Parents,

NOTE:  Just for the month of December we will be reviewing all sight words.

Language Arts– We will learn the procedures of working in small groups at language arts workstations. Also we will learn the rules to follow while I work with guided reading groups. Our letters for this week are a,e,i,o,u vowels and all consonant review.

We are blending letter sounds to form words. ex. cat

Classroom  Word Wall Words  will be posted weekly. Look for sight word list to come home on Mondays.  Please work with your child on these.  We will assess on Fridays.

Math– Calendar Math on the promethean board. Counting to 50.

Counting 1 more and 1 less than a given number from 1-20.

Numbers 0-20.  How to read it in word form, write it, tally it, draw it, and break it into 2 parts.

Social Studies-    Holidays Around The World

Science – The Five Senses