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What’s Going On???

Please either return Strawbridge School Pictures or send in purchase.  Thank You!

Multicultural Museum Night-  As a school/home community, we would like to come together for a night of celebrating our students’ writing on Thursday, Feb. 21st, 6:30-7:30. 

Richmond Flying Squirrels Baseball Game!

April 18th

Win a Free Ticket!

The Richmond Flying Squirrels are pleased to announce that the Flying Squirrels Reading Program, “Go Nuts for Reading!” is back for its tenth season! This year’s program, which will run through Wednesday, March 20th 2019, is open to all CTES to participate! After reading 8 books and signing your child’s bookmark, your child will receive a FREE baseball voucher to the 6:35 pm April 18th baseball game. It will be a fun-filled night, beginning with a school parade around the diamond and ending with (fingers crossed) a win for our Flying Squirrels!! Look for more information in the Cub Chronicle and lets “play ball!”     Bookmarks were sent home 2/5/19


If you would like to participate in school activities please note that absolutely all parents attending MUST be on the volunteer list.  If not they need to do the form STAT!   Use the latest one from the HCPS website.  Here is the link:

Thank you so much!!!

Highlights for the week of 2/4/19

Important Dates   

February Birthdays- 

Happy Birthday, James!


Themes of February:  Presidents Day, Valentine’s Day

Black History Month, Famous Americans-Lincoln, George Washington, MLK, and Betsy Ross.

Water/Matter, Measurement, Counting to 100

Sight words we will learn this week: they, out, down, went, came, water. Please practice memorizing these and words learned so far. The children will be assessed on these biweekly.

Classroom  Word Wall Words  will be posted weekly.

A- am, a

B-blue, black, be,

C-can, come

D-dad, do

F-for, from, fun

G-green, go

H- here, he, have

I- is

L-like, little, look

M-me, mom


O-orange, on, one

P-purple, play


S- see, said, some

T- to

U- up

W-white, we

Y-yellow, you, your

Please review these and the other words on the lists I will send home to you.