October News and Information


Jamestown Field Trip: Thank you so much to all of the parents that volunteered to be chaperones for our field trip to Jamestown on November 19. We randomly picked names, and the chaperones are the parents of:

Abby, Jackson, Elizabeth, Makenzie, and Nikolas

It’s going to be a great trip! Permission slips will go home soon!


Next Week:

Next week, we have quite a lot going on in Room 26! I have a feeling that students will sleep very well each night! In addition to the following events, we will also be focusing on writing 3 paragraph essays, patterns (numbers, shapes, and growing patterns), and storms (hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and thunderstorms – how timely!).

Monday 10/29:

8:00 Watersheds lesson

9:30 Skype-ing, Journaling, Redesigning Goldfish Project


Tuesday 10/30:

8:40 Observation of classroom activity: Skype-ing, Journaling, Rebuilding Goldfish Project


Wednesday 10/31:

Mystery Projects due and presented (students may dress up as a main character for the presentation)


Friday 11/2:

8:30 Filming of “Today’s Classroom” for Channel 99


Monday 11/5:

We will be making weather instruments! Please check out nList to see about volunteering to help our students make these. I will send more information home to those parents. Please note: you may not necessarily be working with your child on this project. Parents will be distributed amongst the different groups as needed.




Math: As a way to further enrich our math computation unit, we will be working on a collaborative project with a class at Ridge Elementary. This falls in line with 21st century learning skills as well! Stay tuned to our blog to see updates after each day! We will have a graded classwork on Monday (10/22) on addition and subtraction computation and estimation. Students have some practice problems from today that they can use to help them. I require that students check all of their subtraction problems with addition.


Language Arts: Our focuses this week will be on possessive nouns (singular) and synonyms and antonyms. We will also have our Word Study quiz and contract due on Wednesday. On Friday, we will have a picture book lesson based on visualization.


Social Studies: We are traveling back in time to Jamestown in the 1600s!


Science: We will be studying the weather instruments, air mass, fronts, and further understand humidity, air pressure, and wind.


Wednesday 10/24

Simple Machines Cultural Arts Program (8:30 AM)

Word Study quiz and contracts due


Thursday 10/25

Fill Your Pockets with Gold(fish) Engineering Project

Picture Day (1:10 PM)


Friday 10/26

Fill Your Pockets with Gold(fish) Online Collaboration



Language Arts: This week, we will focus on nouns (plural vs singular), as well as how to edit and revise our writing. Students will also start a new Word Study list with activities to complete at night. We will also start and complete a new Literacy Station menu. This week’s menu will focus on Jamestown and the First Virginians/Indians as a theme. It is very important that students stay on top of their work during class. Work that is unfinished on Thursday from the menus will be sent home as additional homework. In class, we are working on time management and pacing of this work so that it is not left until the last minute. Thank you for your support of this at home.


VA Studies: There will be a test on our First Americans/Indians unit on Thursday. We will begin introducing Jamestown on Friday.


Science: We are reading and learning about the types of clouds, the atmosphere, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and wind. After learning these big vocabulary words and concepts, we will be able to do lots of great activities with them.


Math: This week, we will focus on addition and subtraction, including regrouping. The videos on our blog will really help with these concepts.


*Starting on Tuesday, I will be asking your children to bring home all three of their ISNs each night. This will help them to review their work and new information nightly with you.

*Do they need some study help? Have your child tell you what they added that day to the ISN. By having them teach you the information, they are actually reinforcing the concepts. This way, they also will not wait until the last minute to study for a test/quiz.

*Have they finished all of their work? Students are expected to finish their activities from class at home if they were not able to complete the assignment in school. These will either come home in their folder or as a part of their ISN.


Thursday 10/18

Blog videos due

Test on First Virginians/Indians

STEM Night with the PTA


Friday 10/19

Guidance Lesson




Please remember to check your child’s folder each and every day, as important papers go home most nights. The interims went home on Friday, along with the important Jamestown commitment letter.


Also, don’t forget that our room tends to be a little chilly during the day! It may be helpful if your child has a jacket to put on during the day. Even when the weather gets cold outside, our room may stay cool. Unfortunately, there is no room for students to wear their heavy coats at their desk. Some students find that they want to keep an extra jacket here at school. That is fine with me!


Friday 10/12

-Word Study quiz and contracts due

-Bully Buster Day! Check out the blog to see how we celebrate our anti-bullying campaign.


VA Studies: The students will be learning about three First Virginian/Indian language groups. We will be discussing how they adapted to the changing seasons.


Science: We are reviewing the water cycle as a start to our weather unit. We will also begin to talk about the different types of clouds. We have already started to pay attention to the way that the clouds look while we are outside at recess. How do the clouds change during school and after school?


LA: We will begin a new round of differentiated stations. It is important to note that students will have most of the LA block to complete these activities. Any items that remain unfinished will be a part of Thursday’s homework. These stations encompass reading (fiction, non-fiction, and vocabulary), writing, Word Study, and grammar skills. This week, we will specifically target prefixes/suffixes and nouns.


Math: We will discuss the properties of addition (commutative, associative, and identity), the importance of the equal sign in an equation, and estimating sums and differences (using front end, rounding, and compatible numbers). We will also divide into differentiated groups throughout the grade level in order to better meet the needs of our students. These are flexible groups that will change as the math material changes throughout the units.



Tuesday 10/2
VA Studies test on VS.2abc
Word Study quiz (number words)
Tuesday After School Enrichment starts

Wednesday 10/3
Introduce new Word Study

Thursday 10/4
Place Value quiz
Thursday After School Enrichment starts

Friday 10/5
Reading quiz: “Stealing Home”
Interims go home

Language Arts: This week, will will start our differentiated station work. This will also start the introduction of Word of the Day (more information will be posted on our blog this afternoon). We will have a quiz on the number words tomorrow (Tuesday), and we will start a new differentiated list on Wednesday. Finally, students will review how to write a paragraph with a graded assignment that they will be working on in class.

Math: This week, we will wrap up our Place Value unit with reviewing rounding, comparing numbers, the different number forms, and the values of each of the places. We will then move on to our addition unit, starting off with the properties of addition and estimation.

Science: We will finish up our mini-unit on Natural Resources in Virginia this week (there will not be a quiz or test on this unit), and we will start Weather! This is a highlight in the science curriculum!

VA Studies: We will finish up our unit on Geography.  Students will take a test on Tuesday on Virginia’s regions and waterways.  We will then begin learning about the American Indian language groups that were found in Virginia.

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