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Major General

This Friday, we have the delight of watching one of my favorite musicals (actually, it is an operetta), The Pirates of Penzance, written by the amazing Gilbert and Sullivan. This week in LA, we will have many activities relating to this … Continue reading

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Fractional Bridge Reflections

Hi students! We had quite an experience with building our fractional bridges, didn’t we? 1. Restate what we had to do when building these bridges and completing the challenges. 2. What were some of the questions that you had for … Continue reading

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Writing Test Online Practice

Our writing tests are this week! Here are some great resources for the multiple choice test (Tuesday, March 5) and the direct writing prompt (Wednesday, March 6): QUIA  (SOL Writing Mrs. Armbruster)   QUIA (Rags to Riches game … Continue reading

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Fractional Bridge

How exciting that we are building bridges! In order to be ready for Monday’s building, your group will need to submit as a comment what you will need. Here’s how you will do it: In the comments write: 1. The … Continue reading

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Comparing and Equivalent Fractions (Flipped Classroom)

By Thursday, you should look at the following videos that have a * by them. The others are extras. We are starting to get into more complex fraction work, so you might have to watch the videos a couple of … Continue reading

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Fractions (Flipped Classroom)

Students, here are some fantastic videos and modules for you to watch and work through to understand the beginning of our fractions unit. Make sure you watch all of the videos, unless they have a * by them (those are … Continue reading

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Leftovers Division Game

Thanks so much to Nikolas and his family for forwarding this game on to us!       Here are the directions: What You Need: One deck of cards (Remove jokers, tens, and face cards.) – (Print a … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from Mrs. Doyle’s Class

Here is some fun from our last day of school in 2012. We had a blast at the Jingle Bell Jam!

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More Catapult Research

YouTube Video on Building Trebuchets (Catapults) Craftsman Experience: How a Trebuchet Works *Note: the first 7 minutes are the most educational.  How a Trebuchet Works Students Testing Catapults, Force, Mass, and Angles Forces (BBC Module) … Continue reading

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Toutatis Asteroid

Thanks to Aidan for telling us about the Toutatis asteroid, which passed by Earth over the past couple of days. Here are some articles about it:

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