Fractional Bridge

How exciting that we are building bridges! In order to be ready for Monday’s building, your group will need to submit as a comment what you will need. Here’s how you will do it:

In the comments write:

1. The names of the group members

2. Your bridge name

3. List the fraction of each item that you are planning on getting. Make it very clear how much of each item you will need.
(Example: 1/2 of 12 marshmallows = 6 marshmallows needed)

This will lock in your “order” for your materials.

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11 Responses to Fractional Bridge


    The name of our bridge is the Big Boy.
    Our group members are Ethan,Jake, and Hank.
    Are supplies are 1 whole of clay, 1/2 of 12 tooth picks=6 toothpicks, 1 third of 12 pieces cardstock=4 pieces of cardstock,1/4 of 12″ of tape = 3″ of tape,1/6 of pipe cleaners=2 pipe cleaners,1/12 of 12 pieces of tin foil= 1 piece of tin foil.

  2. Victoria , Abby , Ellie F. , Yuna says:

    1. Victoria , Abby , Ellie F , and Yuna. are all in the same group. Our bridges name is “Water cross”.
    2. We need or have,one whole of card stock,one half of tin foil, one third of thick pretzels, one forth of tape,one sixth of marshmallows,one eighth of clay,and one 1/12 of straws

  3. nikolas says:

    My group members are Ellie S., Marina, Nikolas, and Kory .We are going to use:
    1 whole roll of clay = 1 roll
    1 half of paper {cardstock}=6
    1 third of straws = 4
    1 sixth of matchbox cars =2
    1 fourth of paper rolls = 3
    1/12 of tablespoon of glue=1
    1 eighth of 24″ tape= 3″
    Our bridge is called,” The Cactus Pup Bridge”.

  4. Nadia, Vidhi, Betty, and Makenzie says:

    1. Nadia, Vidhi, Betty, and Makenzie

    2. California Bridgers

    3. 1/1 of 1 whole paper towel tube= 1 whole of paper towel tubes
    1/2 of clay= 1/2 roll of clay
    1/3 of 12 paper clips= 4 paper clips
    1/4 of 24″ of tape= 6″ of tape
    1/6 of cardstock= 2 inches of cardstock
    1/8 of tongue depressors= 1 4/12 of tongue depressors
    1/12 of 12 straws= 1 straw

    1/12 of matchbox cars= 1 matchbox car

  5. Cayden,Danny,Elizabeth says:

    FLAMINGO SWAG is the name of our bridge.
    we need 1 whole of clay.
    1/2 of paper towel tube.
    1/3 of cardstock
    1/4 of toung depresers
    1/6 of tape
    1/8 of straws
    1/12 of glue

  6. Chiccapodos says:

    1. The names of the group members
    Camden Justin and Jackson.

    2. Your bridge name

    3. List the fraction of each item that you are planning on getting. Make it very clear how much of each item you will need.
    1 whole of 12 straws=12, 1/2 1 paper towel tube=half of a paper towel tube, 1/3 of 12 tooth picks=4, 1/4 of 1 roll of clay=1/4, 1/6 of 24 inch of tape=4 inches of tape, 1/8 12 inches of tin foil=1 inch of tin foil, 1/12 of 12 matchbox cars=1 matchbox car.

  7. Ayden L, Chloe K, Aidan S, And Emma G. says:

    Our group people are Ayden, Chloe, Aidan, and Emma. Our bridge name is “Tubeline Bridge”. Our supplies are 1 whole paper towel roll, 1/2 clay, 1/3 of 24 inches of tape,1/4 of tongue depressors , 1/6 of tinfoil,1/8 of 12 mini marshmallows, and 1/12 of 12 matchbox cars.

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