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Hurricane Sandy

It looks like there may be some wild weather this weekend. What perfect timing for us, as we will be studying hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and thunderstorms this upcoming week. What are some of the things that you have learned about … Continue reading

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Mission to the Edge of Space

What an amazing week we have had in the news of space, weather, and science! On Sunday, October 14,¬†Felix Baumgartner became the first man to break the speed of sound in a freefall from 128,000 feet (over 24 miles)! This … Continue reading

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Computation Videos

(Read through the WHOLE post before you start clicking on the links!) This week, the focus is on place value, regrouping, and computation. There are three links for you to visit. The first is a teaching video clip, the second … Continue reading

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Paws for Reading Challenge

Good afternoon! Thanks to Scholastic Books, this fall our class will be joining kids across the country to side with either cats or dogs in a pledge to read every day to help make the team reading champions – while … Continue reading

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The Cool Water Cycle Song (With Lyrics)

Thank you so much to Isabella for letting me know about this terrific water cycle song by Mr. Davis! I hope you enjoy it!

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Computation and Estimation Vocabulary

Math vocabulary can be challenging! Review the work that we did in class. In the comment section, I want you to pick 9 of the following vocabulary words. What do they mean? You may include an example, but you should … Continue reading

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Sums/Differences with Spreadsheets

Today, we worked with Ms. Whitlow to add and subtract numbers using a spreadsheet. We even learned how to use the spreadsheet. We looked at all of the formulas, and we learned how to write them! The last thing we … Continue reading

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