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Rounding Whole Numbers

Hi Students! Please watch the videos below and tell me: What does rounding mean when you estimate? How do you know where to look and what to do? Rounding to the Millions: Rounding Whole Numbers (Video #1): Rounding … Continue reading

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Bubble Experiments

While we were learning about the steps of the scientific method, we got to do a couple of experiments with bubbles! In this experiment, our manipulated variable was the amount of soap in the bubble mixture. We were looking to … Continue reading

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Place Value Videos (Math SOL 4.1)

In Fourth Grade, students need to be able to: -identify the place value for each place through the millions place. -compare two numbers through the millions place. -round whole numbers to the nearest thousand, ten thousand, and hundred thousand It’s … Continue reading

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Leaping for Children’s Engineering

Today, we had our first experience in Room 26 with Children’s Engineering. This was the first project out of many for this year! The children only had 25 minutes to complete a frog-themed name tag that met the following criteria: … Continue reading

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Graphing Videos

Are you ready for your first Flipped Classroom experience? I think you are! Watch the videos that have a * by them. You can watch the others for enrichment and to take it one step further. Bar Graphs: * Line … Continue reading

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Line Graphing and Clay Snakes

This week, we created clay snakes in 5 second intervals in order to learn the significance of graphing with line graphs (to show the change over time). Look at how well these students followed directions and only rolled when I … Continue reading

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Our First Rainy Day Recess

Last week, we were lucky to have warm weather on all but one day. Even though we were stuck inside on that rainy day, we “made” the most of it. Get the play on words? Take a look at some … Continue reading

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