We have now finished 2 of our cumulative tests, and we have just 2 to go! We will have next week off of testing, and we will have our Math SOL on 6/6, and VA Studies SOL on 6/7. Next week, we will be in full review mode for these final two subjects. We will also be wrapping up some final projects in the other curriculum areas.

Marathon to the Governor’s Mansion
Next week, we will begin testing for the marathon races each day. This will give each student the opportunity to finish all 10 races by the date of our VA Studies test. This may mean that your child will have a new set of race cards each night. As these are more recent units, they should also be easier facts to remember.

Scholastic Book Club
Today I sent home the final two Scholastic Book Club catalogs (Arrow May and Arrow June). The students had a good time looking and being inspired by some of their peers’ recommendations. Remember that I can only accept online orders (we get the books in to our school faster this way). If you have not yet ordered online this year, you can follow these easy steps:
1. Register at Scholastic Book Clubs’ secure Web site (, and create your own User Name and Password.
2. Enter the onetime Class Activation Code above to link you to our classroom: GK6KL
3. Choose the books that you would like to order.
4. Pay for your selections using your credit card.
5. Submit your order to me online.

If you have already signed on this year, you just need to log in! Let me know if you would like some recommendations specifically for your child!


Can you believe we only have 5 weeks of school left? It’s amazing to think that the year is almost gone! From here on out, we are in review mode in all subjects. Thank you so much for working to make sure that your child is here from 7:50-2:05 every single day. We are working hard up until the 2:05 bell, so that we can use all of the time that we are given.

Here is a glance at the upcoming week:

Monday 5/14
Practicing online testing module: Math
Music 12:45

Tuesday 5/15
Practicing online testing module: VA Studies
Open note reading quiz (“The Tuskegee Airmen”)
SS Race Day
PE 1:25

Wednesday 5/16
Practicing online testing module: Reading
Word Study Quiz
PE 1:25

Thursday 5/17
Science HATS (starting at 8:00)
Library lesson 12:45-1:45
PTA Picnic at 6:00 PM

Friday 5/18
Novel Study Meeting
SS Race Day
Quiz: VS.10abc
Art 9:30
SOL Rally at 1:15
Interims Sent Home



Monday 4/30
MAPS (Reading)
Library Lesson (10-11 AM)

Tuesday 5/1
MAPS (Math)
Marathon Quiz Day

Wednesday 5/2
Individual Student Pictures due
Word Study Quiz
Novel Studies due

Thursday 5/3
Marathon Quiz Day
Parent Reader

Friday 5/4
Fluency Homework due
Field Day 11:30-1:45
Substitute: Mrs. Lynette Metzger

We will be discussing congruent figures, including reflections, translations, and rotations. We will also focus on fine-tuning our understanding of the shapes rhombus, parallelogram, and trapezoid.

We will learn about the last few historic figures in our 400 years of Virginia history! Once we learn about them, we will be able to do some very creative sharing of our knowledge!

This week, we will work on a flower project where students will have to create a flower using recycled and craft materials. Of course, there are a few twists and surprises with this project!

We will continue to review the skills that we have learned this year, focusing on comparing/contrasting, creating summaries, cause/effect, finding inferences, and main idea/detail.

A Note About Field Day…
I will be sending more information home later on in the week, but I wanted to let you know that I will unfortunately not be here on Field Day. A close friend, 1st Lt. Nick Morris, is getting married out of town. The children have a fantastic substitute for the day, Mrs. Metzger, who is a veteran 4th grade teacher (and a previous inhabitant of Room 31!). Of course, I am so disappointed that I will not be here for one of the best days in the year, but I know that you will all have so much fun! More information to come later.

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