Leave a comment to describe how the variables you altered ended up changing your results. Remember, you should only change 1 variable at a time when testing your catapult.

7 Responses to Variables

  1. Attackers Be Gone says:

    When we pull the rubber band back it shoots strait, when we pull it on an angle it shoots bad and when we hit the dowel lightly it is terribley when we hit it down hard it goes farther.Then when we hit the top of the dowel hard it goes really far but when we hit it lightly it does not even shoot at all.

  2. The Best BombZ says:

    We put a piece of wood in the middle so that the cup would not get stuck. We also added pipe-cleaners and blue foam to make it look like a ship, we also got two extra rubber bands to make it go farther, we also added a piece of wood under the pop-
    scical sticks to make it higher. We also put duct tape around it so it would not break.

  3. The James Squad says:

    One of our variables was our old plan for our catapult. Another thing was our old catapult was like a sling shot but our new plan is a lever. On our new catapult at the last second our catapult broke. When we fixed it it was worse because the rubber band could not be cranked around the center pole so that made it worse at launching the ammo. The last thing is that we put wooden blocks on the side of the catapult. Those are our variables.

  4. The Catapult Girlz says:

    Our variables are when we changed the cup when we had no tape then we added tape. Another thing we changed was when we tried a ping pong ball. The ping pong ball did not work so we used a pipe cleaner. We had 11 dowls and only used 10 because Meredith found a good way to use them. Katarina had a great idea to use a cup to hold the pipe cleaner ball then Sydney said to use the smaller cup. It all worked out and we got everything changed and we had a very successful catapult!

  5. Flying Rocks says:

    First we started with a ping-pong ball and did not work because it hit the dowel. Then we balled up two pipe cleaners and it did not hit the dowel. On the computer they showed using a craft sticks. But in the final product we used a dowel. Also on the computer they showed craft sticks as the base but instead we used a wood block. Also pipe cleaners and plastic cup.

  6. The Godspeeders says:

    First we used a paper ball and decided to cover it in duct tape to make it heavier. Then we tried the ping-pong ball, it hit the target more often. Later we figured out that heavier ammo actually goes farther. First we held the ammo in the plastic cup and it started ripping, so we put duct tape so it would not rip.

  7. Super Settlers says:

    One of the variables we had was the ping-pong ball. We changed the ping-pong ball to a pipe cleaner ball. The reason we changed the ping-pong ball to a pipe cleaner ball was because the ping-pong ball was to wide for the ammo bowl. Another time we had to change part of our catapult was when we started off using a nail to attach the lever to the fulcrum but then the nail split the wood in half. So we had to use duct tape to attach the lever to the fulcrum.

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