Research Questions

On this page, we had originally planned on using the website willyou.type.withme, so each group could share their research questions electronically. That day of the project, however, the website didn’t work. Instead, each group typed their list of questions, printed enough copies for all groups, and shared the questions. The students were then allowed to revisit their list of questions and use another group’s question, if they would like. Here is the original list of questions:

The Flying Rocks
How accurate will it be?
How big will it be?
How far will it be?
What will it launch?
How heavy will it be?
What will the base be?
What will the lever be?

The James Squad
How far does a normal catapult ammo go?
What is the best material to make it out of?
What does it look like?
How heavy should it be?
How big is it?
How heavy should the ammo be?
How far will the ammo fly?
Will it work?
How high will the ammo go?

Attackers Be Gone
Who uses the catapult?
When do they use the catapult?
How tall is the catapult?
How wide is the catapult?
How does the catapult shoot?
What does it shoot?

The Best Bombs
How far does it go?
What materials should we use?
What is going to be launched?
Is it portable?
Up to how many shillings should we use?
Will it be able to stand up on its own?
How big should it be?
How should we use our shillings?
Will it stick together?

The Catapult Girls
How many coins will it need to complete the catapult
How high will the objects go?
What are the materials should we use?
Will it be able to go in the air or on the ground?
What will we shoot out of our catapult?
Will our materials be able to hold the main object?
Are the materials going to be expensive?
How many materials will be catapulted in the air?

How will we make it strong?
How heavy will it be?
How much money will it cost?
How does a catapult work?
What are the parts of a catapult?
Will it work?

Super Settlers
How tall will it be?
How strong will the base have to be?
What materials will we need?
What will we shoot in our catapult?
How will we make our catapult sturdy?
How fast will it go?
What is the bowl of the catapult?
What size will it be?
Can we incorporate a lever?


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