Collaboration and Suggestions

Welcome to Mr. Townsend’s physics class! We are excited to collaborate with you and answer your questions and learn from your suggestions.

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  1. sswhitlo says:

    Students, both elementary and high school. This is Mrs. Whitlow, ITRT at Shady Grove. You are all doing a fabulous job today. I hope Mrs. Grootegoed (ITRT at Freeman) is watching as well. This is a wonderful collaboration. Thank you so much!

  2. Mary, Jhane, Margaret, and Micki says:

    To the Godspeeders,
    Great job on your powerpoint; it was very artistic and fun to watch 🙂

  3. Shannon, Jackson, Ellen, Paul says:


    Try and use a thinner piece of duct tape to wrap it around the cup to attatch it, instead of the way the tape is holding it now.

  4. Shannon, Jackson, Ellen, Paul says:

    Super Settlers!

    We suggest that you rotate the cup holding your object so you fling your object at a 45 degree angle. Good work so far!

  5. Catapault Girls:
    You may also want to use a square wooden dowel if the carbon fiber is not avaliable.

  6. Matthew David says:

    James Squad:
    Looks very supportive. Great structure

    Try getting a larger rubber band and attatching it on the swivel on the top so that instead of the rubber bands spinning around, it will tighten and add tension so instead of smacking it down, you can spin it and release so that it will build force and momentum. Also try changing to something heavier than a ping pong ball, because it may be too light and not go as fast due to it’s weight.

  7. Kevin Elizabeth Molly and Danilo says:

    Your catapult was very inventive! The only suggestion I have is possibly making the dowel shorter so the ping pong ball wouldn’t hit it.

  8. Kaitlynn Hunter Logan and Michael says:

    Best Bombs: We really liked your song and your design. We really wish you would have made a video of the launch so we could see what it looked like, Other than that it looked like you did a great job!

    • The Best Bombs says:

      Sorry we took SO long, we didn’t see the comment. Are there any more tips you have for us? Do you think we should do something different the next time? The bomb diggedy bomb!

      • Kaitlynn Hunter Logan and Michael says:

        Next time try and use different types of objects to launch(just to see what happens). Also, you could change the angle of your launcher to see the difference in how high or far it goes (or doesnt go).

  9. Mary, Jhane, Margaret, and Micki says:

    It looks great so far! Our suggestions would be:

    1. The fulcrum (the stick underneath the block of wood): If you make the fulcrum taller, not necessarily wider, then when you hit the catapult, the ping-pong ball will go farther.

    2. The side of the wood where the ping-pong ball is, make that side longer than the other and that will, also, increase the distance.

  10. High School Group for Attacker Be Gone says:

    Great planning, it looks like you all put a load of thought into this project. Overall your design looks good but we were unsure how the catapult fires due to the duct tape. Our group thought the dowel might need to act as a lever and not be taped down. All in all great going, I don’t think anybody will be attacking you guys any time soon.

  11. Carbon Fiber composite would be the optimal material for the arm.

    • The Catapult girlz says:

      What is that?

      • Just use wooden square dowel, the carbon fiber would be difficult to locate, and expensive to use. But to awnser the question Carbon Fiber is an alternatively graphite fiber, carbon graphite or CF, is a material consisting of fibers about 5–10 μm in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. It is made of interweaved carbon-fiber nano tubes

  12. Mrs. Doyle says:

    Catapult Girls say: “Thanks for the tip! What should the arm be made out of?”

  13. Catapault Girls- good job so far keep up the good work. Jack is reall looking forward to helping you with basic structure and design! Your catapault arm needs to be a tad bit bigger.

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