Catapult Creation

Students were presented with the following challenge:

“Good day, Jamestown Settler! You have done an excellent job building your fort to protect yourself from those roguish Spanish and Natives! Our weapons will be helpful, but we need something that will protect us from advancing attackers. You must build a catapult! King James will give you 100 sovereign coins (2,000 shillings) to complete your catapult. You will be able to spend your money on the supply ships that come to the New World.”

Throughout the project, students researched, designed, planned, and built a catapult. They needed to stay within budget. They then tested and edited their catapults. Finally, they reflected on their catapults in comparison to those others in their classroom. They also shared their experiences with engineering experts in order to gain insight and advice.

3 Responses to Catapult Creation

  1. Angela Roupe says:

    Hello Mrs. Doyle’s class,
    You all did a fabulous job on your catapult creations! I love the creativity.

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