Jul 08

Week of 4/23/18

Calendar Events


Monday 4/23 – Measurement Unit Test

Tuesday 4/24 – Spring MAPS (math)

Wednesday 4/25 – VS 9 & 10 unit test

Thursday 4/26 – Field Trip to State Capitol (appropriate dress in required)

Friday 4/27 – Field Day

Monday 4/30 – Report Cards are sent home


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MATH – Measurement – concludes with a test next Monday 4/23/18.   This unit includes linear, capacity, weight, and elapsed time.   Next week we will begin our SOL preparation and review.

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – Wordly Wise Lesson 17

  • Greek/Latin stems:  people words quiz on Thursday 4/26

  • Word of the Week –  instigate – (to provoke or start) try to use this work this week.

  • Reading – Reading Stratgies for comprehension

  • Read Aloud – Maniac Magee

  • Writing –  We are currently working on a 3 paragraph essay

Social Studies –  VS9 20th Century Virginia –  This unit will conclude with a test on Wednesday 4/25 and will include a few questions from VS10a Virginia Government today.


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