Jul 08

Week of 11/20/17

Calendar Events

Tuesday 11/21 – Report Cards go home

Wednesday 11/22 – Friday 11/24 – Thanksgiving Holiday/Break

Tuesday 11/28 – Final Fire Safety Lesson with smoke house

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Math – 4.4.Computation –  We have started long division, the final unit in computation.  Students will be required to divide 3 digits by 1 digit with remainders.

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary –

  • Greek/Latin stems: students made flashcards today.  There will be a quiz on all 21 stems Tuesday 11/28.

  • Word Study –

  • Reading –  Inferencing  – sometimes the author will only give enough information so that we will have to infer what is happening in the story.

  • Writing –  We will learn to begin our essays with a “hook” to grab the reader’s attention

  • Pen Pals – we will begin exchanging letters with students from Tuckahoe Elementary School.  We hope to arrange a meeting with our pen pals in the spring.

Social Studies – VS4 – Colonial Life.  We will finish this unit on Tuesday 11/21.  This unit covers colonial period from 1645 – 1770.  It includes the economy in Virginia depended on agriculture which required a great deal of labor.  Large plantation owners became depended on slave labor.  They will need to know economic terms like barter, credit, debt etc.  This unit also includes other cultures moving into the area.  Scotch-Irish and Germans moved here and settled into the Great Valley bringing their culture and customs with them.  Students will also have to understand the reasons why the capital moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg in 1699 and then again from Williamsburg to Richmond in 1780.

There will be a test on this unit on Wednesday 11/29.


Fire Safety – An Henrico County Firefighter will deliver 4 lessons on fire safety during the next 4 weeks. Our final lesson is Wednesday 11/28.  Students will have to show what they learned by escaping from the miniature house.


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