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Week of 2/19/18

Thank you very much for the special Valentine Treats.  I felt very loved!


Calendar Events

Thursday 2/22 – Greek/Latin Stems Quiz

Tuesday 2/27 – Electricity T

Thursday 3/1 – Half Day for Students

Dr. Seuss Spirit Week!

Feb. 26-Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book-                                                  
pajama day

Feb. 27-My Many Colored Days-
wear as many colors as you can/rainbow day

Feb. 28-Wacky Wednesday
wear your wackiest outfit and/or hairstyle

Mar. 1-Seuss Character Day-
dress as your favorite Seuss character-(Also a HALF day for students)

Mar. 2- Oh the Places You’ll Go!
Wear a shirt from a place you have been

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MATH –  4.3/4.5 – Decimals – our next unit begins this week.  It includes reading/writing numbers to the thousandths place, rounding, and ordering.  We will also be learning to line up place values to add and subtract decimals.

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – Wordly Wise 12

  • Greek/Latin stems: there will be a quiz on roots #1-40

  • Word of the Week –  aptitude (a natural talent or ability)   Try to use this word during the week.

  • Reading – Reading Stratgies for comprehension

  • Read Aloud – Each year I try to select a book that is being released as a movie.  We have FINISHED A Wrinkle In Time!  The movie will be released in theaters in March.  Typically the classes (4th grade), AND A PARENT, will meet at the theater to share in the movie at a weekend matinee.  Date/time will be determined once the movie is released.

  • Writing –  We are currently working on a 3 paragraph essay

Science: 4.3 Electricity –   During this unit, students will understand that current electricity is the continuous flow of electrons and that static electricity is the jumping of electrons.  They will also learn about a variety of circuits, including open/closed and series/parallel circuits.  We will also study 4 scientists who helped in this field. (Franklin, Edison, Faraday, Lattimer).  This unit will conclude with a test on Tuesday 2/27

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