Welcome Back!

Mrs. Spangler and I are ready to welcome everyone back to school and into the Carver library!  We are excited for a new year and are ready to find the perfect book for you to enjoy.  While we were on summer break, Mrs. Perry was busy delivering the pillowcases made by the Sew Amazing! Club to The Children’s Hospital.  Below is a picture of them accepting the beautiful pillowcases the students made.  They were so pleased and told us how much the children will enjoy the special pillowcases while they are in the hospital.  Please stop in and see us in the library soon!  – Mrs. Hamlin


Mrs. Gregory’s Famous Americans – Henrico 21

Seven of Mrs. Gregory’s friends researched a famous American and created electronic books with the information they collected. Here are a few pictures from the celebration night of their Henrico 21 projects! Congratulations to: Jacob Carper, Gianna Colonna, Lava Kakah, Nelson Mokhtar, Alexis Rothschild, kaylee Stang, and Nora Tassone.

5th Grade Makerspace Day – We are Makers!

On Friday, January 13th the 5th graders participated in Makerspace Day!  All students rotated through the library to eight different Makerspace stations run by Mrs. Robinson and her ITRT friends, Mrs. Spangler, and Mrs. Hamlin.  Students engaged in hands on “making” such as weaving, duct tape projects, button making, and origami.  They also rotated through technology stations like littleBits electronics, Osmo, Makey-Makey electronic circuitry, and Stop Motion with the iPads.  The 5th graders will be the first group to experience the “pop-up” Makerspaces in the library created in partnership with University of Richmond Partners in the Arts.

Carver Learning Commons

We are gearing up for a new year in the Carver Library, and we have some exciting news to share. Mrs. Suder, Mrs. Spangler and I have been awarded a grant from University of Richmond Partner in the Arts. They have generously supported us in our endeavor to get Maker Spaces into the Carver library.

What is a Maker Space you might ask? Basically it is an area where people gather to question, imagine, build, invent, create, collaborate, wonder and yes, of course read!

What is the purpose of a Maker Space? The “Maker Movement” is based on constructionism which puts learning in the hands of the student through hands-on experiences. It is student driven learning. It invites curiosity. It inspires wonder. Through these opportunities it teaches students resiliency . . . that is okay to fail and that we learn through failure. It encourages the student to think deeply and to take ownership of their learning.
(The Philosophy of Educational Makerspaces Part 1 of Making an Educational Makerspace, R. Steven Kurti, Debby L. Kurti, Laura Fleming)

Watch the video below for more information . . .


Duck Duck Dewey

Fourth graders reviewed the Dewey decimal system and played Duck Duck Dewey in celebration of Melvil Dewey.  Students chose a duck, “interpreted” their duck, and then placed the duck in the Dewey category it belonged.  Students had fun trying to figure out where the ducks belonged based upon how the duck was costumed.

duckduckdewey_0001 from dchamlin on Vimeo.

4th Grade Book Celebration

On Friday, March 25th the 4th graders participated in Book Celebration. Every 4th grader played games surrounding details in the 20 books. Games included Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Bingo, Today’s Meet, and Tellagami. The day was about the celebration of reading and good books! Thank you to everyone who volunteered that day to help make it success! Check out the video below done by Channel 99 of the day.

Library boring . . . NEVER!

There is never a dull moment in the Carver Library!  It is hard to convey everything going on each day in the library. Any given time you will find students reading in cozy spots, working, thinking and creating!  Below is a little library “SmashUP” video of some things that have been going on in the past few months.  Check out a little bit of Literacy Night, Barnes and Noble Read Aloud Night, kindergarten stations, and 5th grade Reading Olympics! We even caught some fifth graders relaxing with a good book!  Enjoy!

Barnes and Noble Read Aloud Night

Barnes and Noble Book Fair – Teacher Read Aloud Night

Carver’s annual “Teacher Read Aloud Night” at Barnes and Noble is almost here!! Mark your calendars! The read aloud event is Tuesday, November 17th from 5-7:30. But . . . please remember if you cannot attend and want to still support the Carver library you can shop online from 11/17-11/21. As always, all proceeds will go back to the students as we work toward building our library resources.  Thank you for supporting the Carver Library!!