Early Spring! According to the Groundhog!

Special thanks to Connor’s dad for being our Mystery Reader last week!

There are a few items we need in our class.  If you are able to donate any of them, we would greatly appreciate it!

Black Expo Markers          Index Cards      Card Stock (white and colors)     Yellow Highlighters     Snacks to share with friends who forget (graham crackers, animal crackers, etc.  no sweets please!)

See link below for Valentine’s List of Names!

Valentine’s Exchange 2019

This week we will learn about the following:

Math: Fraction 1/2 and 1/4 (equal shares)

Language Arts: long e spelled (ee and ea), proper nouns, ABC order, Review Plot of a story, sight words:  does, walk, no, so be

Writing: Writing our Multi-Cultural projects AND adding Excellent Endings to our writing

Social Studies: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Arthur Ashe, Maggie Walker

Date to Remember:

Thursday, February 21st – MULTICULTURAL MUSEUM NIGHT. (First grade will preform!)

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