Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

I hope everyone will enjoy their day off from school tomorrow.  Please take a few minutes to talk with your child about who Martin Luther King Jr. was and why we take a day to commemorate him.  We will talk more in class about his contributions.

Special thanks to Saira’s mother for being our Mystery Reader last week!

Note:  I am sending home the same reading books in bags this week.  I had reports from several students that they did not get to read their book or finish their book.  Please make sure that your child is practicing reading every night.  We are working hard on fluency and that comes with practice!

This week we will learn about the following:

Language: Asking and answering questions, sight words:  very, could, why, again, didn’t   We will have a sight word test this week.  Please review from the list sent home for the first nine weeks.

Math: Equality

Social Studies:  Martin Luther King Jr./maps/Multicultural Night Projects

Dates to Remember:

Monday, January 28th Student Holiday

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