Happy Snow Day Number 2!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their snow days!  My dog, Sassie, really enjoyed jumping, running and playing!  What a great way to start our unit on Winter!

Thanks to all the cubs who came out for Cubs Night In last week.  We had so much fun!

Special thanks to Connor’s dad for being our Mystery Reader last week!

*****Due to the snow, we will not have homework this week!*******

As this week gets shorter every day, these are the goals that will continue next:

Language: Getting information from non-fictional text, long and short o words with silent e, using bold beginnings in our writing.  Sight words:  make, came, and over -be sure you are practicing how to spell, write and read these words!

Math: Addition strategies:  using doubles and doubles plus one

Science: Winter

Special Dates:

Winter Break – December 20 – January 2 (school reopens on the 3rd!)

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