Parent Teacher Conferences This Week!

This week we will continue our research on our animal projects and then begin work on their dioramas.  Thank you for all the supplies we received!

Thank you for sharing all of your family traditions with the class last week!  We can learn how to respect and appreciate our many differences.

Special thanks to Addy’s grandmother for coming in as our Mystery Reader last week.

Homework will be changing!  We will be using a menu board weekly.  The homework letter will be posted on my blog on Sunday for the upcoming week.  Please view it online.  If your child goes to after school care and you would like a hard copy sent with them on Monday, I will be glad to do that.  I will show you what the homework will look like in our parent conference this week.  Thanks for your support!

This week we will learn about the following:

Language:  Focus on /l/ and /r/ blends, retelling a story identifying characters, setting, problem, events and ending,    sight words: are, come, for, here, play

Math:  Counting from 1-110, counting backward from 30, skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s

Science: We will complete our animal projects!

Dates to remember:

November 5 – Parent Teacher Conferences PM

November 6 – Parent teacher Conferences AM

November 6 – Election Day – School Closed for Students


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