Mar 18

Our Class Treasure Box is running low, and we are in need of some donations!  Your students get to choose a prize from the treasure box each Friday that they have received all good colors on their behavior chart, and now also get to choose a prize once they meet their goal and climb their goal setting mountain!

Please consider sending in some small party gift bag type trinkets (no food items) to donate to our treasure box.

If you would like to see an example of the sorts of items we are looking for, please click this link.

Thanks for supporting your child’s good behavior and motivation to meet their individual goals!

Mar 14

Good afternoon families!

Tomorrow I will be sending home the Strawbridge school pictures that were taken a couples weeks ago.  If you paid for a class picture, those will be sent home for you to keep sometime soon (they are not included in your students individual picture envelope).  Even if you did not purchase a class picture, Stawbridge took an individual spring picture of every student and is sending home proofs for you to look at, and decide if you would like to purchaseAgain, these individual photographs have not been paid for by anyone at this time.  If you are not interested in purchasing these spring individual pictures of your child, please return the entire packet to school in your child’s folder as soon as possible.  If you decide to purchase one or more of the pictures, please return any pictures not being purchased in the envelope, along with the payment for the pictures you decided to keep, in the small envelope included with the pictures. If you decide to purchase all of the individual photos being sent home, please simply return the payment in the small envelope found inside with the pictures. I understand that this is a confusing way of doing things, but it is what the picture company has requested that we do.  I appreciate your help with this!!! 🙂

And finally, to the fun part of the post!

PIRATE DAY is TOMORROW!!! Please have your child dress in red, white, and black (pirate colors) so that the scurvy dogs can’t find them!  We will be using our map skills to track the clues around our school to avoid the scurvy dogs and find our special treasure!

Bitmoji Image

Thank you!

Pirate Widdowson


Mar 11

Mar 4

Dr. Seuss Spirit Week-– Mrs. Kingoff, our school’s librarian, has planned a fun-filled spirit week to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday March 4th – 8th!

See the spirit week days below:

  • Monday: Wear rainbow colors for My Many Colored Days
  • Tuesday: Wear crazy socks for Fox in Socks
  • Wednesday: Wear pajamas for I’m Not Getting Up Today
  • Thursday: Wear a hat and/or red, black & white for The Cat in the Hat
  • Friday: Wear your SPES spirit wear and say “Hooray for Short Pump Day” for Hooray for

Diffendoofer Day

  • Saturday: SPES Book Fair at the Short Pump Barnes & Noble from 12-3 pm
Feb 26

Student Information Spring Update: Open now!

Deadline March 3rd

Twice a year we ask families to please check that the student  information we have in our database is correct.  The window to check that what we have on file is correct or to make changes is from 2/25/18-3/3/19 .

This is especially important if you have had changes to contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers, job changes, emergency contacts,  etc…

Please log in and double check your students information, whether you think you may have changes or may not.    You will be updating these forms through Rycor. Parents with students in grades 2-12 can access Rycor Online Forms through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Those with students in grades ‘PK-1 Only’ must access Rycor Online Forms directly.  Directions are available on the Henrico county website listed below.  If you are unable to update online, a manual form will be sent home the week of March 11th. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Link for the connection to Rycor:


Feb 21

Happy Hundredth Day!  I wanted to share with you some of the fun activities that we have worked on today for the 100th day of school!

We started by creating a list of 100 words.  We worked together as a team and took turns listing as many words as we could think of.  Click below to see the words that your students came up with!

100 words

We then went to the gym and saw how many movements we could do in 100 seconds!  Then we recorded how many we did in a table.

Later on in the day we got to do a lot of building and counting, some grouping and team work, followed by making a 100th day hat!  Thanks so much for sending in 100 items with your children.  It helped make our day super fun!


Feb 18

Good afternoon stinger families, Bitmoji Image

As you well know, we are potentially due for some more inclement weather this coming Wednesday.  This could possibly cause a delay or a cancellation of school.  If school is merely delayed, we will still celebrate our 100th day on this Thursday, 2/21.

However, if students do not report to school on Wednesday, our 100th day celebration will be moved to Friday, 2/22.

Please do not forget to send your student in with 100 small items in a plastic bag for us to practice counting, grouping, making patterns, etc…


Ms. Widdowson


Feb 11

Hello families,

As I mentioned in this week’s Widdowson Weekly, our 100th Day of Kindergarten will be celebrated on Thursday February 21.  We will be using the number 100 in a myriad of activities throughout the day.  To help with completing these activities, your child will need some objects to count with their classmates!

I ask that you please send your child in with 100 small, inexpensive objects in a ziplock back for us to use for counting, grouping, and skip counting.  Please send in 100 of the same type of object.

Here are some ideas of objects that would be good to send in:

-crayons, dry beans, dry pasta noodles, pom-poms, cotton balls, q tips, cereal, pennies,  etc…

Thanks for helping make our 100th day a success! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Ms. Widdowson

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Feb 4

Good afternoon families!

This is just a friendly reminder to send your child to school in shoes that are safe choices for the playground (and P.E. on Wednesdays), and that they can tie on their own if necessary. Boots are great for rainy cold days when we stay inside, but come flying off fairly easily while we are running and climbing on the playground! 🙂

We now have a small handful of shoe helpers in class who are able to help their classmates when their shoes become untied.  Way to go Stingers!  We are looking to add to their numbers.  Not only is shoe-tying a good life skill and adds to your child’s independence, it also helps develop their fine motor skills.

Thanks for continuing to practice with your child on those cold evenings when your child is looking for something to do!

-Ms. Widdowson

Jan 30

As a reminder, this week is Kindness Week, that has KINDLY been organized for our students by our wonderful school counselor, Ms. Walker.

Please take time each day this week to talk with your child about what kind act they did!  Each time your child does something kind, they will get to add a link to our paper Kindness Chain in the cafeteria.

Yesterday we got to add 22 links to the school wide chain!  What an amazing start!


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