Nov 13

Square 1 Art orders are due by this Friday.  Please consider supporting our wonderful Art Teacher Mrs. Dornik and our Short Pump Art program by contributing to this fundraiser by ordering some of your student’s artwork.


Nov 12

This week is our Canned Food Drive, to collect food for the Henrico Christmas Mother.  Please send in a nonperishable food item with your child.  These cans will be distributed this holiday season to families in need in our area.  Thanks for helping our students learn about how to be a good community helper, and global citizen.


Ms. Widdowson

Nov 5

Attention Stinger Families!

The results from the Kindergarten Favorite Storybook Character Election are in!

This morning, each student was able to vote and turn in their selection to a ballet box, that was counted and totaled, revealing that the winner of our election was…………….

PETE THE CAT!!!Image result for pete the cat

Thank you so much for encouraging your student during the making of their campaign poster!

-Ms. Widdowson

Nov 2

Collection for Blue Star Families:

Short Pump Elementary has a tradition of collecting items to send to our troops overseas. We do this in collaboration with the Blue Star Families of Richmond,, a chapter of a national organization of families with loved ones who proudly serve our country. Each grade level is assigned specific items to collect. Our goal is to collect 200 of each item in order to complete 200 care packages for active duty military personnel in combat zones and various USO sites.

Here’s the breakdown by grade:
K Q-tips, travel size shampoo/conditioner, sample size Gold Bond foot powder
1st dental floss, “wisps” (dental cleaners), toothpaste, toothbrushes
2nd socks, travel size lotion, deodorant/antiperspirant (stick only)
3rd instant oatmeal, individual snack packs (nuts, dried fruit, fruit snacks,
trail mix), beef jerky
4th power bars/granola bars, powdered drink mixes (Gatorade, coffee, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light)
5th tuna/chicken in foil packages, crossword puzzle books, playing cards

Students can bring the items into their classroom any time.
The last day is next Friday, November 9, 2018.

Oct 30

We are getting so excited for our Storybook Character Election next week!  Please remember as your students begin working on their campaign posters that this activity is meant for them to “try their best and forget the rest” as we say in class.  Please encourage your child to do the drawing and the handwriting by themselves.  (You may certainly help them practice and spell words if you so choose).

In class we have been talking a lot about “Kindergarten spelling”, where we use the letter sounds we know to help us sound out words.  If your child is still working on learning their letter sounds, then they may need some extra support, but if your child has a solid letter sound foundation, help them stretch out their words slowly and see if they can figure out some of the correct letters.  They will feel VERY proud showing you what we do in class.  🙂

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to putting up our posters next Monday, November 5.

-Ms. Widdowson


Oct 22

Thank you so much to our families, and ESPECIALLY to our wonderful parent volunteers who helped make our first STEM activity this year a huge success!  They got to work with a group and guide them through the steps of using teamwork and creativity to meet all the criteria to build a wonderful scarecrow!

The groups had to use the tools and supplies provided to make a scarecrow that could sit up in a chair, had a head that could support a hat, as well as include a sign telling the name of their scarecrow, the students’ names, and their scarecrow’s favorite season!  They then had to stand up and practice using their “teacher talk” to describe what they built for the class.

Please enjoy this adorable picture of your students’ hard work!


We also had a great time on our Fall Leaf Hunt, during which time the students practiced looking for signs from nature that it is the season of Fall!  Students were able to find different colored leaves on the ground, acorns, and pine cones that game them clues about our season!  I encourage you to let your child go on a leaf hunt at home to see if they can find similar clues about our season!

Thanks again,

Ms. Widdowson

Oct 15

Hello families!

Thanks again for sending in your candy donations for Trunk or Treat, as well as those who have been able to send in newspapers and bulk mail flyers for our Scarecrow STEM activity, which is THIS FRIDAY!

We have been sent enough newspaper to stuff about 2-3 child size scarecrows, so please keep sending in your recyclable paper products up until this Friday morning!  Thanks very much! We couldn’t do these special activities without your help!

If you are volunteering, and have been approved, we look forward to seeing you Friday!  You will be hearing from our room parents this week to confirm your availability.

Happy Monday!

Ms. Widdowson

Oct 8

I learned that the request for newspapers to be sent in may have not stood out in my past two newsletters, so I thought I would post on here as well – We are in desperate need of some newspaper/bulk mail flyers to use for our first upcoming STEM project, during which students will be designing and stuffing child size scarecrows with a team.  Please, please send in any clean recyclable paper products that we could use to stuff our scarecrows. We need enough for 5 groups of students to each create a scarecrow.  I know not many of us receive the newspaper anymore, but I know my mailbox is constantly stuffed with bulk mail flyers, coupons, and advertisements, and those will work just as well.


Thanks in advance for sending these items in!

Ms. Widdowson

Oct 1

Parents –

Please don’t forget to send in your child’s permission slip to eat popcorn as part of our Five Senses Unit experiment, happening this Thursday!

I will be happy to send home extra forms if needed – just let me know.  Remember, without your signed consent, your child may not eat the popcorn as the culminating part of our experiment – using our sense of taste!

Forms are due by this Wednesday, October 3.

Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

Ms. Widdowson

Sep 24

Thank you so much for coming out to see me on this past Thursday night for Back to School Night!  I know that the rotations are brief, and I appreciate you holding on and listening attentively as I zoomed through the information I had to share.  🙂

Also, thanks again to Mrs. Manion, and Mrs. Moyar-Thacker who have volunteered to be our room parents this year, and keep an eye out for emails coming to your My School Anywhere and email accounts about upcoming activities and volunteer opportunities!

If you think of any questions that were not addressed at BTSN, please let me know at .


Ms. Widdowson

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