November 16, 2018

Lots of important event coming up next week. Be sure to check the Events and Reminders section at the bottom!


5th: In science this week we began our review unit on the Weather! To kick it off students were able to hear guest speaker Megan Wise, meteorologist from NBC channel 12. She explained the different data meteorologist collect, how they use the green screen and why it is important we know what type of weather is coming our way! Students then completed a review foldable on the different types of tools a meteorologist uses to study the weather. Next week we will begin collecting weather data!

4th: 4th graders started their new unit on the Solar System! We are very excited to delve into the unit! Students used prior knowledge to show what they know on a KWL and so we could collect questions to research as a class. Students also learned about different astronomers and their contrabutions to our understanding of the solar system. Students learned about one of the grestest astronomers Tycho Brahe and his missing nose. Check out the TED ed video about him we watched in class.


5th: This week we started our first M3 (M cubed) unit. These units are geared to a higher level thinking about math and not just computation of factors. Students will walk through fractions, not only learning how to compute but also gaining a strong understanding for why things work out the way they do in math. They will learn how to articulate what they are doing and how to work through the process. Check out the website for M3 if you’d like to learn more!


4th: This week students have been practicing various strategies for 2×2 multiplication. Students learned how to do the traditional stacking method and why we add a place holder zero, lattice, box and cluster and partial product. Students ended the week with a logic puzzle involving 2×2 and 3×1 multiplication skill!

Looking for another way to support your child in math? Check out Trevvett’s new YouTube channel! Click here to see step-by-step math tutorials and K-5 tips to try at home!  We will update with new videos at the start of each new math unit this year.


5th Grade
MATH: M3 Fractions
SCIENCE: Weather

4th Grade
MATH: Multiplication
SCIENCE: Solar System


  • Monday, 11/12: PAW Achievement Trip to see Junie B Jones play at Hermitage HS!   This is a FREE trip, but students need signed permission forms (sent home Wednesday). Parents are welcome to chaperone.  Please contact me if interested!
  • Tuesday, 11/13: Veterans’ Day Assembly
  • Wednesday, 11/14: Field trip to Luray Caverns and JMU!  Please note these reminders (sent home today).
    Friday, 11/16:

    • Forms and $4 Fee for YMCA Trip Due
    • IB Applications Due
    • PTO Spirit Night at Panera
  • YMCA Field Trip: On December 7th, our class will travel to the Northside YMCA for an aquatic safety lesson to support Mr. Holscher’s PE content.  Please return signed permission forms (sent home on Wednesday) and the $4 fee by next Friday, 11/16.  Contact me with questions.  Chaperones are welcome (for FREE)!
  • Christmas Mother: Trevvett is collecting non-perishable food items November 12-16 to support Henrico Christmas Mother. We need canned food, crackers, cereal, pasta, and peanut butter. Please send in what you can!  Click here for details.

November 2, 2018

We can’t quite believe we are already in November!

Thank you to everyone who donated games for our indoor recess! We can wait to playing them! Also huge thank you to the 5th grade parents who made salt dough. Students had a blast making their salt dough ocean floor maps!

5th graders Tigers Lead Leadership Seminar was Tuesday. Guest speaker, Dr. Kate Cassada, Associate Professor of Education & Assistant Chair of Graduate Education for Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at University of Richmond discussed the characteristics of a great leader. Students designed T-shirts to show how their role acts as a leader in the Trevvett Community.


5th: In science this week, we continued our exploration of the ocean! Students explored tides and currents. We preformed a demonstration to see the effects of temperature and salinity on water. Students learned how the density of water changes based on amount of salt or an increase in temperature. These varying changes in the oceans causes currents. Students also explore the various zones on the ocean and how life exists in the deep. We created food webs and chains to understand the different relationships and roles plants/animals place in the ocean. Check out this video to understand much of what was discussed about food chains/webs.

4th: 4th graders worked to finish up their unit on watersheds this week. We learned about soil, water and forest resources and how our economy depends on theses resources. Students were able to compare and contrasted natural verse cultivated resources as well as explore various ways we use resources in society.  We also figured out Trevvett’s watershed address by tracing the rivers in which drain water from Trevvett to the Chesapeake Bay!


5th: Students started their decimal project this week. Their task was to create a shopping flyer for a store of their choice (clothing, bakery, sporting goods). They had to display the cost of 8 items as well as the sale the store was offering. We will be calculating the new cost of each item using the % off sale when students “shop” each others stores next week! Students have been very creative and have done a great job illustrating their flyers.

4th: Students have continued to build upon their fractions knowledge by practicing recognize equivalent fractions both greater than and less than the fraction given. We continued to work with visual models for multiplication/division strategies in converting decimals to fractions. Students were introduced to ZEARN. A learning too that will allow them to progress at their own pace through a series of missions related to the current topic.


Looking for another way to support your child in math? Check out Trevvett’s new YouTube channel! Click here to see step-by-step math tutorials and K-5 tips to try at home!  We will update with new videos at the start of each new math unit this year.


5th Grade
MATH: Finish Decimals Project/Percents/Fractions
SCIENCE: Oceanography:  Assessment 11/6

4th Grade
MATH: Decimal and Fraction Equivalents/Equalities
SCIENCE: Watersheds: Assessment 11/9


  • Monday, 11/5:
    • Quarter 1 ends
    • Bookfair Preview
  • Tuesday, 11/6:
  • Thursday, 11/8:
    • NBC12 Meteorologist Megan Wise Visits!  Look for a photo of our school on the morning news on Friday!
  • Bookfair: Support MTES by shopping the book fair next week!  Students will preview and create wishlists on Monday.  Students may shop during the day all week and families are invited for afterschool shopping on Wednesday and Thursday.  Click here for details.

October 26, 2018

We cannot believe it is almost the end of the quarter! Please be sure to check Powerschool for any missing assignments. Students are reminded of these and can get extra copies but it is their responsibility to get them turned in! Also if you have not yet signed up for a conference please do so by clicking this link!


5th: In science this week, we explored the ocean! We began by exploring the ocean floor through a webquest using Google Earth. Students were able to see the various mountains and trenches that cover the ocean floor. Students also learned that the ocean moves in three main ways – waves, tides, and currents.  We diagrammed a wave to investigate the various parts – crest, trough, wavelength, wave height and amplitude.   Finally we Skyped with Jeremy Lomax, marine biologist from Brown University!  He shared a wealth of information about animals he studies–all while holding his snake Regina!


4th: This week in science 4th graders have been exploring watersheds. We discussed various resources obtained from the Chesapeake Bay watershed and students collaborated to discuss positive and negative effects these might have on the Bay or other areas in Virginia. To understand how water flows in a watershed students completed the crinkled paper lab. Check out the photos on instagram!


5th: Students worked on expanding their decimal skills by learning how to multiple and divide. Students challenged their skills using large numbers and divisors with decimals. We will continue to work on them next and incorporate percentages into our decimals project! Check out this video for a summary of all decimal operations.

4th: This week students have been learning all about fractions. Using visual models and multiplication/division strategies students have been converting decimals to fractions and determining equivalent fractions. Students learned the benchmark fractions and how to determine greater than or less than when presented with a fraction to place on the number line.

Looking for another way to support your child in math? Check out Trevvett’s new YouTube channel! Click here to see step-by-step math tutorials and K-5 tips to try at home!  We will update with new videos at the start of each new math unit this year.


5th Grade
MATH: Decimals Project
SCIENCE: Oceanography: Currents/Waves/Tides
 Assessment 11/6

4th Grade
MATH: Equality
SCIENCE: Earths Resources: Watersheds


  • Tuesday, 10/30:
    • Tiger Lead Leadership Seminar (9:15-10:00 AM) – Mrs. Broudy and Mrs. Rhoden have invited guest speakers for our fifth grade leaders each quarter!  Next week Kate Cassada, Associate Professor of Education & Assistant Chair of Graduate Education for Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at University of Richmond, will visit to motivate our fifth grade leaders and lead a t-shirt designing activity!
    • Big Blast Costume Inflatable Jam (12:00-2:00 PM) – Students that raised $50 or more for the Big Blast fundraiser may wear a costume to school and spend the afternoon in inflatables!
  • Friday, 11/2:
    • Reading Summative Assessment
    • SOL 5.6 Science Flashcard Quiz
    • Fall Bookfair Starts
  • Halloween – Remember, HCPS policy does not allow students to wear Halloween costumes to school or bring Halloween treats. However, they are welcome to dress in something festive AND we have the perfect place for that extra candy!  Our “Treats for Troops” candy drive!  Please send in candy donations for troops before Nov. 3rd!  They will be shipped to veterans and active military through Soldiers’ Angels!
  • Field Trip: Forms and fees for the Luray/JMU field trip are past due.  Please send in as soon as possible and arrange transportation for a 7:00 AM drop off and 5:00 PM pick up on Wednesday, Nov. 14th.
  • PTO wants your boxtops!  PTO is asking parents to please collect Box Tops labels and:
    1. Check the dates.  Expired box tops can make our entire submission get tossed out.
    2. Put them into groups of 50 in a ziploc baggie with the number 50 on the outside or use the collection sheet sent home. (Contact me for an extra!) Bonus Box Tops Certificates cannot go into the baggie of 50 or be attached to a collection sheet–send those separately.
    3. Send the baggie to school with Poland on the outside.

October 19, 2018

Hooray for Learning!


5th: We rocked our 5.7 Rocks Summative Assessment on Monday. Students took those home in their folders Friday. Students practiced excavation skills using a chocolate chip cookie to model fossils in the Earth. They then created their own mold or trace fossil and wrote a narrative about their excavation experience and the fossil they ‘found’. We also started our oceanography unit!  Students learned that the ocean floor is not flat–it’s covered with mountains, trenches, plains, and more!  Students used Nearpod to view 360 degree panoramas of the ocean floor.  We saw sea mounts, volcanoes, trenches, and tons of marine life!

4th: We had a great time in science this week! As part of Physical Education week, we were visited by a personal trainer from Onward Fitness. She taught students a series of exercises and they made prediction about how many they could do in 30sec. Students worked in pairs to count each other reps. We graphed the data and compared our predictions to our accomplishments! We also started our Va Watershed’s units. Students explored the different natural resources and we discusses the human-made resources we are able to make from them. Students also compared which were renewable and non-renewable, and which we depended more heavily on.


5th: We started off our new math unit of decimals this week. To review students played Number Line Races, were they had to place the numbers (with decimals to the hundredths) on the number line in the correct order. They were then challenged to round them to the nearest whole number. After reviewing rounding, students showed their skill adding and subtracting decimals by completing a fun activity using Chic-Fil-A. We then moved into multiplying decimals which is a new skill for 5th graders. We will continue to work on this skill as well as introduce dividing decimals next week. Check out this video that helps review all the operations.

4th: In math this week students have been bridging to fractions. We have been making comparisons to fractions and decimals using visuals and practice problems. Nest week students will be focusing on making equivalent fractions and understanding the benchmark fractions on a number line. Fractions can be tricky so keep practicing!!! Also this week, students received their IXL login and password. They were challenged for homework to spend 30 minutes on the program from Wednesday to Friday. Each week I will give students a minute challenge (typically 50 mins) to use IXL math to review our current topic and/or to review previous topics or basic skills! If you have questions about the program let me know, it is website based but can also be downloaded as an app on ipad and iphone and Android devices.  Click the picture to go to the website!

Looking for another way to support your child in math? Check out Trevvett’s new YouTube channel! Click here to see step-by-step math tutorials and K-5 tips to try at home!  We will update with new videos at the start of each new math unit this year.


5th Grade
MATH: Decimals: Multiplying/Dividing
           Sum Assess: October 26, 2018
SCIENCE: Oceanography

4th Grade
MATH: Fractions
           Sum Assess: October 26, 2018
SCIENCE: Earths Resources: Watersheds


  • College and Career Awareness Week – Click here to see each day’s theme!
  • National School Bus Safety Week – Let’s show our bus drivers some love!
  • National School Lunch Week – Let’s show our cafe staff some love!
  • Sunday, Oct. 21:
    • PTO Spirit Night at Chipotle and Bruster’s (4-8 PM) – Be sure to bring the blue flyer sent home on Friday!
  • Monday, Oct. 22: 
    • Rounding Quiz
  • Tuesday, Oct. 23: 
    • PTO Meeting and International Night (6-7:30 PM)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 24: 
    • Luray/JMU Field Trip Forms and Fees Due
  • Friday, Oct. 26: 
    • Math Summative Assessment
    • Skype a Scientist with Dr. Lomax, marine biologist at Brown University
  • International Night Next Tuesday: We are so thrilled to once again celebrate the many diverse cultures at Maude Trevvett Elementary School! On October 23rdat 6pm, we want all Tiger families to come out to share and learn more about each other’s culture. We are asking ALL families to bring various items like photos, maps, stamps, crafts, and even food dishes to create a display table for our multicultural fair. And don’t forget to wear your native attire! There will also be live entertainment including an Arabic, Spanish, and Nepali speaking interpreters. You don’t want to miss this exciting event! Return the RSVP form saying YES, you want to represent your culture!

October 12, 2018

It’s finally feeling like Fall!

What a week!


5th: Even though it was a short week, we still got a lot accomplished. Students began focusing on individual rock types. They observed each type of rock and tried to come up with characteristics of each. After a discussion students completed two rock labs where they analysed samples to determine rock type and used key characteristics to determine rock sample name. They really enjoyed using their reasoning skills to analyze the samples. Check out pictures on Instagram! We also began talking about fossils and excavation!

4th: We finished up our weather unit this week and students presented their Extreme Weather projects. They did a great job! We will complete our weather data graphing activity on Monday to tie together science SOLs involving weather/data analysis and math SOLs with graphing. Next week we move on to Watersheds!


5th: In math this week, we finished our exploration of order of operations.  Students learned to tackle tricky, multi-step problems that included exponents using PEMDAS.  On Thursday, we reviewed for our math summative with a fun game. Students practiced prime/composite, even/odd, order of operations, and word problems. However, due to the cancellation of school on Friday, this summative will be moved to Monday 10/15. Next week, we’ll dive into decimals! This week marks the half-way point of quarter one.  Take some time to view your child’s grades in PowerSchool and contact me and Ms. Harris with any questions or concerns.

4th: In math this week students wrapped up our unit on decimals. We played a fun game on Thursday where students placed various decimals on a number line… check on the pictures on Instagram! The summative scheduled for Friday 10/12 has been moved to Monday 10/15. We will begin converting fractions to decimals next week!

Looking for another way to support your child in math? Check out Trevvett’s new YouTube channel! Click here to see step-by-step math tutorials and K-5 tips to try at home!  We will update with new videos at the start of each new math unit this year.


5th Grade
MATH: Decimals: Rounding, Adding/Subtracting, Multiplying/Dividing
           Sum Assess: SOL 5.3 SOL 5.7 October 15, 2018
SCIENCE: Finishing Fossils, Mining
            Assessment: Earths Layers, Boundaries, Rock Cycle October 16, 2018

4th Grade
MATH: Decimals to Fractions
           Sum Assess: SOL 4.14 SOL 4.3 October 15, 2018
SCIENCE: Earths Resources: Watersheds


Bring Your Parent to PE Week!  Our class has PE Monday at 1:00 and Thursday at 12:30.  Hope you can join us!

Tuesday, 10/16: IB Open House at Moody

  • IB Open House: The IB Program Open House is at Moody Middle School on October 16th. The Open House is designed for parents and students alike to attend.  There are two identical hour-long sessions (4:30-5:30 and 6:00-7:00) that give families a choice that works with their schedule that evening.  Each session kicks off in the auditorium to provide a brief overview of the ins and outs of the program, then MMS IB students and teachers have curated a showcase of IB experiences throughout the building for families to explore on their own. If your child is considering applying to IB, this is a night you won’t want to miss!

October 5th, 2018

It is finally October!

Math summative assessments start next week so you should be seeing the math notebook coming home and students should be reviewing. They will also be getting practice worksheets to complete at home to help them review!


5th: This was a busy week in science! We began discussing weathering and erosion. Students preformed a lab using a sugar cube to simulate a rock going through the weathering process. We also ventured outside to check out the ground of Trevvett for evidence of erosion after all the recent rain! We then began discussing the rock cycle. Students simulated the rock cycle using chocolate and were able to visualize the changes from sedimentary to metamorphic to igneous. As part of our rocks unit students Skyped with a scientist about her work as an ocean plankton fossil researcher. We will continue to finish up rocks and fossils next week and have an unit assessment on October 15th.

4th: We began working on our weather projects this week! We are tracking weather data over the next two weeks to create line graphs and mini weather recaps. Students have also selected a severe weather event and are researching to create a power point presentation. Students will determine the science behind the storm and its ideal conditions, geography, impact to humans and how we can prepare for such an event.


5th: What order to I go in??? This week students learned all about order of operations. Order of operations is like a recipe for math problems contain more then one operation. It is important to make sure we follow the correct steps each time in order to get the correct answer. Students were challenged with an Escape Room style activity on Thursday, where they had to unlock their chairs. Working in groups students had to complete different tasks to gain a number for an access code their lock. It was great fun! Check out this video from the math department for step by step instruction on order of operations. (We used the P for parenthesizes instead of G for grouping… both mean the same).

4th: Decimals!!! Students learned the different place values, skills for rounding and how to add and subtract. This week we used some real life math to practice these skills. Students worked through various stations, one involving Chick-Fil-A and calculating cost of orders and making change. We will be venturing into  converting decimals to fractions next week. Take a look at this video to review decimals and get a jump start on fractions! We have a math quiz on place value, rounding and decimals on October 9th!


5th Grade
MATH: Order of Operations Practice, Rounding/Decimals
           Sum Assess: SOL 5.3 SOL 5.7 October 12, 2018
SCIENCE: Rock Cycle, Types of Rocks, Mining
            Assessment: Earths Layers, Boundaries, Rock Cycle October 15, 2018

4th Grade
MATH: Decimals to Fractions
           Assessment: Place Value, Rounding, Decimals October 9, 2018
           Sum Assess: SOL 4.14 SOL 4.3 October 12, 2018
SCIENCE: Weather Forecast Project, Earths Resources


    • Today: Last chance to contribute to Big Blast Fundraiser!
    • Monday, Oct. 8: NO SCHOOL – Columbus Day
    • Tuesday, Oct. 9: PTO BINGO Night (6:00 PM)
    • Wednesday, Oct. 10: Mix It Up Day
    • Bullying Prevention Month: See this flyer from for details about special events and poster contest! 
      Bullying Prevention Month Flyer.docx
    • The IB Program Open House is at Moody Middle School on October 16th.The Open House is designed for parents and students alike to attend.  There are two identical hour-long sessions (4:30-5:30 and 6:00-7:00) that give families a choice that works with their schedule that evening.  Each session kicks off in the auditorium to provide a brief overview of the ins and outs of the program, then MMS IB students and teachers have curated a showcase of IB experiences throughout the building for families to explore on their own. If your child is considering applying to IB, this is a night you won’t want to miss!

September 28, 2018


5th: This week in science we explored the physical ways in which Earth’s surface is constantly changing through plate tectonics.  Students used Earthquake and Volcano data to try and determine the boundary locations of these plates. We then discussed the types of plate movement (convergent, divergent, and transform) and the types of land formation created by each! Using Oreo’s students were able to visualize this movement and its affect on the rocky crust. Friday, we coupled Earth’s formations with weathering and erosion processes and explored how different soil types have an affect on the rate of erosion. Students will continue to explore the different types of weathering and how it shapes our land features next week!

4th: This week in science we explored how different types of weather is formed through the movement of fronts and changes in air pressure and temperature. Students became familiar with the 4 most common types of clouds (circled below) and how each is a predictor of the weather to come. Next week we will be compiling data for our Weather Forecast project and going outside to study the clouds! Check out this fun TED Ed video we watched on how they got their names!


5th: Prime and Composite numbers were the name of the game this week as students practiced identifying and factoring numbers. They learned that prime numbers have exactly 2 factors (1 and itself) and composite numbers have more than 2 factors. We also went a step further to recognize those numbers that are square. Using Eratosthenes sieve, student isolated the prime numbers through the use of this ancient algorithm that uses factors of divisibility to eliminate numbers from 1-100. I have challenged students to memorize the primes between 1-100!!!

4th: This week students were challenged with rounding numbers based on place value to the millions and determining greater than or less than. Students took what they knew about place value to sort great than/less than statements into true or false categories. They then took these statements and applied skills of rounding to determine if the statement was still true/false or if the sign should be changed. We spent Friday practices our skills of multiplication. Students are encouraged to practice at least 3 times a week as we want to make sure our fact recognition is quick and accurate. As we move into higher level math, these skills will become essential. Students will soon be getting access to IXL math where they can practice electronically at home.


5th Grade
MATH: Order of Operations
SCIENCE: Weathering/Erosion/Deposition, Rock Cycle

4th Grade
MATH: Rounding Decimals
SCIENCE: Extreme Weather, Collect/Analyze Weather Data, Weather Forecast Project


  • Monday, Oct. 2: 4th Grade Young Scientist
  • Wednesday, Oct. 3: Afterschool Enrichment Classes Start
  • Friday, Oct. 5:
    • Watershed Posters Due (Instructions 1, Instructions 2)
    • Reading Bi-Weekly Summative Assessment
    • 5th Grade Skype a Scientist with Dr. Bhatia from Bristol University
    • Big Blast Fundraiser Due
  • Girls In Medicine: We have received some fun information from the Science Museum for an exciting opportunity for girls in grades 3-5. Read below and click the link for more information on this awesome event!Our Girls in Medicine Camp-In on October 12 is an opportunity for elementary school-aged girls 8-11 to join forces with professional women in medicine, learn and have fun! This overnight experience was created exclusively to inspire girls to pursue a career path in medicine. This event features tons of activities, hands-on workshops, a giant screen movie, exhibit exploration, a t-shirt, snacks and more!
  • Big Blast School Fundraiser: Thank you to everyone that has sent out emails and donated to help raise money for our school! We are so close to reaching our school goal! Since we are so close, the fundraiser has been extended! Be sure to register if you haven’t done so already at GA Big Blast. The registration code is 448872. As a reminder, any student that raised $50 will be invited to our HUGE inflatable party and will be able to wear a costume! Check out our school video for more information on the Big Blast Inflatable Party!

September 21, 2018

5th Graders had an exciting week!!! Students received their placements for Tiger’s Lead, started MAP testing and enjoyed a fun STEAM day!

On Monday, all fifth graders were inducted into their roles in the”Tigers Lead” program!  Students are now serving as leaders all over the school from safety patrol to kindergarten helpers and news anchors.  Ask your child how he/she is making our school community a better place! Students will carry out their assigned roles during morning arrival or  dismissal. Some roles have set meeting times and those will be announced accordingly.

Wednesday was our school wide STEAM day!

5th Graders viewed the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence and considered how hurricanes impact water quality.  After creating our own “hurricane water” full of pollutants, student teams were challenged to design water filters.  We tested each filter to determine its effectiveness and speed!! Students had a great time analyzing water clarity and its pH.

4th Graders explored meteorology and the various tools used to measure the different features of our weather (humidity, rain fall, pressure, wind speed). Students work through mystery boxes to design tools to record this data. The also used this data to create a weather report!

MAP Testing:
Students showed tremendous effort and perseverance through our first days of MAP testing (reading)!  They will be completing the Math MAP test on Monday (5th) and Tuesday (4th) morning. We will be sharing more about your child’s scores during conferences at the end of the quarter.


5th: After STEAM day, we kicked off our geology unit! Students explored the layers of the Earth by comparing and contrasting temperature, depth and structure. Students learned about the life of Alfred Wegner and his contributions to what is now known as the Theory of Plate Tectonics. Students used his evidences to see if their could piece together Pangaea.

4th: Students continued to explore weather tools, and how they are used. Students recorded information on each tool and explored various weather conditions to determine which tool was best to use to collect the needed data.


5th: This week students practiced their division skills to prepare them for the challenge of remainders in word problems. Students practiced standard long-division, box-method and partial quotients. We also begin discussing what to do when you are presented with a remainder. Students learned the strategies of ‘Drop-it’ and ‘Share-it’. We will continue to finish these next week.

4th: Students wrapped up graphing and took their first quiz this week! They did a great job. We then moved on to reviewing place value up to the millions. Students will build on this skill next week as we introduce decimals and rounding.


5th Grade
MATH: Prime and Composite Numbers
SCIENCE: Plate Tectonics & Weathering/Erosion/Deposition

4th Grade
MATH: Place Value, Decimals & Rounding
SCIENCE: Collect/Analyze Weather Data, Cloud Structure & Weather Events


  • Monday, 9/25: Gelati Celesti Spirit Night (5:00-9:00)
  • Fundraiser: One more week to contribute to our fall fundraiser!  Students that raise $50 or more can wear costumes and join the Big Blast on 10/30!
  • Conservation Poster Contest: Students should be working on their Conservation Poster Contest entries (sent home last week).  This project will be recorded as a science grade and is due 10/5.  Posters will not be scored for artistic talent, so no stress!  Students are simply expected to include the theme “Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home”, try their best to make it creative and neat, and turn it in on time.  Henrico-POLIS provides prizes to ALL participants, too!  I can’t wait to see their creativity!
  •  Enrichment Clubs: Consider signing up for after school enrichment classes!  This fall, we’re offering Flag Football, Sports Spectacular, Cheer-IT Spir-IT & Jump Rope, Edible Education, and STARZ Hip Hop & Jazz each Wednesday from 2:20-3:20.  Clubs run from October 3 – November 7.  See MTES homepage for registration details.

Week 3

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the “hurricane day!” Last week students in 5th grade explored single and multi-step problem solving and reviewed wetlands in science. We were fortunate to have a speaker from Henrico’s Soil and Water division come and conduct a water quality lab with us. Students had a blast! Check out the pictures on Instagram. 4th graders dove into learning about graphing and the scientific method. We preformed a lab involving both skills called “Are you a Square or a Rectangle?”. Students used observational skills, formed hypothesis’ and tested their ability to use measurement tools by comparing their partners heights and arm spans. They then but their graphing skills to the test to graph the commonalities of the class.

Next week we will..

5th Grade Math: Practice division skills, continue to use UPS to solve mult-step word problems. Students will have a quiz on this information on Friday 9/21.

5th Grade Science: Students will wrap up their wetland review with a STEAM day activity on Wednesday 9/19. We will then begin discussing the layers of the Earth.

4th Grade Math: Students will continue to practice graphing skills. Students will have a quiz on bar and line graphs on Thursday 9/20.

4th Grade Science: Students will continue to explore the scientific method and become familiar with various tools used in science to collect quantitative data.

Week 2!

We have had a wonderful first week! Students in both 4th and 5th grade worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on team-building and STEAM activity to develop group work skills and community. Please be sure to check out those pictures on instagram, @poland4thand5th. Now that we have our notebooks all set up, we have begun our introduction to math and science. Below you will find the topics/activities we will cover by grade this coming week…

4th Math: Students will be learning graphing skills of collecting, organizing, and plotting data in bar graphs and line graphs. They will use these skills to interpret data from an activity measuring height and arm span.

4th Science: Student will develop an understanding of scientific reasoning and logic by planning and conducting investigations. Together with their skills developed in math, students will walk through the steps of the scientific method and practice using tools of measurement in multiple activities.

5th Math: Students will be creating and solving single-step and multi-step practical problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers. Students will explore various models and strategies for multi-step problem solving.

5th Science: Students will begin the year reviewing knowledge of Virginia natural resources. This will have bolster their retention for the 5th grade SOL as well lead into the topic of rocks and minerals. Students will participate in a variety of activities they build upon previous skills and enhance their knowledge of the scientific method.



Here’s to week 2!