Newsletter 10/15

Here is the newsletter for this week!

Letter Focus:

  • Y (yellow)
  • Z (zipper)
  • V (violin)
  • Q (queen)

Students need to be able to recognize upper and lowercase, make the letter sound, and write the letter correctly.

Sight Word Focus:

  • like
  • color words

Students need to be able to read these words with automaticity.

Concept of Word Poem:


I like green leaves.

I like brown leaves.

I like red leaves, too.

I like all colors of leaves.

How about you?

These poems help students understand how print is organized and read.

Math Focus:

  • patterns

Students will need to be able to recognize a pattern, extend the core of a pattern, and name a pattern (AB, ABB, AAB, ABC)

Science/Social Studies:

  • 5 Senses
    • identify the 5 senses
    • identify the body part associated with each sense
    • tell how we use senses to help us

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 10/17 – PTA Fun Run
  • Saturday 10/20 – Digging and Donuts
  • Wednesday10/31 – Book Character Parade (Kindergarten students only)

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