Newsletter 9/28/18

Happy Friday! Here is the newsletter for next week!

Letter Focus:

  • Cc (cat)
  • Hh (house)
  • Ff (fox)
  • Dd (dinosaur)

Students need to be able to recognize upper and lowercase, make the letter sound, and write the letter correctly.

Sight Word Focus:

  • the
  • at
  • in

Students need to be able to read these words with automaticity and spell them correctly.

Concept of Word Poem:

Apple Tree

Way up high in the apple tree

Two little apples smiled at me.

I shook that tree as hard as I could

Down came the apples.


Were they good!

These poems help students understand how print is organized and read.

Math Focus:

  • shapes
  • sorting and classifying plane figures
  • count a set of up to 10 objects
  • read and represent numbers to 5

Science/Social Studies:

  • The student will develop an understanding of how communities express patriotism through events and symbols by:
    • recognizing the American flag
    • recognizing the Pledge of Allegiance; and
    • knowing that the President is the leader of the United States.

SCA Spirit Days

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday (bring $1 and pick something wacky to wear to school)

Thursday – Pajama Day (bring $1 and wear your coziest pajamas)

Friday – (bring $1 and wearing something showing off your favorite team)

** Please only send in a $1 bill each day (no change, bigger bills, or checks)

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