Science Demonstrations

Check out these images from our recent science demonstration!

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Aveson’s Farewell Agenda

It is hard to believe that just ten short months ago, I was sending out your first Agenda!  Now we have almost completed our journey together.  The tables turn this week as students have no more homework tasks, now the parents have the final assignment.  In your child’s folder you will find a paper with the title……MY CHILD’S FIRST GRADE YEAR………It is your task to write a summary of your child’s experiences in first grade.  It is very interesting for me to see through your narrative, the impact of your child’s first grade year.  Your homework assignment can be turned in anytime before June 15th.  Thank you!

The last two weeks we will be able to slow our pace a bit.  We will continue with double-digit addition and subtraction.  Our subtraction always needs PRACTICE!  Our highlighting technique is hopefully making students mindful of starting on the RIGHT!

Please, please practice story writing over the summer.  We have come so far with being mindful of capitals and end marks and giving each sentence the “pointer test”.  We want to enter second grade with “knock your socks off” stories!

Please have your child bring the following each day this week:

*********beach towel**********SSR book************hand held game (if you have one, do not buy)

Next week, please bring:

*********beach towel*********SSR book************board game (the fewer the pieces, the better)

Check lunch accounts!  We may dine outside a day or two over the next two weeks, picnic style!  If you are looking for us, we will be out back at the picnic tables if we are not inside.

PLEASE WEAR A LIGHT BLUE SHIRT FOR THE END OF THE YEAR CELEBRATION ON JUNE 15TH!  Hope to see you all on the blacktop at 9:00!  You might want to come early as there will be a BIG crowd!

In closing, let me say how much I have treasured your support throughout the year.  The many kind gestures, notes of encouragement, and gifts of appreciation have meant so much.  Thank you, thank you!  Thank you for returning things promptly to help make my job easier and keeping the lines of communication open.  Keeping close ties with the teacher is the best advice I can give you as your child proceeds through elementary, middle, and if you can get by with it…..high school. 😉

And now as the curtain closes on the year that started with PETER PARKER’S POSSE ……..Aveson’s Angels sing their swan song as Ms. Aveson reflects….”My haven’t my little angels become sparkling super stars—–who are strongly striving to streamline into a supreme second grade year.  Steadfast (not always) but certainly surpassing their spellbound teacher’s systematic suggestions!  Ms. Aveson turns to close the curtain as the span of a year has passed…..the spotlight dims on the sublime seven year olds who have turned the tables on their teacher, leaving her standing….STAR STRUCK!


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Check Please!

Hey there!  Today when I was preparing for the June shuffle (moving day) and putting away the calculators, there was one missing!  Yikes!  It seems as if some little fingers have misplaced one……..perhaps it made its way home?  Please chat with your first grader this evening and see if the calculator may have taken up residence at your home.  It is in a black case with green buttons.  Thank you for stressing the importance of keeping school items at school without permission to take them home.

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Aveson’s Agenda ~~~~May 29th~June 1

Three weeks of school left?  What? My goodness, how time flies!  This short week will be one of review as well as introducing………

CAUSE AND EFFECT~~ When reading, determining what caused certain events or describing the effects of certain actions or conditions is important to be able to verbalize.  We will look at situations in readings such as what might have been the cause of the flat tire?  Plausible effects……glass on the road, a nail from a construction area, etc.  We will also reverse the thought process and discover what might be the effects of a situation such as…….on a 92 degree day, what might be some of the effects of the heat…… cream melting, person sweating, etc.

STOOL STORIES CONTINUE~~~ Each reading group is taking their presentation to a new level by adding sound effects, MORE expressive reading, gestures, etc.  The goal is to bring the story to the audience with  zest!

Two-column addition and subtraction continues with our highlighting technique.  We are remembering that math is opposite from reading by moving from the right to the left.  LOOKING AT THE SIGN IS KEY!  Knowing whether to add or subtract comes from paying close attention to the sign.  Over the summer, keep the practice going and try speed drills to time your “then second grader” to see how fast answers to addition and subtraction problems can be delivered.

Our plants are starting to grow a bit.  What will the mystery seed be?  Hmmm……a few of them could definitely use the green thumb of  George Washington Carver!  Edible/nonedible, deciduous vs. evergreen, and the needs of plants (air, water, sunlight, and a suitable place to grow) are the objectives of our unit.  

From this point on, graded papers as well as well as practice papers will be sent on a daily basis.  FRIDAY FOLDERS will no longer be sent.  Individual notes or emails will be sent if students experience difficulty with class or school rules.  Like that would even happen the last 3 weeks of school, right?  LOL!!!!!!


BRAIN BOOSTING BUBBLY will be put on ice after Thursday!  Get it? Our tasty incentive will conclude on May 31st!  This contest has definitely highlighted listening and deductive reasoning!  Yummy rewards are the best!

HOMEWORK: **************Call a grandparent and ask about the following as it relates to their early schooling.  What type of chairs or desk did he/she sit in?  How was discipline enforced?  What did the teacher write with and where?  What did the students do for lunch?  Where did they play?

Make a chart OR write in story form—-your choice——about how each of the above question topics contrasts with how we do it today.  Talk about or label your chart…..In my Grandma’s time compared to Today we………… BRING IN BY FRIDAY.

Subtract the following:  62 – 50, 69 – 12,  46 – 36, and 99 – 41.  Use the pink/yellow highlighting technique.  Ones column is highlighted with pink and tens column is highlighted with yellow.


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Aveson’s Agenda~~~May 21~25

The plan of action is to complete testing this week!  Thank you for making sure the students were here and on time for the last few weeks so that we could get a prompt start each day.

I will put their final Fountas & Pinnell level and some Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening information in Friday folders this week.  Just to give you a range……first graders work between levels E through J throughout the year.  Ending with J is right on target.  As I have talked about, reading is very individualized and each student has their own plateau.  If your child needs to reinforce over the summer, make sure there is a daily reading time from different sources. (Magazines, books, cartoons, joke series, etc.)  This will keep him/her interested.  Also there is a great summer workbook series called BRIDGE and it bridges the student from the grade he/she was just in to the new grade level.  Try one for practice. 🙂

We continue with contractions this week and begin STOOL STORIES.  Each reading group will be given a book to read independently and present in a unique way to the class. Groups will work together to decode and give each other tips on reading with expression.  Sound effects and gestures may be used as well to bring the book to life.  The students will be given grades according to the presentation.  Cooperation among group members will be highly considered.  We are working on using only kind words in a calm voice with our friends.  Later, after a few rounds…..groups may use props.  I was absolutely thrilled with the expression used by many students during testing.  Stopping for punctuation still throws some readers a curve, but they do adjust their voices to the text.  Great!

We read a book last week that the children loved (as I do) called Punctuation Vacation by Robin Pulver.  I wait until this time of year to read it because students have had more experience with types of punctuation.  We had a great time reading the selections without punctuation when they take a vacation.  I told the students I would give the author and title in the Agenda in case anyone was interested in getting it for your reader for a special occasion. 

Two-column addition is going well!  This week at some point we will switch to subtraction, which as we have discussed is ALWAYS harder for students.  Go figure!  Our pink/yellow highlighting technique is helping students to start in the ones column which will be so important next year as “borrowing” is introduced.  If you see your child starting to add the tens column, remind him/her to start on the far right with the ones. 🙂

We will study plant growth and development in science.  Students will determine edible/nonedible plants, note that plants need air, water, sunlight, and a suitable place to grow, basic parts of a plant, and that plants can be classified on a variety of characteristics.   We will try our hand or rather our green thumb at GROWING!

BRAIN BOOSTING BUBBLY~~DELICIOUS AND ENTICING!  The questions can be a challenge for this contest, but it is well worth the work!  Students have especially enjoyed their tasty beverages on those 90 degree days we had in early May.  Some students are working toward their 3rd cup!  Listening throughout the year and paying attention has brought reward!  How many cups and flavors can you earn by May 31st?

HOMEWORK: ************READ TWO RAZ~KIDS books.  Write down the following information………Character(s) names, Setting, then the BME.  This is a term we have used throughout the year in reading groups.  It refers to the beginning, middle, and end.  Summarize what happened in each of these parts of the book with one or two sentences.

Add the total number of letters of each of your family member’s first names.  Write it on a small piece of paper and send it with your child by Friday.  Example:  If a family consisted of Susan, Pete, and Sally, the total number the child would write down would be: 14.  Yes, you may include the dog!

For our end of the year dance on June 15th, everyone is asked to wear a light blue shirt.  Thank you!  We start rehearsals next week!

June 1st is CRAZY HAIR DAY! Let’s have a DRY, SUNNY week!

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Aveson’s Agenda ~~May 14-18

The “test CRAZE”  is still underway in room 7!  We completed the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening and now we are working on Fountas & Pinnell levels and the Math Screener.  By the way, the PTA provided a wonderful guest speaker last Friday to get all of the children pumped up for the testing that all grade levels will be having.  He plays for one of the Harlem Globe Trotter’s junior teams.  He talked about adversity and rising above it to always DO YOUR BEST!  He did lots of basketball trick shots and maneuvering with the ball.  The children were fascinated by his talent.  This is just one example of the wonderful programs the PTA can provide for the student body.  Thank you for your support of all they do!

We discuss contractions this week and learn to put them together and take them apart.  This skill actually begins in second grade but it is great for the students to have been introduced to it, and pick up where they left off.  “Contraction Action” is a song that I have my children sing to remind them of the “operation” of contraction making.  In case you are rusty on your contraction memory……cannot (can’t), should not (shouldn’t), do not (don’t) and what is the hardest contraction to remember…….?  WILL NOT (WON’T)  Because it doesn’t look as close to the original two words, this one can be a stumper.

Handwriting will take on a different form for the month of May.  It will be done on large story paper and we will focus on poems.  Jack Prelutsky is an author I had the privilege to work with in college and I use quite a few of his works.  The children always love his crazy, off beat humor and his poetry is fun to illustrate.  The large portion of the paper at the top will be for FULL illustrations, no small little corner pictures.  We will work to set up the poem exactly as it should be written.

Sentence and story writing is always on our plate for the week.  With testing, we have to work independently for a larger chunk of time and I can really see who “free-flow” writes without having to get teacher intervention every few words.  That is our goal.  Writing with a flow at first and then correcting each sentence.  However, I always encourage the students to read each sentence as they go, but if the word looks similar to being correct—they can worry more about the content of the story.

Mathematically, we have had a great time with our calculators.  Adding and subtracting BIG NUMBERS is fun to do with a device.  Now, we kick it old school……….with two column addition/subtraction on paper.  We will use a highlighting technique to impress upon the students that the ones column must be added first.  Each student will use two highlighters, pink and yellow.  The ones column will be highlighted with pink first because p comes before y.  The tens column will be highlighted with yellow.  This will remind them to add or subtract the pink column first EVERY TIME.  You will see examples coming home later in the week.

We will move into our plant study shortly after concluding the study of GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER.

HOMEWORK: **************Complete blue books, they will be taken up this week.

************************Write one sentence each evening about the weather of that day.  On Friday, you should have four sentences on your paper to turn in.  Example:  On Monday it was sunny and the temperature was 73 degrees.  On Tuesday, it drizzled in the morning, but became sunny in the afternoon.  And so on………..

************************Use RAZ~kids for 20 minutes any night you choose.  Titles and test scores are sent to me, so no need to write anything down with this task.  🙂

In closing, I cannot thank you enough for all of the lovely gestures of appreciation I received last week.  Talk about feeling special!  The notes, supplies, and gifts of endearment meant so much to me.  Thank you for taking the time and effort to send these kindnesses my way.  Muchas Gracias!

June 1st is CRAZY HAIR DAY!  Wear your hair in a crazy way!

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Aveson’s Agenda for May 7- 11

May newbies…………Our identification is middle in May, meaning everyone will be writing their middle names on papers as well as their number.  This is always fun for the children, some of them do not have a middle name, so their id will be the first name.  New patriotic routine is the MARINE’S HYMN as we send the flag in the four cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west.  The May incentive is………….

MAY I HELP YOU TO SOME SOLS?  We have a huge picnic tablecloth on our calendar board, with questions from the entire year’s curriculum.  Students will be given opportunities to answer questions from each curriculum area.  Checks are recorded when a correct response is given.  When the student earns 12 checks, he/she receives a cup of Ms. Aveson’s BRAIN BOOSTING BUBBLY!  This is a magnificent concoction of “good for the brain” ingredients that gives the student an extra zing for the testing we are doing as well as brain power for second grade.  See how many cups of  BRAIN BOOSTING BUBBLY you can earn in the month of May!

This week we continue with the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening.  Students are showing significant growth on the passages that they qualify to read and with fluency.  We continue with main idea and begin some cause and effect as well.  With testing, review assignments will also be part of our day so that I can sit with each child and test individually.  Thanks so much to Mr. Leopold who was a WATCHDOG last Thursday and I lassoed him into our room for most of the day!  It is a big help to have helping hands during testing.

Determining which tools to measure which items with will be reviewed and tested in mathematics.  MONEY MASTERS have gone to work and are seeing kindergarteners  to determine their coin knowledge.  I must say I love hearing how they handle this!  We discuss capacity and how containers and their sizes can relate to volume.  We will measure items and classify as small, smaller, smallest and tiny, tinier, tiniest.  See homework section.

We will study GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER and his many accomplishments with agriculture.  The sad manner in which his life started was turned around as he grew to be a profound scientist, teacher, artist, and musician.  Carver developed over 300 uses for the peanut and studied crop rotation and its importance.  His nickname, “the plant doctor” followed him throughout his life.

Sadly, we said goodbye to Kaitlyn, our TEACHERS OF TOMORROW student helper on Friday.  We were so fortunate to have her with us during March, April, and a bit of May.  The children enjoyed her time with us.

Our DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time has increased to 19 minutes of completely uninterrupted reading.  It isn’t often we can use the word “uninterrupted”.  I am thrilled that many of the children are reading series chapter books and cannot wait to get the next one!  That is what we want, life-long readers who cannot wait to turn the page!

WORD STUDY EXTRAVAGANZA ~~~~~~Word Study notebooks will be sent home today.  Your child is to study his/her notebook for the last WORD STUDY test which will be given this Friday.  I will be calling 12 words from any list in the notebook.  Students will also write their two dictation sentences on the back as usual.  I would like the following  students to bring back their WORD STUDY notebooks on Friday………Shreya, Alex, Skylar, Barrett, and Kelsey.  Thank you!


********PLEASE SEND LIBRARY BOOKS BACK EACH DAY*************************

*****Determine how many items would fit on ONE of the shelves in your refrigerator.  Shift things around to make sure every bit of space is covered on one of the shelves.  Write the following sentence and bring it in by Friday……..It took ________items to cover the middle /top/ bottom shelf of my refrigerator.  Pick whichever shelf is reachable :)!

***Bring in the smallest item you can find, on FRIDAY.  Please do not send in early.  If your child puts it in the backpack, please tell him/her it must stay there.  Example:  Barbie shoe

As of this writing………June 1st is CRAZY HAIR DAY, unless it is changed again due to testing being held over.  🙂

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Aveson’s Agenda~~April 30th~May 4th

Closing out April today with moving day, my how the school year is flying.  This week starts our testing, to reiterate……the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening, Fountas & Pinnell leveling, and the Math Screener will all be completed in May.  Although due to Field Day getting canceled on Friday, I got a jump start on the Math screener.  Thank you so much to parents who have given me a heads up to when your child might be out for trips, etc.

Thank you so much to all of you who came out to the Talent Show!  The show was a success and the children are still talking about different acts!  Hats off to Barrett’s mom who came and taped it for him because he was sick and could not attend.  Wow!  This is an event that we look forward to every two years.  It is quite an undertaking and we even have some people from the community attend, that do not have children enrolled at Echo Lake.

In language arts, we will continue with superlative comparisons er/est and also begin passage reading with a comprehension focus of main idea.  Reading groups will be held on Monday, but with testing—-will not meet the rest of the week.  We will also do some review work as assignments must be of a more independent nature while individual testing is going on.

We are using commas to list items in our stories.  Example:  When preparing for my beach trip I placed sunscreen, a beach towel, and sunglasses in my bag.  My supplies for school included a pencil, two erasers, and crayons.  One of the homework assignments will follow this example.

We continue to measure and include a scale into our tool set this week.  Non-standard units like paper clips are fun to stretch out and see how many equal the length or width of an item.  We also use rulers, yardsticks, and a tape measure.  MONEY MASTERS ANNOUNCED TODAY…….!

Our silent symphony was a great way for students to learn the 8 Great Gifts of nature!  They know which resource each student represents and their particular motion.  This week we will focus on the conservation of these natural resources and how important it is to recycle, reduce, and reuse.  Students should know each term.  Extra credit will be given to students who bring in a picture of their recycle bin or create a recycled item. 

Happy Hero Happenings Ends today…….Each student will bring home his/her superhero with all of the tags earned.  Please take time to read each tag and discuss how proud you are of that being said or thought about your little one.  We have spent a lot of time talking about our reputations and how we influence this by our behaviors and study habits.  Maybe the fridge would be a great place to put your superhero.  Some students even have hand written tags that were made especially for them.  Ask them about the event that evoked this response.  Coming soon: MAY I help you to some SOLS?


************************Tuesday night reading in blue book (if you have completed all 5 blue basals, you choose whatever book you want to read aloud to your parents).

************************Write three sentences containing lists of items.  See above examples in the Agenda as well as……..When I went to the circus, I took extra money, my camera, and peanuts to feed the elephants.


Have a bright and sunny week!  Remember to return pictures if you are not buying them.

FIRE SAFETY PROGRAM ON THURSDAY—-We learn fire safety tips that could save lives!

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Aveson’s Agenda~~April 23rd~27th

Everyone is invited to come out tomorrow night (April 24th) and see our exciting Talent Show!  Members of our class performing are Charley, Alex, Skylar, Anika, Shreya, and Anusha!  It is an evening of family fun, free of charge!  Ms. Aveson is your MC and a good time will be had by all!

We will not be having WORD STUDY this week, due to Field Day on Friday.  Join us for the outdoor fun on Friday, beginning at  8:30 in the bus loop.  Wear your color team shirt and tennis shoes.  Let the games begin!

Comparisons using er/est will be our focus in language arts.  Rules to reiterate: er is used to compare two things- Tim is taller than Jim. / est is used to compare three or more things- Tim is the tallest boy in our class. / When a word ends in y, add i, then est- happy-happiest / for one-syllable words- the ending consonant should be doubled before adding er/est –(thin-thinnest). This will keep us busy for this week and next!

We took the spelling part of the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening last week.  The scores were fabulous!  Students have shown so much growth in spelling patterns and knowing when magic e must be used.  So much so, that a few wrote “flote” for float!  This is a sensible miscue and is within reason of the developmental stage of the first grader.  If they have not seen the particular word in print often, then they divert to rules they have seen frequently.

Remember, May is our heavy testing month.  Individual testing for the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening and Fountas & Pinnell will take up quite a bit of our time.  I may get a jump start on our Math Screener this week, depending on our guidelines.

Yardsticks, tape-measures, rulers, paper clips, buttons, unifix cubes, bottle tops, etc. will be used to measure anything and everything in room 7!  Nonstandard units such as crayons, shoes, etc. are fun to line up and measure items with, but not as accurate as the measuring tools that have markings (centimeters, inches, etc.).

Our science unit has us exploring our natural resources.  Students should be able to relay to you that the 8 GREAT are……….the sun, water, land, rocks & minerals, air, forests, animals, and soil.  Our gifts from nature are important and should be used wisely. We will create a silent symphony of symbols for each natural resource.  As I conduct, the students are teamed as each of the resources and use a specific gesture to orchestrate that particular one.  It also helps with noise pollution because it is absolutely silent!

HOMEWORK:  **************NO WORD STUDY*****************

********************Remember one of the tags you have received during our HAPPY HERO HAPPENINGS incentive and tell your mom/dad.  Write 3 sentences about how you achieved that tag.  Put your April id on the paper and use the pointer test to check for capitals and end marks.  Bring in by Friday.

*******************Measure your kitchen table width using a nonstandard unit (crayons, buttons, noodles, cucumbers, etc.) and write the sentence……My kitchen table is ____ (number) _____ wide.  Example:  My kitchen table is 10 forks wide.  Bring in by Friday.

SEE YOU AT THE TALENT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JUMP BY FRIDAY FOR FIELD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) 🙂 😉



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Attention: Today our nine week’s MIX & FIX bags are being sent home! Keep to MIX & FIX! Needed for next week’s homework!

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