Aveson’s Agenda for Oct. 16th~20th

Welcome back from a long, but scary weekend!  I hope everyone stayed safe during the events of Thursday night.  Hopefully all power has been restored and we are off and running to a calmer week!

Note:  When Friday folders are sent home this week (on Friday), please sign in two boxes (6 & 7).  I had just started the folders Thursday afternoon when we were told to exit the building.  So this week will contain two weeks of papers.

Little a, little e, poor little i, annoying o, and cute little u have all been studied and this week we will mix and create tricks for each!  Vowel review will help “firm up” the sounds of each and the different words that call for a short or long vowel.  In the weeks to come we will delve even further into why a vowel is sometimes long, rather than short.  Students have much more experience with short vowels due to sight words following that pattern.

HANDWRITING~~~ Homework this week will be concerned with this area as we need extra reinforcement.  Everyone should still have the guide that was sent home the first week of school.  Use that when completing homework handwriting assignments.

We will start forming short sentences this week as we explore what makes a sentence and what makes a phrase.  We will use the categorizations…..CAKES (sentences) and FLAKES (not sentences).  This is an area that we will work on for the entire school year.  Remembering capitals at the beginning and appropriate end marks is a challenging goal.

WORD STUDY begins this week!  This is our version of spelling tests.  It is quite different from when you took spelling tests, studying a determined list by rote.  With WORD STUDY there are “features” that are emphasized.  For example: an, ap, at might be the endings for that particular week.  Students would cut them from the sheet sent home and then physically push them (on a table) into “like groups”.  (can, man, fan, pan, cap, zap, nap, that, sat, bat, cat, etc.)  It is very important that students cut the words out and practice putting them in the groups each night.  It will help them become familiar with similar patterns and help them to visualize the words.  There are different WORD STUDY groups in class as different students are at different levels.  Try having your child highlight important features of the WORD STUDY words before or after sorting.  Tests will be given on Friday and students must write the word under the correct header.  One point is deducted when a word is written in the incorrect column.  WORD STUDY tests are not made up if students are absent.  Their highest previous grade will be doubled.  We have WORD STUDY notebook activities each Thursday.  At the end of the year, students will bring home their notebook and the words can be reviewed before second grade.  It might be fun for you to have mock spelling tests each week of the summer and pull from various pages in the book.

MATHEMATICALLY………Graphs can explain and show how information has been obtained.  There are several types and ways to display this information. We look at those this week and interpret positive results, negative results, and create our own version.  We take attendance using graphs, see if your child can explain to you how this is done.  Espanol is used frequently with our attendance graphs.

The habitats that we are creating are coming along so nicely.  Students have even brought things from home to place in the habitat to make it more realistic for their assigned animal.  We focus on tame/wild this week as well as talk about appendages (legs, arms, wings, etc.)  Coverings such as fur, feathers, shells, skin, and scales will be fun to learn more about.

STACK AND PACK  ~~~When towns demonstrate appropriate behaviors and work together cooperatively, they are in store for a great time!

Our parents have created such wonderfully fun activities for their child’s town!  They are having a blast!  Thank you to the moms of Alex, Gray, Raffy, and Anirudh  for being our first round town captains and coming in to do wonderful activities!  

HOMEWORK: *****************WORD STUDY (sheet in folder)

******************************* Blue Basal Reading ( Story 5)

********************************Use the handwriting guide to copy the entire alphabet (upper and lower case letters) and numbers.  Your child should go slowly paying attention to the beginning formation of each letter and number.  Turn the paper (included in folder) over on the back and write the 5 vowels at the top.  The children have already written names and October words as well as numbers at the top.  All set for you to help them begin.  Last week I talked about ALERT letters/numbers.  Pay close attention to your child’s ALERT letter/number when he/she is writing.  Thank you!

*******************************Type one fact about your assigned animal, print it out and bring it in.  Please cut it into “strip” form so that we can glue it in the habitat.  Try to find one that not everyone will know.  Can you make us say……”Whatttttttttt?”

Conferences continue……….we had to miss one do to the storm, so this pushes me back a bit………it has been so nice to sit down with families and chat about the little ones!  I will be contacting you over the next few weeks.




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Aveson’s Agenda for Oct. 8th~ 12th

Ahoy inhabitants of room 7~!  And the weekly adventures continue………….

We meet our last little vowel this week and boy is she a cutie!  Shy, understated, unassuming, never unhappy, sometimes underestimated, and a little unusual…..little u!  She is well-traveled like our other vowels and has a very rare umbrella to show the class. She picked it up from someone special in China.  Little u usually resides in Utah, but has been known to frequent the United Kingdom.  She does have a request for room 7…….each student is asked to bring an unusual picture by Friday.  It can be torn from a magazine, a photo taken by a family member, found in an old trunk of momentos, etc.  The picture can be staged if you would like as well. There is a piece of construction paper in your first grader’s folder for you to mount the picture to and send in by Friday. 🙂


TO BE A SENTENCE OR NOT TO BE A SENTENCE!  We will learn the components that a sentence must have to be labeled as such.  Those sentence “musts” are……a beginning capital, an end mark, and a complete thought. Students will become aware that a sentence must be read to understand if it clearly expresses a complete thought.  We say end mark rather than “period” every time so that students understand that it could be a question mark or exclamation mark.  If a sentence is properly constructed we call it a “cake”, if not, it will be branded a “flake”.  A cake has all the necessary ingredients, but a flake is not quite “done”.

We classify according to attributes in math.  Looking at groups of objects and determining how similar objects can be grouped is a goal.  The harder step for students can sometimes be determining how the objects were “already” grouped.  They want to look at only the visual aspect rather than seeing the “use” could sometimes be the classifying attribute.  For example: they tend to group by color and shape, but a group of airplanes, helicopters, and hot air balloons vs. cars, motorcycles, and skateboards could be an “air vs. land” classification.  We will have fun sorting!

We begin our study of animals and their habits.  The following objectives will be covered:  basic needs including air, water, food, shelter and habitat, different physical characteristics (fur, skin, scales, shells, feathers), wild vs. tame,  and classifications such as land, air, water.  This week each student will be assigned an animal.  When he/she comes in on Tuesday there will be an animal (stuffed of course) on his/her desk.  From that point on the student will work on building an appropriate habitat and adding fact finds to his/her habitat.  Your first grader should be able to tell you what animal he/she has been assigned.  More in the homework section.

Soon our first field trip letter will be sent home.  County policy dictates that all chaperones MUST have a volunteer application on file that has been approved.  This also applies (believe it or not) to ALL parents or family members that MEET classes on field trips.  The teachers are instructed to call the school and get clearance if someone shows up at a field trip that we have not already gotten approval for before leaving school.  So, it would be terrific if everyone made sure your volunteer application is on file now.


HOMEWORK: *****************On the handwriting paper provided in your folder.  (2 strips) write one sentence and one “not” a sentence (phrase) one cake and one flake.  Example:  My town is Jack and Jill Ville’./  of the rest   As you can see, one is a sentence and one is just a group of words.  Do not label them, we will do that!

********************************TUESDAY NIGHT BLUE BASAL—–Read story 4, send book back so that it is in class.  Thank you!

********************************Collect, find, stage….your UNUSUAL picture and mount it on the construction paper in dolphin folder.

********************************Wear tennis shoes on Thursday and bring library books on Friday.

********************************Keep letters about Reflex Math and RAZ~KIDS that were sent home on Friday.  Homework assignments will involve those sites later.

Have a fabulous week and thank you for your support! 

Pumpkin Palooza is right around the corner…………October 26th!  Start your carvin’!

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Aveson’s Agenda for Oct. 1st~ 5th

October will be an exciting and busy month for the residents of room 7! Everyone moved into their new town today and has new neighbors to get to know and work with on new adventures. This month students will identify themselves on written work with first names and underneath will write a special October word assigned to them on their new desk tag. Be sure you ask your first grader tonight–what his/her October word is and if he/she can spell it already. By the end of the month, most students will know how to spell everyone’s October word from exposure and games we play with the words.

Our new patriotic routine is to America The Beautiful and each town, Clown Town, Jack & Jill Ville’, Tumble in the Hay Way, and Fly-A-Kite Heights has different motions to carry out at certain parts of the song.

Jump for Joy! We have completed our Fountas & Pinnell testing and I will be sharing the results with you at our upcoming conferences. Remember…..as we discussed at Back to School night, I will contact each family individually about setting up our conference. No school forms will be sent home. The fifteen minute speed conference is not adequate and we will set aside enough time to thoroughly discuss progress. In order to get to everyone, we will be conferencing throughout October and November.

The individual math screener has been accomplished as well, so right now we are “test free” for awhile, other than curriculum tests.  Hooray!

Ordinal positions (first, second, third, fourth, etc.) is our math focus this week. We will practice identifying placement through 20th position. We have a cool cup game that gives us an opportunity to “pop the placement”!

O.K……….I guess it is time to unveil our new vowel friend…….if I have to…….it is…well….little “o”. The reason I hesitate is you will soon hear how annoying this little vowel can be! He makes the sound of someone just before he/she tells on someone…”ooooooooo”. Your first grader will have to imitate the sound for you! You will recognize it right away. Have your first grader explain the story to you. Ooooooh boy, we are in for a week of outrageous behavior from little o!

Our Science unit revolves around the change of seasons from summer to fall.  What does fall look like? (although not yet!) What events take place? How does clothing change? What activities are you most likely to see in fall?  What is another name for fall?  To be explored……………..

STACK AND PACK ADVENTURE! OUR NEW INCENTIVE REQUIRES EACH TOWN TO STACK AND PACK ADVENTURE ITEMS INTO THEIR TRAVEL PACK!  NOW THAT WE HAVE GOTTEN TO KNOW EACH OTHER….EACH TOWN WILL WORK TOGETHER TO RECEIVE CAMPER CUBES. EACH TIME 15 CUBES ARE EARNED, THAT TEAM GETS AN ITEM FOR THEIR ADVENTURE, SUCH AS BINOCULARS, WATER BOTTLE, SMORE’, ETC. ONCE THE TEAM HAS RECEIVED 5 ADVENTURE ITEMS, THE WHOLE TOWN WILL GET TO GO WITH ONE OF THEIR TEAM PARENTS FOR A SPECIAL 20 MINUTE ACTIVITY! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PARENTS WHO HAVE CONTACTED ME ABOUT SPONSORING AN ACTIVITY FOR YOUR CHILD’S TOWN. I WILL PROBABLY END UP NEEDING AT LEAST 2 PARENTS PER TEAM. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A TEAM PARENT CONTACT ME! WE MIGHT NOT GET TO 3 ROUNDS IN OCTOBER, BUT I WOULD RATHER HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH!  I will contact round one parents sometime this week.  They will begin to gather the supplies needed for their activity.  I will then contact you when I see that your child’s town is near completion of their goal.  We will work with your schedule to get a time you can come in for the 20-25 minute segment of time.  The children love having this small group interaction.  It would be awesome if your activity could revolve around our school theme…..LEARNING IS AN ADVENTURE.  Maybe a camping activity? If you choose to make an edible treat, I will alert you to any allergies.  But…….let’s not do any peanut, tree nut, peanut oil, etc. food preparing.  Thank you so much in advance for coming in to do these special sessions with the “adventurous types” in room 7!  Again, I will work with your schedule.  I have explained to the children that you are not waiting in the hall to “pop in” with the activity!

TOWNS that work together, work quietly with NO reminders, walk in line safely and appropriately, allow others to fully finish their talking points, and exhibit good behavior throughout the day will earn tally marks.  Oh yes, and towns that make BIG capitals at the beginning of words needing them.

Gray’s mom had a couple of backpacks for us to use, we need one for each town.  Does anyone have another that we could use just for the month of October? We need two more.

****Please note:  Friday folders have a little line in the upper portion of each box that I write in each week.  Please initial there and send back on Monday of each new week.  Thank you!

*****Thank you to the parents who sent in their “itchy i” advice on Friday.  The children giggled as they listened and guessed if it sounded like their parent.

HOMEWORK: ********Tuesday night reading in blue basal book (3rd story)—Send book back each day.

**********************Use the handwriting lined paper (in folder) to write the first name of everyone in your family as well as three neighbors/friends.  The capitals should touch the top line and be neatly and carefully formed using the arrow directions on the handwriting guide sent home the first week of school.

**********************Have your child read the cat/cot sentences on the provided sheet and time him/her. Do this several times during the week and record the fastest time on his/her sheet and return by Friday.

*********************Last week Mrs. Lehtinen, our room mother, requested that everyone subscribe to the link I provided last Thursday, so that she can include you in classroom news about activities and areas needing assistance.  Don’t forget to subscribe so she can call on you for various activities throughout the year.  She will also assist me in having you sign up for different materials and special jobs throughout the year.

Thank you to Mrs. Seagraves, Mrs. Johansen, Mrs. Chigwada, Mrs. Ebbesen, and Viswanath Sugandhi for sending in ingredients for our apple-pizzas for this week!  Yummy!

Oh and thank you also for sending in so many half rojo y verde apples!  We were able to make 3 and pies to send to The Haven nursing facility for the elderly residents to enjoy.  The children will learn throughout the year of the importance of taking part in kind acts for the elderly and how much they enjoy the efforts of children.




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Note: Follow the link below to ……..help with room 7’s Adventures!


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Aveson’s Agenda for September 24~29

Oh my goodness, do we really say goodbye to September this week? We have met two vowel friends and are moving to the third!  But before you hear more about that……take some time to use the word endings on the vowel search that comes home each week to have your beginning reader make words.  For example: write headings for en, eg, ed, et and have him/her place consonants in front to make words.  After writing the words, they should be read. Keep these lists to read over and over for practice. Then as we move into suffixes later, students can change the words to have ed, ing endings.  So one might take let and change it to letting, once we have been introduced to those rules. Also, when making words—it is beneficial for your child to make silly words that he/she can automatically tell are not real words, but follow the sound pattern.  If working with en and placing the letter in front, he/she might say….What is a gen? That is a great step!  Realizing the word has no meaning but does in fact follow the sound pattern.

Poor little joins us this week!  He has a BIG problem……..he is i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-tchy!  He is not sure why, but he has been making this sound for quite some time! At times he will have periods of relief and make the sound of as in ice.  But more often he reverts to the sound associated with his itching! This is where our moms come in………or dads if they happen to be experts in affairs of itching.  Each mom or dad is asked to write a remedy for little i’S itching problem and place it in an envelope.  Seal it so that your first grader cannot see what you have written. Send in by Friday.  We are going to open the envelopes on Friday and students will guess which letter of advice sounds like their mom or dad.  You may address the letter:  Dear Itchy I, ……….and then proceed with whatever advice you might give for someone with an itching problem.  Be creative!  Your child will get a real kick out of hearing your letter! Giggling will abound!

Students are noticing that many environmental patterns exist that perhaps we never noticed as we passed each day. 🙂  We go “tube-in” with patterns as we turn craft sticks into various pattern “sticks”.  Partners make patterns more fun!  We double-team patterns with a friend!

Our first grade Social Studies objectives have changed quite a bit this year.  The focus has shifted to VIRGINIA.  Students must recognize the flag of VA, know the state bird and tree, as well as point out Virginia on a map, just by the shape.

CAMPFIRE CAPITALS:  Use the words that you cut out last week and placed in a baggie to completely cover the tube sent home this evening.  The tube should have words with large capitals taped or glued all over it.  Going around it with tape after the words are adhered,  will help them to stay on the tube.  We will proceed to build a CAPITAL CAMPFIRE to sit around as we study.

Our September, incentive–ADVENTURE 9 continues until Friday!  Students have enjoyed filling in the letters to the word Adventure, to receive treasures.  Waiting your turn to speak, walking in a quiet line, talking politely to others, reporting to the town meeting right away, being respectful of others’ property and personal space, are all things that earn you letters. How many Adventure prizes can you earn this week?

Coming next month………………..STACK AND PACK! For this incentive I will be looking for parents who can come in and carry out an activity with your child’s town.  It will consist of 5 or 6 students.  You will take them outside for the activity or to the cafeteria for a special 20 minute segment of time. You can play a game, make a craft, have a special snack (allergies considered), or maybe something completely different.  Send me an email if you would be interested in sponsoring your child’s town activity.  I will probably need at least two parents for each town.  But your child’s town will change in October, so I will have more specifics for you when the month changes.  Thank you! coaveson@henrico.k12.va.us

HOMEWORK:   *******Tuesday night reading in blue basal book (2nd story in the book)  Read aloud, stopping for periods, exclamation marks, question marks, etc. Sentence stoppers are important!

*************************Send in your advice for itchy i by Friday.  Seal the envelope!

*************************CAPITAL CAMPFIRE TUBE (see directions in Agenda)

Remember, you have all week to do your homework—-please have it in by Friday.  Thank you!  Send back blue basal reading books each day.  You can have it as many nights as you need it, just make sure it is in your child’s backpack each day as we use them in class.

Have a terrific final week of September!

One more thing……….if anyone has an empty backpack we can use for the month of October (any size, color, etc.) let me know and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Aveson’s Agenda for September 17-21

Sending a relief Agenda your way!  Thank goodness we didn’t have the effects that were first predicted for our area from Hurricane Florence!  We are heading into the middle of our first month of school, my how time flies!

Fountas & Pinnell is a benchmark assessment system that we will be using to replace the beginning of the year Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening. Your child took PALS three times in kindergarten, so you are most likely familiar with the sections of the screening and how it unfolds. First grade chose to give the spelling portion, which I will share with you at our first conference. This test gives information about “chunks” of phonemic awareness and can help to set groups along with what will be determined by F & P testing.  The F & P testing is ALL done on an individual basis, which means it will take a few weeks to complete it.  From there, we will proceed at the students’ varying levels. The books from our book room are used during reading instruction and are a wonderful mix of fiction and nonfiction. Students will also be bringing home Rookie Readers and Margaret Hillert books to build confidence. The book room books may not be taken home,  so I will be sending a blue basal home with students for Tuesday/Wednesday night reading. Your child may read ahead, but will be responsible for reading the story assigned in class on Tuesday.  He/she will repeat the reading on Wednesday night for fluency. It is very important that we build confidence in the beginning of the reading process. Even if the text seems easy for your child, make sure they are stopping for punctuation and reading with “flow”, not abruptly.  Blue books will travel home tomorrow (Tuesday night).

Well, after meeting little Miss A last week and learning about her unfortunate incident in Antarctica………..it is with open arms we welcome…………LITTLE e!  Now, this fella has a totally different story!  He is the healthiest vowel of them all! He never stops E-E-E-E-E-Exercising!  Long ago he visited room 7 and left me two of his hand held weights. I use them to this day and will demonstrate some of his favorite moves for the students.  Each morning we will have an e-e-e-e-exercise share time, when students will break out their best jumping jack, arm circles, etc. We have already earned SEVERAL extra minutes of recess by bringing healthy snacks. Ms. Aveson is constantly saying “Snack-a-snack-what????”  Fruits are practically jumping  into room 7!  Just ask Anirudh’s smashed blueberries!!  (Sorry carpet!) Little e will have several healthy tips for us, especially when it comes to the sound he makes when exercising.

CAPITALS! CAPITALS! Capitals can be tricky business.  You don’t want to just use them haphazardly.  You also want to make sure that when writing your name or other words needing capitals, that it is larger in size. You will see my corrections of capitals on student papers.  When there is a mark indicating the capital size or formation needs to improve, have your child make 5 on the back for practice.  Thank you!


Patterning becomes specific as students create sticks containing various ABAB, AABB, ABC, ABBA, etc. patterns to place in pattern holders.  Boy, did we build some tall pattern towers last week!  Timber!  We also total shapes (which we are experts on after kindergarten) when they appear in a picture. Growing patterns can be more challenging to recognize and continue. We will practice perfecting”step making” and other increasing structure patterns.


Our flag is a national treasure, as we all know, and we will continue to develop understanding of the term patriotism as we learn about the flag’s characteristics and care. We observed the flag being flown at half-staff on  last week in remembrance of Patriot’s Day (September 11th). Each month, as I explained previously, we have a patriotic routine. This month students learn My Country Tis’ of Thee and learn about the proper stance when singing a song of respect for our country.  Specifics of stripes and stars will also be included in our study.

Each month our identification on papers will be different.  This month it is FIRST NAMES ONLY.  On homework, class assignments, etc. students are to write just this as we are trying to perfect each segment of their names. In the upper left hand corner, each student has been assigned a number to write. This is his/her alphabetical placement. The number should be legible and written before the circle is made, to make sure it is clearly written. We have practiced this many times in class.

Notes: Thank you for securing the daily snack in a side pocket of the backpack! So helpful!

Wednesday is a half-day!

We’re still using our hats to prepare our first show, so we have them at school in case you were wondering if it had disappeared in route! 

HOMEWORK:  ***Begin cutting words from magazines or other print materials that have substantial capitals (big). You will need these for a project next week, so get as many as you can.  NO NEED to bring these to school this week, you will use them at home next week to complete a project.

*****************TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY night reading in blue basal. Books will be sent home Tuesday night.  Please leave in the backpack for Wednesday as we may use them in class for word searches, etc. Books should be back in desks by Thursday.  Thank you!

*****************Complete the pattern sheet entitled Oops! (front and back).

*****************Have fun reading to your child each night before bed!  That’s an order! (from your Safari Adventure guide)



Last Thursday paperwork was sent home to those who did not complete it online.  Please return necessary forms as soon as possible.  Thank you!  That really helps!

SEE YOU AT BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT, this night is for moms and dads–no need for the little ones to come unless you don’t have a sitter.

Thank you for the magazines!  Keep em’ coming!



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Aveson’s Agenda for Sept. 10~14

And the ADVENTURE BEGINS………………Aveson’s Angels have settled into our routine so nicely and their teacher is pleased as punch to have them aboard our “journey to June” which will be filled with learning adventures.

Our classroom is made up of 4 towns.  Your little one either resides in Jack and Jill Ville’, Tumble in the Hay Way, Clown Town, or Fly A Kite Heights.  Find out right away the name of your child’s residence.  Each student has an apple tag that identifies with red, green, or yellow apples.  By now, you must know of the story we learned last week about the little boy of long ago who brought his teacher a particularly odd apple and how we are searching for that same “rojo y verde” apple.  We will learn Spanish vocabulary throughout the year as I truly believe this is one of the 21st century skills that will serve students as they enter a very diverse world.  A big thank you to Gray for finding the very first half red/half green apple.  We are collecting these apples and then will create something special from them towards the end of September. (Ms. Aveson may have to replicate some of the apples that have “over ripened” by that time!)  Be on the hunt for them!

Each month in room 7, we will use a different identification on our papers.  This month it is first name only.  We will work to perfect the letters as many students need a refresher on the size relationship of the capital to the lower case letters.

Our September birthdays will soon get to visit the birthday STICK!  A pack of stickers of their choosing awaits, all they have to do is cut it from the limbo stick!

Thank you for sending supplies in promptly, we are only missing a few items!  Terrific!

Each day our DARING DUDE OR DUDETTE will carry out the helping tasks of the day.  Office runs, classroom management, etc., will be the name of the game for these magnificent helpers.  Each student has been assigned a number (according to alphabetical order) and when his/her number comes up, he/she assumes the DD role.  So far, numbers 1-4 have served in this role.  Your child should be able to tell you his/her number.

Thank you for sending lunches last week, it really helps the first week.  SNACK-A-SNACK-A-WHAT?  For each healthy snack we have, a cube is placed on the 30 stack and when the total (30) is achieved, it means 5 extra minutes of recess!  Keep the healthy snacks coming!

NOW, ONTO THE CURRICULUM……….This week we delve into the first intense study of our vowel friends.  Thank goodness Ms. Aveson knows the background story on the vowels.  First up………..little A……..an adorable vowel who ran into some trouble while on a trip to Antarctica!  She inadvertently left her suitcase at the airport and was unprepared for the icy climate!  Well…………let your first grader tell you the rest of the story. 🙂  It will explain why she makes the sounds she does today.

HANDWRITING GUIDE~ In the Dolphin folder today, you will find a copy of the instructional guide of the formation of letters.  Please KEEP this at home and place it in front of your child when he/she is doing homework that involves writing.  Notice which letters start from the top or mid line.  Our handwriting assignments will involve class members’ names and our adventure theme.

We revisit shapes and how they can be observed and constructed in the environment.  We build on the skills learned in kindergarten.  Marvelous Mathematics!

We begun our CITIZENSHIP lessons last week and will continue them into this week.  Our “class practices” are what we call them and we have gone over each one.  We are sure our classroom will be a HAPPY CAMPER type of adventure playground!  Our focus objective this week is to wait for a speaker to finish before we interject.

FRIDAY FOLDERS WILL BE SENT THIS WEEK.  Each Friday, as I mentioned in the WELCOME letter, a folder with a checklist will travel home.  There will be a comment about the student’s week and the graded papers for the week.  Chat it up about your child’s successes and of course go over alternative behaviors when weaknesses are noted.  A copy of the grading system will be in the Dolphin folder tonight.  PLEASE REMOVE THE PAPERS FROM THE DOLPHIN FOLDER EACH NIGHT.  The students become confused when something is left in the folder.  Also, small notes could slip down in the folder behind papers.  Our transportation notes have worked out nicely and thank you for keeping me informed.  We have had some changes and I am so proud of the children for being very aware of them.

NOTE:  FIRST ADVENTURE CHALLENGE: Find a side pocket or easy place to store your snack so that you can retrieve it with a flick of the wrist!  Talk with your first grader about which item is for snack so that decisions are cut to a minimum!  You would be surprised how long it can take to make a snack choice!  Do I go with the apple slices or the Go-Gurt?  Ha! Ha!  Save items needing a utensil for lunch.

Bring the Dolphin Folder each day!

CALLING ALL MAGAZINE LOVERS………If you have old magazines that we could cut from, please send them in.  We need at least one for each student, so if you have any extras, we could use them.  Thank you so much!

AND THE DRAMA BEGINS……….Please send in a hat this week.  It can be any type of hat.  We will be creating our first skit.  We use medial vowel “a” in hat to stress the sound as well as bring learning to life with “acting”.  The hat will stay at school through next week, until we film our skit.  Thank you!

Our first class incentive begun last week………HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT ADVENTURE 9?  Each student has a 9 box grid on the ADVENTURE table.  When that student is observed making our classroom a pleasant place to learn, helping others, waiting his/her turn to speak, putting forth best efforts in written work, walking in the hall quietly, settling into an activity right away, using good manners in the cafeteria, etc., a letter is awarded.  When the student spells out ADVENTURE, he/she will bring home the strip and receive a prize from the treasure chest!  We have already had several students get their first prize!  This incentive will run until September 28th!  Our incentives help to keep us on the right track~!

HOMEWORK:  Use the blank handwriting paper (in folder) to copy each letter and number on the handwriting guide.  Have your child take note of the arrow direction when forming letters and numbers.  On the back of the paper, the blank side, write down the shape of the following household items:  refrigerator, kitchen table, and one clock in your home.

All homework is due by Friday.  That way you have several nights to choose from to complete it. 🙂





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Splash! Welcome Aveson’s Angels!

You will receive your first Aveson’s Agenda on the first day of school! After that, your Agenda for the week will be posted on Monday (beginning September 10th) of each week!  Tune in each week to see how the week will unfold!  What an adventurous group we are! Until we meet again………..may all of your safaris be spectacular!

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