Aveson’s Agenda for January 21st~25

Hope everyone is inside on this beyond frosty morning!  Our PEACE sit in on Friday was delayed due to machinery malfunction.  Hoping to get our CD player positioned with an extension cord today!

Okay, folks this week we welcome the bossiest letter to invade our vowel helpers.  Bossy r!  R is in control when paired with a, e, i, o, or u.  When follows a vowel, the vowel is forced to change its sound.  We will work on learning when ar, er, ir, or, and ur occur and when to use each in spelling words.  Because or and ar make a different sound, they are easier to discriminate.  The other three combinations er, ir, and ur can be difficult to determine when spelling words with the “r” sound.  Examples: fir and fur—One has to be familiar with the definition to know which “r” to use.  As we always discuss in class, the more reading you do, the more words you recognize and inquire about, making you a better scholar!!!!!!

Place Value will be our mathematics focus.  Students will use unifix cube sticks (tens) and individual cubes (ones) to make numbers with tens and ones.  We will also look at the placement of numerals that make up a number and determine if they hold the tens or ones place.  Students will group objects and write the corresponding number according to tens and ones.  Try writing two-digit numbers and having your child say which number represents the tens and which represents the ones.

M-A-P-S~~~~~~We will find our way around globes and maps! Terms to know: Symbols~ pictures that stand for areas of a map such as land, water, cities, and roads  Cardinal directions~(North, South, East, and West)~~Map legend~list of shapes and symbols that explain what each stand for~~~Capital city~~where a state or national government is located.

Students must locate the USA, VA, RICHMOND, AND WASHINGTON D.C. on a map as well as know that Richmond is the capital of VA and Washington D.C. is the capital of the US.  Ask about NEVER EAT SOUR WATERMELONS!

There is a conference evening slated for February 7th.  At this time I would like to reserve that for “refresher” conferences. I will be contacting those that I would like to get together with at this time.  However, I can always meet on other days for parents who would like to come in.  We can work out a time separately, as we did for our hour conferences in the fall.  So if you don’t hear from me, a conference is not needed on this end.  🙂

SNOW SHACKIN’ CONTINUES:  What magnificent and creative snow shacks are being built in room 7!  We have moved onto collecting tops now as our legos are all passed out.  Some students are earning 4 and 5 at a time.  That goes a long way when constructing a snow shack!  Snow creations will be wrapped and sent home on the 31st!  Working quietly without prompts to continue or refraining from chatting is a great way to earn SNOW SHACKIN’ materials.  Keeping hands by your side in line and walking without sound is going to bring 5 reward pieces this week!

INSIDE OUT DAY IS FRIDAY!  Wear your clothes turned inside out!

Thursday night, January 24 is STEAM night!  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics opportunities abound!  See you there!

HOMEWORK: ~~~~WORD STUDY~~~~~~~(usual activities)

~~~~~~~~~~Choose 3 of your WORD STUDY words.  Write a 5-7 word sentence with each. Use the paper included in your child’s folder.  When you finish, total the words in all 3 sentences.  Subtract 6.  Write the equation with the answer on the back of your paper.

NO FRIDAY FOLDERS THIS WEEK~~~GRADED PAPERS WILL BE SENT HOME IN THE DOLPHIN FOLDER.  It’s a short week AND we will be having fun Thursday night at STEAM night.



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Aveson’s Agenda~~January 14~18

This Agenda may be modified due to snow…… (We will proceed as follows!)

We started MID-YEAR Fountas & Pinnell testing last week.  Students will be individually tested to see how their reading level has improved since September.  It will take us two weeks to complete the testing, depending on absences.  Thank you so much for sending your first grader to school on time and well-rested.  

We continue with compound words, both taking them apart and putting them together. Students must be reminded not to leave a space when putting two words together to form a compound.  Our puzzle gives great examples of some of the most frequently used compounds.  Students are challenged to use some of those in their 4~Square writing.  Speaking of writing…..

When your child has a 4~Square in his/her folder, that is a paper that you want to take time to go over.  Point out the errors and maybe have him/her rewrite the sentence or verbally tell you ways this might be improved in the next writing sample.  Some tips for you to say:  S-t-r-e-t-c-h the sounds out that you hear when writing a word.  Some sounds are very obvious and students should include those in the spelling of the word.  Other sounds can be more subtle and it is understandable that they have been omitted.  Also, do the “pointer test”.  The writer should actually say aloud….”Capital, End Mark” while use the left and right pointer finger to touch them in the sentence.  We do this in class to make sure both have been included.  Talk about “thought stop”.  One idea at a time needs to be explained and then stopped.  Some students tend to keep writing without ending a sentence.  All of these steps take practice, practice, and more practice.  Even if you just have your little one write two related sentences each evening, that is a BIG help.

This week we mix the signs of addition and subtraction.  Students must pay close attention to which sign is present in each equation.  We will highlight before beginning, to make sure the eye is drawn to where the sign is located.  Don’t forget REFLEX MATH, that is designed to improve speed with math facts.  Everyone has access to this program and the sign in cards were sent home in October.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will be our Social Studies unit topic this week.  We will learn of his important contributions and take part in our version of a peace march.  We will tailor  a “peace circle” in front of our school where we will perform a song in rap-fashion.  We will do this a few times throughout the week, to encourage acceptance and equality.  The students really love this study and we will close the week with a fabulous movie about Dr. King’s life from boyhood to adult.  It contains live footage and the students are always intrigued by the events.

SNOW-SHACKIN’ is drifting into some big piles of snow creations!  We are almost finished with our legos and will turn to bottle tops next. Talking at the appropriate times is difficult to get used to after being out of school for awhile.  That will be under special consideration this week when “snow chunks” are given out.  Paying special attention to remaining quiet at work time while we are testing will be a BIG emphasis area.  We have wonderful helpers and concerned citizens in room 7, many “snow chunks” are given out for kindnesses above and beyond.  🙂  SNOW SHACKS WILL BE SENT HOME ON JANUARY 31ST!  

HOMEWORK: ********WORD STUDY (regular activities)

*******************Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fill-In Sheet**********

*******************Count the rooms in your house.  Subtract the kitchen, dining room (if present), and garage (if present).  Write the equation largely on the construction  paper in the dolphin folder and bring in on Friday.  Please write the equation with a marker.  Make the equation as BIG as you can on the paper. Note: If you do not have a dining room or garage, just subtract the kitchen.

JANUARY 24TH is STEAM NIGHT~~~~~~~~ Come and participate in Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math!

JANUARY 25TH is INSIDE OUT DAY~~~~~~~~~~~Wear your clothes inside out or mixed up!

Have a wintry week!


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Aveson’s Agenda~~~~BACK ON THE SCENE FOR 2019!

Well, that was a speedy but very needed winter break!  I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday and my hope is that all inhabitants of room 7, had many wonderful surprises along the way.

We say….COMPOUND IT! Learning to put together two words to form one brand new word will increase our reading vocabulary.  Compound words can be fun to explore and make our writing look impressive.  Examples include: bathtub, rainbow, snowflake, cowboy, etc.  We will build compound words and take them apart.

We continue writing and honing our skills of using capitals appropriately and with minimal reminders, as well as insuring end marks are placed at the end of every sentence.  We use 4~Squares with the top boxes and bottom left being the opening and descriptive sentences, reinforced with pictures.  The bottom right box is the “tie-up” box, summarizing what has been written.  Don’t forget the pointer test after every sentence.  By placing your left and right pointer finger on the capital and end mark, you can be sure you are ready to move on to the next sentence.

SUBTRACTION ACTION continues!  The minuends and subtrahends are floating around room 7!  We are learning “count up” as a strategy for taking away.  What is the difference?  How many are left? How many more _____s than _____s? These are clue sentences to remind us that subtraction must be used.

Chilly, cool, crisp, cold, frosty, WINTER is our science study.  And Ms. Aveson has one word for it……..YUCK!  Give me the toasty temps and vibrant colors of spring any day!  However, the little ones of room 7 LOVE SNOW!  So I know they are wishing for our second snow storm of the season.  How do we adapt and change for the season?  How do animals change and prepare?  We will explore.

Of course moving day was Thursday and we have a new class formation and we will be using first and last names for our identity on papers during January.  This is to be followed on homework assignments as well.  Our patriotic song  is YANKEE DOODLE.

SNOW-SHACKIN’~~~~ For our January contest, students will earn white Legos to create a unique snow shack.  I ordered a little over 300 white Legos, when they are gone—we will switch to white drink tops.  If a student has any white Legos at home and wants to trade in some of the white drink tops for Legos, he/she is welcome to bring them to school—but let’s wait until we run out of the ones I purchased.  Each student will get to bring home their creation on January 31st.  Will it be igloo like?  A high-rise?  Hmmm……we’ll see!  How do students collect white Legos?  Independence will be emphasized  in January.  Students know routines now and should be able to move smoothly through class practices with a good deal of independence.  Also, focus on the task at hand and completing an assignment thoroughly, neatly, and doing so within the allotted time.   Our wonderful class will be able to construct some interesting snow shacks, for sure!

HOMEWORK:  **************WORD STUDY****************(usual activities) 

*****************************Write the following equations horizontally and vertically, and answer.  10 – 6 =? , 12 – 8 =?,  7 – 1 =?  Draw a picture to go with each equation.  Put an X on items to show they are being subtracted.

Bring a picture of you wearing some type of winter garment. (Hat, scarf, gloves, mittens, coat, boots, etc.)


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Aveson’s Agenda~~December 10~19

Frosty greetings!  Not sure what the weather will bring as I write this Agenda on Friday…… this will serve as our communication for the next 8 days, up until we leave for winter break on the 19th.

We continue using the ever-so-important vowel rules of magic e and when two vowels go walking the first does the talking.  Students are becoming adept at determining which rule is present in various words.  Each student had to teach how to decode their Friday Folder mystery word.  How surprising it was to find quite a few skilled teachers among the group!  Even lovelier, to see how patient many of our teachers were!  Have you heard of Silly Story?  It is the  show that we create from miscellaneous sentences from students’ library books after I open the show with a certain topic.  We get quite a kick out of this and the students enjoy reading with zest as if the sentence belongs, but really…..it is quite silly! 

Last week was our first dictation segment of WORD STUDY.  Students were reminded to do the “pointer test” and we had success with writing the sentence called out.  We will continue with one sentence and then in mid-January, start doing two sentences on the back of our test.  Be sure to turn the test over to see the sentences.

We worked together on our 4~Square to create a story about holiday cookies.  One thing that we will need to continue to reinforce is telling our children to RE-READ after every sentence you write. Convincing students that it must make sense to them for the reader to understand it, takes quite a bit of practice.

We begin subtraction this week, which is always more of a challenge than addition.  We will continue both operations for several weeks.  Students will come to see that + and – are intertwined.  Students had success with labeling addition equations.  Subtraction equations are more of a challenge:

Problem:  0

9 – 3 = 6

Minuend: 9

Subtrahend: 3

Difference: 6

Knowing the term “difference” is very important as this will key students in when word problems are asking students to know which operation to perform to solve.  We have discussed when a word problem asks:  How many joined? How many in all? What is the total? This refers to adding as a strategy.  When subtracting, one will see questions like…..How many are left?  What is the difference? How many more ____than ____? We will continue to explore which operation to use and cement facts.

We continue to bake in the sun’s fun!  The Earth rotates every 24 hours and it takes it 365 days (one year) to make a complete revolution around the sun.  Our friends in China are fast asleep when we start the calendar! That’s so funny to us!  We have had great fun using the flashlights in the science lab to re-create these concepts.  Thank you to all parents who donated items such as batteries, flashlights, etc.  These items are wonderful hands-on tools for teachers and students.  The gifts of the sun——–heat, light, and energy are fascinating.  Our sun song brings it home!

Oh my goodness!  The RED HOT challenge is right around the corner!  On December 19th, it’s every man for himself as we unwrap the paper on the “reddest, hottest” candy canes in town!  Who will be able to keep going on their candy cane throughout the day?  Who will have the smallest candy cane by 2:30 on the 19th? We will have water on stand-by for this incredible feat!

PAJAMA DAY~~~~DECEMBER 14TH (no slippers)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BRING IN A GOOD NEWS ARTICLE TO SHARE WITH THE CLASS!  Thanks to all the eager beavers who have been sharing GOOD NEWS and placing bows on our Bear Family!  So far it is a tie between Skater Girl and Sleepy Bear!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Write down, in sentence form–what you had for breakfast each morning.  So you paper might look as follows:  On Monday I had eggs and bacon for breakfast.  On Tuesday I had Beary Crunch Cereal for breakfast.  On Wednesday I had a bagel and juice for breakfast.  On Thursday I had an omelette for breakfast.  No need to worry about Friday, since it is due on Friday.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Write these 3 equations and solve.

““““““““““10 – 7 = ?       5 – 5 = ?      9 – 4 = ?

Use the handwriting paper provided in your child’s folder to do both assignments.  One should be on the front and one should be on the back.  Your child should write his/her number in the upper left hand corner of both sides as well as his/her equation.  By the way, did you find out what the equation means?



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Aveson’s Agenda~~Dec. 3~7

Our new month has arrived and our “community” is divided into 4 groups—-the eager elves, the gingerbread gang, the perky presents,and the  crunchy candy canes,   Each group will work together to promote helpful holiday behavior!

Our identification for the month is an equation that has something to do with our name.  Ask your first grader what his/her equation is and how is was derived!  Here is Ms. Aveson’s equation:  7 + 6, get it?

Our patriotic song is the National Anthem as we salute in military style.  We stand proudly and know that there is no funny business during the serious and respectful song.

Have you ever had a buddy or pal that refuses to let you get a word in when telling a story?  That is kind of what happens when two vowel pals go walking.  This week we investigate words in which two vowels stand side by side, but only the first vowel will do the talking.  And we must remember that it will say its name.  Examples: boat, (the o says its name and little a is completely silent), steam ( e does the talking and little a says nothing).  Don’t worry, it’s not just little a who is sometimes shortchanged on the speaking.  Other vowels take a turn as well.  When two vowels go walking, the first does the talking.

Beginning this week, students will turn their WORD STUDY papers over and write one dictation sentence.  The sentence will contain two or more of the words from his/her sort.  Students must place a capital and end mark accordingly.  We will do the “pointer test” for the first 3 weeks, to remind everyone about checking for capitals and end marks.  After that, students must check independently.

 4~SQUARES will switch from no lines in the boxes to lines for the students to write more sentences in the area.  The fourth box will contain only sentences with no pictures.  To recap, 4~Squares is the writing technique we use to organize our thoughts for story writing.

Mathematically speaking…………..we jump into word problems needing to be solved with addition.  Making sure we use only the details that matter to the problem and organizing information will be a goal.  Try giving your first graders math stories in the car and allowing them to report the answer.  Try some with 3 addends!

Our science study for the next two and a half weeks will revolve around the sun and the Earth…………get it?  Revolve?  Objectives will be: ***Understand the relationship between the sun and the Earth ……….a.)the sun is the source of heat and light that warms the air, land, and water b) the sun’s relative position in the morning is the east and in the late afternoon is the west  Things should really heat up in room 7!

DECEMBER INCENTIVE MOVES TO A DIFFERENT BEAT…..During the month of December we will switch gears from earning rewards for ourselves to becoming aware of all of the wonderful things happening here and abroad for the holidays.  Each student is charged with the task of collecting “good news” stories.  The student can listen to the segment of the news when “human interest” stories are reported, go online with a parent, or find a newspaper or magazine article.  He/she should bring the article or story recap in on paper and then be able to orally report the story to the class.  He/she then gets to pick a bear from our bear family to place a “good news” bow on, which will help decide which bear family member will win!  Which bear will receive the most bows?  Papa? Mama? Brother? Skater Girl? Sleepy Bear? Baby Bear?  The winner will be obvious on December 19th!  Get your “good news” on!

December 14th  Wear your jammies!  No slippers!  🙂


HOMEWORK: ***************WORD STUDY*********************

******************************Tuesday Night Blue Basal Reading**********************

******************************Complete the Addition Table sheet

******************************Add all of the following in your fridge……Soda cans, ketchup/mustard bottles, milk containers, and juice bottles/boxes.  Make a chart and bring in on Friday.  The chart might look as follows:

Soda cans—5




Juice botttles—-6



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Aveson’s Agenda for Nov. 26~Nov. 30

Welcome back and I trust that everyone had a wonderful holiday!  We “jingle” through the 3 and a half weeks we have from now until winter break with a “full steam ahead” attitude!

When practicing WORD STUDY tests at home, remind your speller not to use any capitals.  I believe there is only one sort that has a word needing a capital—–if I remember correctly it is the word June.  So depending on if your child gets that word, he/she will not need to use any capitals for any of the tests.  Also, no need to send the baggie of words cut at home to school.  We have our own baggie of cut words in our book boxes.  Just keep that set at home.  🙂

We added blends to our series of reading skills recently and now  Magic e takes center stage. Blends will never be far from our minds as we have found over 96 words containing blends to communicate sound.  A blend can be described as two partner letters that make a blended sound.  Blends help to break the sounds of a word into chunks. Br,  fr, gr, pr, tr, wr, bl, fl, gl, kl, pl, sl, sc, sk, sl, tw, were  a few we that we started with and then jumped into a few with three letters such as str!  Now, by adding the rules of Magic e, our decoding will get even stronger.  Examples: bone, same, fine, tune, etc.  It’s double the fun when a word has a blend AND a Magic e as in trade!

Writing descriptive sentences with complete thoughts using capitals and end marks……is a goal we embark on once again in the second nine week period.  Students will be “lengthening and strengthening” sentences as we proceed.   Reading groups are incorporating daily writing into their reading groups.  We will focus on BMEs, we say it…….”Be Me s”………..just so you know!  Describing what happens in the beginning, middle, and end of the reading selection is an important skill.  When you and your child read together, have him/her tell you or write the BME.

“Counting on” is a strategy we have been practicing and we think in terms of “adding doubles” and “doubles plus one” this week.  Ahh, Marvelous Mathematics!

ADD-VENTURE winds up on Friday!  Students have “added” to their prize total by achieving the mystery number or higher for each week!  This week’s goals……..finish your month stronger than you started. Listen to each direction, respond right away.  Be the friend that you want to have.  Perform a kind task when you think no one is watching.  Keep your desk and surrounding area neat and tidy. Take a peek in your “adventurer’s” bag on Friday and see if they were able to achieve all of the prizes. (One per week)


DECEMBER 14TH IS PJ DAY!  Wear your jammies, no slippers!

Have a wonderful week!

HOMEWORK: ***********WORD STUDY ACTIVITIES****************

*************************TUESDAY NIGHT READING IN BLUE BASAL BOOK*******

*************************Write one sentence that Pocahontas may have said.  Think about her talking with her father Chief Powhatan, one of the settlers, her tribe, etc.  Use the handwriting paper provided and place your guide in front of the student when he/she is writing, please.

*************************Read one RAZ~KIDS book.  Write down the number of pages the book has.  Write down the page number where you saw one of the following words: was, saw, they, them, or that.  Use the same paper that you are writing the Pocahontas sentence on, just turn it on the back.  If for some reason one of those words does not appear in your book.  Choose another book, so you might want to look through the pages first. 🙂

There will be a mystery word written in the Friday folder box this week.  Your little one is to decode that word using vowel rules, or chunking techniques we have covered.  He/she will reveal and read the mystery word on Monday.  Shhh!  Don’t tell what your word is!



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Just a reminder…………:)

Last week was your 7 day Agenda!  Report cards will be sent home tomorrow, please keep the report, sign the envelope, and return on Monday, November 26th.  Thank you, now go “stuff yourself”!  See you at the feast tomorrow if you can make it!  Have your little Pilgrim or Native American dress as their assigned group.  Use whatever they already have, no purchasing necessary!

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Aveson’s 7 Day Agenda~~~Nov. 12th~20th

As suggested by the title, this posting will serve as your Agenda for next week as well (only 2 days of school attendance).  November always flies and we are already in the Thanksgiving season.  Boy, am I thankful for the children in room 7 and supportive parents!  Lucky me!

We continue to reinforce and look for blends at the beginning, middle, and end of words as well as………

We learn and observe the magical powers of little e.  Have your first grader point out “magic e” words in books as he/she discovers words where the vowel says its name as a result of “magic e” sitting on the end.  At first you will notice that students want to call each word that “e” is at the end of, a “magic e” word, BUT  it must make the vowel say it’s name.  That is why I don’t call it silent e.  For example, e is on the end of coffee but it doesn’t make the vowel say its name.  So we will spend some time thinking and locating words that “magic e” is not at work in as well.

As we begin the new nine week period, students will be held to higher standards for writing.  Sentences should begin with a capital and end marks (., ?, !) should be placed at the end of a sentence.  Students should give each sentence the pointer test after writing it.  Left pointer finger is placed on the capital and right pointer finger is placed on the end mark.  This will bring his/her attention to whether the capital and end mark have in fact been made.  This is a challenging area for first graders.  It will be a year long goal for us as I have explained to all of you in conferences.  Practice is so beneficial in this area.

WORD STUDY is coming along wonderfully!  Everyone is having their first grader cut the words and sort, now.  Moving them into the right categories with headers at the top is crucial. Thank you for the home practice!  This week’s words will of course be tested on Friday, no new words for the two days we are here next week.

On Friday, your first grader brought home his/her baggie of MIX & FIX sentences.  Please practice having him/her put the sentences together and be timed. Then the student should read the sentences aloud.  A new MIX & FIX baggie will be sent home each nine weeks.  This is a great activity for your little one to do while you are preparing dinner or taking care of another household task.  Check to make sure the order is correct.:)

ADDITION continues to “join” us, get it?  🙂

By the way, ask your first grader:  What are the addends and sum of this equation, 6 +9 = 15?  Also, what is this called + ?  How about = ?  Have your first grader show you a vertical equation, and a horizontal equation.

As I have discussed in many conferences, our Social Studies curriculum has changed quite a bit this year.  If you have had another child go through first grade, you will notice many changes in topics studied. Objectives for this unit: 1.3 Describe stories of influential people of VA and their contributions to our Commonwealth, with emphasis on: Powhatan, Pocahontas, and Christopher Newport.  1.2  Demonstrate knowledge of VA history by describing important events such as the settlement of Virginia at Jamestown.  We will also observe the important accomplishments of our Veterans with a special assembly today. Everyone is invited! (Details sent home by Mrs. Franklin earlier)

ADD–VENTURE is motivating students to work together (Native Americans/Pilgrims) to tidy their side of the room, talk at appropriate times, be kind with words and actions, and go from one task to another without needing re-direction.  Many students had earned the mystery number and MORE on Friday. Each Friday is the day the mystery number is revealed, if your numbers add up to that or higher, you are PRIZED!  Students are represented on the table by their animal from our habitat unit. (RECYCLING IS RAD!

HOMEWORK:**********WORD STUDY (see activity sheet you already have)

*************************TUESDAY NIGHT BLUE BOOK READING

*************************Be able to say aloud one of your family traditions concerning Thanksgiving.  We will report on Friday.  Speak clearly, loud enough to be heard, and thoroughly explain the tradition for the best showing of your verbal skills.

*************************Read a RAZ~KIDS book.  Write down the characters (use capitals), the setting (where the story takes place) and whether it was fiction/nonfiction.  We say…..fiction– means funny business going on and nonfiction means NO funny business, true blue! 

Everyone is invited to the first grade feast on November 20th  at 1:45.  Mrs. Lehtinen  will send out a sign-up Genius for the necessary items and volunteers.  Volunteers should arrive at 1:15 to set-up.  We will try to have all of the foods and paper products in the cafeteria waiting for you.  The volunteers are asked to stay and clean up after the feast, which should consist of just throwing the plates away and taking up the paper that has been rolled out for a pretend table cloth.  Thank you for helping with this activity!  Refer to last week’s agenda for attire suggestions for your little pilgrim or Native American.  (Students were assigned Pilgrim or Native American roles on November 1st.)

CONFERENCES CONCLUDE THIS WEEK………It has been so nice meeting and discussing progress with all of you!

December 14th is PAJAMA DAY!  Wear your comfy jammies, no slippers!


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Aveson’s Agenda~Nov. 5~9

The end of the nine week period is today, and I am completing report cards.  They will be sent home November 20th.  We have made notable progress this first marking period and with your continued support will keep climbing!  Right now students are putting efforts into remembering to capitalize when necessary and not to randomly use capitals without reasoning.  Starting a sentence with a capital and placing an end mark will need constant reinforcement throughout the year.  Thank you for having your first grader spend some time writing sentences/stories during free time at home.

We are still baking CAKES and FLAKES.  Students are filling their cakes and flakes bags and will be given a grade in a few weeks on the accuracy of what has been placed in their bag as well as the number that should be inside.  Organization is a big part of school.  It is very important that students be responsible for putting materials away AND in the proper place that the teacher has requested.  Emphasize appropriate placing of toys, books, and other items at home to train your child to think this way.  It will pay off in the long run, so that you do not get notes in the upper grades…..Where is _____’s report? 🙂

We continue with blends , which as we remember …………are groups of two or three consonants in words that make a blended and distinct sound.  This  includes bl, br, cl, cr dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, sc, sk, sl, sm sn sp, st, sw, tr, tw, and wr.  We are learning to chunk those sounds together when decoding. Circling these segments or highlighting would be a good practice to follow at home, when reading new material.

We begin number combinations as a prerequisite to addition.  How many combinations can make 7?  (4 and 3, 5 and 2, 0 and 7, 6 and 1, )  This is part of the Math screener that students took the third week of school and will retake in the spring.  Knowing which number is missing when one is covered in the combo is part of understanding the total make-up of the number.

We bring symbols to the math table next week with our study of number combinations turning into addition.  Terms: plus, join, addends, sum  Students should know how these terms define an addition sentence.  We will also look at the commutative property of addition…….a + b = b + a, ……….2 + 3 = 5 so 3 + 2 = 5 as well.  We will add vertically and horizontally.  Dominoes are helping us to see both ways as we write our own problems, not just the answers.

In our Social Studies unit on the election process,  (1.13) we allowed class members to run for the offices of Paper Handler,  Dispute Deputy, Trashologist, TA (teaching assistant), and “Shh” Manager.  Students had to tell of their qualifications and why others should vote for them.  The following students were voted “in” for these offices: Paper Handler–Alex ,  Dispute Deputy—Spencer, Trashologist–Trianna, TA (Teaching Assistant)—Harper, and “Shh” Manager—Elizabeth. Congratulations to all who won these offices!  The races were close and thank you to all candidates who made rousing speeches and informative posters.

Our last name identification is going well. We need to remember to make the capital the tallest letter and reach for the top line with it.  Number is located in the upper left hand corner with a circle on all papers.

ADD~VENTURE~~We are “numbering up” with our incentive for November!  Last week was tough to get the mystery number with only two days of the contest, but we did have a few students maintain awesome behavior and accomplish it!  This is a four day week, so students must be mindful of interruptions and talking at appropriate times. Kindness and patience abound with this class.  What a supportive little group! 

By the way, our new November room formation is that of a long feast table, symbolizing the first Thanksgiving.  Sadly, our town signs are now gone and we have transformed from 4 towns into one community.  Now, we convene at the “community meeting” rather than the “town meeting”.  Oh, my goodness…..we are growing up!  (tear)

FEAST COMING SOON!  The week before Thanksgiving, we will be having a feast with students from all 4 first grade classes dressing up like Pilgrims and Native Americans.  More details will be forthcoming, but I have already assigned students’ roles as either Pilgrim or Native American.  Ask your child tonight which group he/she is representing. If you could put together a costume for him/her to wear….that would be wonderful.  DO NOT buy anything.  Let’s keep it simple…..pilgrim girls—wear black/brown dress with an apron on top, maybe a collared shirt (if available), pilgrim boys—-khakis or black pants and a shirt with a collar (if available), Native American girls–brown shirt/pants (maybe cut some fringe), hair in braids, Native American boys—brown pants/shirt (maybe cut some fringe) etc.  Use whatever you have, no need to purchase anything!  The room mom will be contacting you about signing up for items for the feast and we will also need volunteers to set up and clean-up afterwards.  Thank you in advance for your help with this “thankful” celebration.

We delve into the appreciation of students’ cultures and recognize that we all bring different heritages with us to school everyday.  See homework assignment revolving around your child’s cultural background.

HOMEWORK:   NO WORD STUDY THIS WEEK (end of the 9 weeks)

***************Culture Case~~~You will find a kit (paper) in your child’s folder for him/her to make a “culture case”.  Use the brown paper to mount the items on after looking at the example sheet.  Your child can do this any way he/she would like. Have him/her make a handle for the case and be prepared to share the case with the class on Friday.  


Calling all OLD SOCKS………if you are looking for a place to hang out, room 7 opens its door to you!  You would make a great eraser for our dry-erase boards!  Any size is fine!

CONFERENCES CONTINUE………..Still enjoying spending time with our families!  The hour is an investment into our success this year!

FIELD TRIP ON WEDNESDAY!  CHAPERONES PLEASE REPORT AT 9:00 AM TO THE CLASSROOM. Bring a bag lunch and dress for the weather as we will be outside quite a bit.  Refer to cover letter previously sent.  🙂

Have a “welcoming” first full week of November!


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Aveson’s Agenda for October 29th ~~~November 2nd

November is upon us and on Thursday we have our second “moving day”.  Remember….each month we change the configuration of the room and “move” next to new neighbors and start an all new incentive, identification, patriotic song, and procedures.

The identification starting on Thursday,  November 1st will be last names ONLY on all papers.  We have worked to perfect our first name and most students could write everyone’s October word by the end of the month.  Now we put our emphasis on last names and as always, student number in the upper left hand corner, circled.

We weave a web of understanding around digraphs and how they can occur at the beginning, middle, or end of a word—-examples in last week’s Agenda.  Thank you Mrs. Lehtinen for signing students up for digraph teams and helping so efficiently in room 7!

Cakes and Flakes~If a group of words expresses a clear and complete thought and starts with a capital and has an end mark, we say CAKE!  We place that “sentence” in our cake bag.  If a group of words has no capital at the beginning, no end mark, and makes no sense, it goes in the FLAKE bag!  We laugh a lot when going through some of the flakes we have found.

When reinforcing handwriting at home, remind your first grader that tall letters touch the top line.  Lower case ls, hs, ds, bs, fs, as well as the upper case letters should touch the top line.

ALERT!  Some of our  ALERT numbers are 3, 5, and 9.  Have your little one correct these each time a reversal is made.  Thank you!

Thank you to the following parents! for chaperoning our field trip to Meadow Farm:  Harper’s mom, Cooper’s dad, and Pavansh’s mom.  We had several volunteers so I put them in a bag and tossed out 3!  Thank you for volunteering!

Thank you also to Mrs. Cloyes, Mrs. Connor, Mrs. Seagraves, and Mrs. McAnally for stepping up to the plate for round 2 STACK AND PACK activities!  The children have absolutely LOVED this special time with parents.  They have asked several times….Can we keep doing this?

STARTING ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1st~~~~ADD-VENTURE~~~~~~Our new incentive goes as follows: Each student has a camping critter and will strive to follow all class practices and be a respectful student.  The students work to get tally marks in front of their critter.  Each time 10 tallies are awarded, the student reaches  into the number bag and pulls out a number.  There is a secret number hidden in the room.  On Friday when that number is shown, if the student’s tallies total that number, he/she gets a prize!  Contest runs through November 30th.  Can you ADD—–VENTURE? 

November patriotic routine will be to THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND!!!!!


CONFERENCES ARE STILL BEING HELD………So nice getting to know our families!

HOMEWORK: **************WORD STUDY ACTIVITIES*****************************

****************************Type one CAKE and one FLAKE for your bags.  Cut into strips so that they fit into your bag. (standard brown lunch bag)  If your printer is not working, feel free to have your child neatly write the sentence on a strip of paper.  He/she should know the size of our bags.

****************************Use the black dot (in your child’s folder last week) to play PASS THE PERIOD. Each family member states a sentence aloud when the period is passed to you.  It must contain a complete thought and use descriptive words.  Have fun!  Keep the period to play the game over and over!

****************************New blue basal books this week~~Remember to do your Tuesday night reading from this source.  Work on one story per week.  Pay close attention to punctuation and expression.

****************************Please send in an old sock for your child to use to erase his/her dry-erase board.  Thank you!

****************************Please return field trip permission slips filled in completely.  Thank you!


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