Aveson’s Agenda for March 19th~23

Alas, the time of year Ms. Aveson has awaited……..SPRING!  Most of our class loves winter and they will be sorry to see the chances for snow slip away, but NOT MS. AVESON!  Woohooo!  (Just heard the forecast–:( )

As we near spring break, let us be mindful of class practices such as working quietly, respecting others with kind words, moving from one activity to another independently, walking in line with our hands by our side, and eating in the cafeteria using the same manners we would have at home or at a restaurant.  These are areas that will be rewarded during our Superhero March over the next two weeks.  Thank you for supporting all of the aforementioned areas and others with response to Friday folders through chats or consequences.

Speaking of consequences…………so sorry about the Friday folders.  It seems that a native of Ireland in the form of a leprechaun got a hold of my green markers and played a little trick on me, by doing the Friday folders when I was not in the room!  I knew we should have set a leprechaun trap!  Shucks!  Oh wait, I bet it was all of the green food, napkins, and paper plates we had on Friday, the day before St. Patrick’s day that lured him to room 7!

We continue with plurals this week, remembering that we have to decide if the ending should be s, es, or ies OR an irregular ending such as feet, children, geese, teeth, etc.  Dropping the y to add ies has proven to be the more challenging of the ways to make plurals.  We must also use the term singular when referring to one item or object.  We want to impress our second grade teachers next year!

Writing sentences that convey a complete thought clearly and are punctuated correctly is a continued goal.  Bet you’ve seen that in most Agendas, right?  Check!  We will keep reaching higher in the area of writing.  This is one of the more difficult areas for students to excel in as upper grade teachers have told us.  Establishing habits such as our “pointer test” will hopefully help to make stronger writers as they proceed to the next grade.  Students are impressing me with the stretch they are making to expand descriptions.  Hats off to Kelsey for bringing in sentences that she has worked hard to perfect!  Having your child write their own thank you notes is a wonderful way for him/her to practice.

F-R-A-C-T-I-O-N-S can mean you get a little bit of pizza or you get a lot!  Words problems like the Mario/Jill one at the bottom of skill sheet 59, help the child to see through pictures, what the fractions would look like.  Let us encourage the students to draw a quick picture of the fraction if he/she is having a hard time visualizing it.  Developmentally, they automatically think that 1/4 is bigger than 1/3.  But once they focus (if they do) on the picture, it becomes clear.  Students are responsible for identifying and creating fractional models for 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4.

We conclude FORCE AND MOTION this week………Motion can be straight, back & forth, circular, up and down, and curved.  We have also determined when push or pull forces are used.  Vibration is a fun motion to talk about and discover.  Each student is invited to bring in an object this week (one day only) that vibrates.  The objects should be brought to school on Wednesday ONLY.  Some students would bring everything in their closet if allowed to do so, so please monitor what is being brought.  If a student does not have a vibrating object that is absolutely fine, we will look at the ones that we have.  Thank you!

********Thank you to the parents who sent in green food items last week!  Yummy!

HOMEWORK: **********WORD STUDY (usual activities)

*************************Write a “thank you” note to someone at school, or in your family.  Bring the note to school.  You will read it aloud and then deliver it.  If it is to someone in your family, you will take it back home Friday night.  Notes should all be at school on Friday, March 23rd.  The note should have at least 4 sentences and begin…….Dear__________.   Feel free to use decorative note cards!

*************************Tuesday night reading (blue books)

Thank you to all parents who ordered PIZZA!  Sadly we did not win, we actually came in 3rd place out of 4!  Whattttt?  We were winning the whole week and then were defeated!  So, no pizza party for us………that’s o.k.——-we have lots of jeans for the next contest–beginning April 8th!  Thank you Skylar!  She has brought in a whole bag plus more!

See everyone tomorrow night at our PTA show!  Refer to Mrs. Franklin’s note for times.  🙂

April 20th is CRAZY HAIR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aveson’s Agenda for March 12~16

Boy, was PIZZA DELIVERY night a blast!  I couldn’t help but think as I traveled to numerous houses in the Echo Lake area…..how fortunate the students are to have such supportive moms and dads and how lucky we are as teachers, to work in such a wonderful community.  It was delightful to see the whole family (even the dog) in many cases, come out to cheer us on and thank the teachers for their time and efforts.  All of the tips of course went to Echo Lake and what a way to make a nice amount of money for our school in a short time.

Let’s make it a great, green week as we lead into St. Patrick’s day!  May the luck of the Irish be with ya!  Plurals are the name of the game this week.  Adding s, es, and ies will be our focus.  Rules to follow………If the word ends with ch, sh, or ss—add es (branches, bushes, dresses).  If the words does not end with one of those combinations, add s.  Then of course we all remember the “drop the y and add ies” rule (pony, ponies).  

Writing related sentences that are 7 or more words and providing description is a continued goal.  We really enjoy the mix and fix part of our reading group.  We use the story to create our own “fill-in” words that were not in the story, but that may “jazz” it up a bit.  Then we cut and mix and fix them.  It can be silly, silly, silly!  When sentences are mixed, we are sure we know all of the words—because they are out of order!  The GET SET group was particularly impressive last week with the way they worked together to develop rhyming “schemes”.  (Trinity, Nevaeh, Anusha, Ayaan, Barrett, William, Olivia, and Kevin) 

When doing Tuesday night reading, try partner reading and modeling how to change voice tone so that it gives the story life.  You read a page and your first grader reads a page.

Parts of a whole………..FRACTIONS!  The next time the family orders pizza (tee-hee), spend a minute talking about the way it can be divided into halves, thirds, and fourths.  Students can write down, using proper form—-how many slices each family member ate.  (1/2, 1/3, 1/4)

FORCE AND MOTION keep us revved up!  We had an awesome time loading our dump truck and stretching the rubber band tied to it’s windshield, while making the stretch go longer and longer.  Ms. Aveson has had it pop and land in her face before——thank goodness no pop was experienced!  But we did push it to the limit!  The amount of force used to move different students really varies as we learned!  We even tested Ms. Aveson’s ability to move a duo (Alex and Skylar), it was a little tough, but not like the boys!  That really took strength and stretch as they sat in a stationary chair.

SUPERHERO MARCH~ This month’s incentive is making some lads and lassies in room 7, quite rich!  The coins are flowing!  Ms. Aveson is paying close attention to those students who do not talk at the same time as others, who work quietly with NO reminders at this time of the year, who travel to the door with hands by their side and not consulting others about line placement, eating with manners in the cafeteria, not raising voice levels to “loud” inside, and completing assignments THOROUGHLY.  So, stress those areas with your lad or lassie and you will see the riches he/she brings home on March 30th.

HOMEWORK—–WORD STUDY—-(usual activities)

———————-TUESDAY NIGHT READING————————-

———————-Complete the sheet entitled Feeling Vibrations———-

I will be contacting some of you about sending in green foods on Friday.  Also make sure your little one wears green on Friday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (on Saturday).

HOW MANY GREEN WORDS ARE IN THE AGENDA?  Your child will receive a coin, if he/she reports the correct number!

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Aveson’s Agenda for March 5 ~ 9

Congratulations to Echo Lake on 100% PTA membership!  Everyone is invited to dress as your favorite superhero this Friday, the 9th!

Using ed and ing correctly continues to be our focus in reading and also in our writing.  Dropping the y and adding ied is a tricky one—-(cry-cried).  Students also have to remember that when a word ends with e, often times you only need to add the ‘d’ (doze-dozed).  Words that end with a short vowel and a consonant, need to have the final consonant doubled before adding ed or ing (jog-jogged).  Words such as push, jump, lift, follow, and pack, just need ed/ing added.  Again, exposure to reading daily/nightly helps with recognizing word endings as well as patterns.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g sounds to hear what is and what IS NOT in a word should be a practice that is followed each time your child writes. Congratulate him/her if the word has each sound that is heard, even if it is not completely correct.  If a magic e is left off of one of the words, remind your beginning writer that the vowel will not say its name without it.

We close out our study of TIME this week with our test today (Monday).  We will begin a unit instructing about fractions.  Students will become familiar with halves, thirds, and fourths.  They must recognize the words as well as the symbols 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4.  Each time your family orders pizza, take a minute to have a “fraction talk“.  Speaking of pizza…………….this Thursday night—-March 8th is TEACHER DELIVERY NIGHT!  The teachers will deliver pizzas just like last year.  Aveson’s Angels, get your orders in and I hope I get to slip by your house and deliver your pizza with pizazz!  Last year the school raised such a great amount of money with the Papa John’s pizza delivery night, hopefully we can repeat the success this year.  Mmmmm, just think about the melted cheese and oh so individual toppings!  Hope to see you!

We complete our H20 mixtures Science unit this week and head into FORCE AND MOTION.  Students will identify toys and other objects which move in certain ways (straight, circular, back & forth, curved).  They will also study vibration and in what items it occurs.  The push/pull of objects and the amount of force that is needed to do so will be on our list of scientific tests.

SUPERHERO MARCH—-is up and running, no marching, wait, what???????  Superheroes of room 7 have a marker that travels around the shamrock table of Ireland until it gets to the special end of the road shamrock.  When he/she gets there by exhibiting appropriate classroom behavior and work habits, a coin (plastic or chocolate) is awarded.  The goal is to see how rich with coins you can become by the end of the month.  Students will be bringing their “loot” home on March 30th.  When you see a gold doubloon, that means that something extra special took place!  Ask your child each evening–how many “advances” on the shamrock road he/she got that day.

During the month of March, Ms. Aveson reads all of our literature with an Irish brogue. The boys and girls of room 7 turn into lads and lassies.  We will learn about the land of the leprechaun and do everything we can to avoid the crazy antics that sometimes occur around the St. Pattie’s day festivities.  I will be contacting several of you about sending in some “green” food items the week of St. Patrick’s Day.

 Our identification for this month is first letter of the first name, period, then last name…….C. Aveson.  We call this a teacher signature!

Patriotic routine in March is HAIL TO THE CHIEF!  The HOTD is the president and must walk through the line of photographers, congressmen, and senators. Then after the song has finished, he/she will answer a question about how to solve a problem for the USA.  If a thoughtful answer is given, he she will get to take a buddy outside (for recess) a couple of minutes earlier than the class.  Solutions must be thought out before answering.

HOMEWORK:  *******WORD STUDY*******Choose 3 of your words to write with rainbow colors.  I have demonstrated this in class.  Then write a sentence with each word.  Paper of your choice.  March identification and number should be at the top of your paper.

**********************TUESDAY NIGHT READING***************

**********************FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIP-please send back promptly as no monies are due, just the form.  Chaperones will be drawn from a bag later in the week.  If you were a chaperone for the zoo, please refrain from checking the box to be one this time.  We want many parents to have the insurmountable joy of chaperoning!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aveson’s Agenda—February 26th ~ March 2nd

The end of February is upon us! Boy, did this month fly by!  On Wednesday, we will celebrate the growth of beautiful written assignments with treats according to the numbers achieved in our LOVE GREAT WORK incentive!  Students have kept a tally sheet showing the number of 1s, 2s, and 3s they have earned according to our chart.  Keep in mind—this is different from graded papers as I stated at the beginning of the contest.  If students have shown growth by being rewarded with a variety of numbers and at least one 3, then they will enjoy an afternoon of treats!


We study word endings ed and ing this week and next.  The three sounds of ed are “d” as in played, “ed” as in wanted, and “t” as in missed. We will search for as many of these sounds as we can during SILLY STORY and throughout our reading during the week.  We learn how to describe when ing  is used………when something is currently being done or taking place, whereas ed  describes an event that has already taken place.  Ex.  She is winning the chess tournament.  He wished for a snowy day.

Writing complete thoughts using correct punctuation is a continued goal for us.  Try keeping a little pad where your child brushes his/her teeth.  Encourage him/her to write down story ideas that might “pop” into his/her mind and to follow up on it at home with a story later or at school during story starters.

Mathematically, we are telling time to the hour and half hour and learning how time is precious, depending on whether you have minutes or hours. When the hand is between two numbers, we have learned to go with the lesser of the two numbers.  There is one exception……when the hand is between the 12 and 1, students know to go with 12 instead of 1 to say 12:30, etc. This week the Beach Boys will help us learn the power of a minute with their song GET AROUND.

It was rather smelly business to mix vinegar and water.  When Ms. Aveson puts on her lab coat and goes to the sink, it is EXPERIMENT TIME!  Some students thought that sand would dissolve if placed in water……hmmm…..but once we tried it, they realized that if that was the case…….when we went to the beach, there would be only rock when you stepped into the water.  We continue with our water mixtures, determining which substances mix or dissolve.

The school store is up and running and most items are cheaper than you can get them at a regular store.  However, last week several students bought items not to use, but to put in their mouths.  I had to take 8 grippers covered with saliva.  With flu season still upon us, please speak with your child about items that DO NOT go in their mouths.  Not only is this poor hygiene, there is the choking factor as well.  I would suggest the dry-erase markers, for $1.00.  The store is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Think through a plan with your first grader about what should be bought and how it should be used after purchase. Thank you!

HOMEWORK:   **********WORD STUDY (usual activities)

****************************TUESDAY NIGHT READING IN BLUE BOOK

****************************SHEET: COLOR PUZZLE

****************************Write the following on the handwriting sheet provided:  My bedtime is ______________.  (write it with numerals and a colon)        I eat lunch at _______________(time) on Saturday.  Put your initials at the top and your number.

MARCH 2ND MIX AND MATCH DAY FOR DR. SEUSS!  Wear mix and match clothing and shoes!

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Aveson’s Agenda for February19~23

We had a great Valentine’s Day last week and boy did the children go “all out” with some interesting and generous gifts and cards for their pals!

Compound words continue to swirl in room 7!  It is even more fun to put together words with the INCORRECT match during our compound game! Cupcorn instead of cupcake got quite a few laughs!  Students did a fantastic job of writing the two combined words without a space! When decoding new, unfamiliar compound words, students could see where the two separated, even if they did not know either of the words.  🙂

Stopping one thought and placing an end mark, then beginning anew with a capital is a constant goal for first graders. Having your wee one write one sentence each evening is great practice.  Give him/her a topic and try dictating one night and the next night have him/her come up with his/her own unique sentence.  Are the spellings logical? At this point, for the most part —you should be able to understand what your child has written.  If not, that is falling in the 2 range of grading.  There is a correlation of course, between the amount of time a child spends reading and encountering words, with the familiarity he/she has with the spellings and how they “look”.  Often children will automatically know a word is “not right”, but not be sure of how to fix it.  That is a good sign!

We review place value a bit and then move into TIME.  Students will tell time to the half hour and hour.  We will learn about analog/digital clocks and the five minute intervals between each number.  What events take a minute vs. an hour, etc.?

We begin a two week unit on solids, liquids, and gases as well as mixtures. When H20 is mixed with the following substances, what occurs? (vinegar, salt, sand, sugar, soil, drink mix,  baking soda, and oil) Students must record how the water looks, what happens to the substance, and be able to use the word dissolve.

HOMEWORK:  ********WORD STUDY (usual activities)


***********************Have your child mix cooking OIL AND WATER in a see-through container.  Take a picture of the container and bring it in to show the class.  DO NOT put your child’s name on it.


Please make sure that your child is not bringing small toys to school.  We have a lot of “trading” going on and I have apprehended MANY of the “exchanges”.  Thank you!

We are off to a soggy start, but it looks like some of Ms. Aveson’s favorite temps are in store for us this week!  Hooray! Have a great week!

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Aveson’s Agenda for February 12~16

COMPOUND IT!  We will be doing a lot of that this week!  Putting two words together to form a new one is how we make compound words.  Students tend to want to put a tiny space between the two words, but we will be establishing the habit of leaving no space between the words.  Examples: sunflower, snowflake, grandmother, grandfather, rainbow, grapefruit, skylight, football, baseball, watermelon, etc. You get the idea!  We have a giant puzzle which helps us to see how the words connect.

Making sure that a capital has a large presence when one sentence ends  and the next begins is a continued goal.  Especially in the case of a word beginning with C, O, K, V, or W because the upper and lower case are formed the same way.  The size is important in establishing that it is in fact a capital.

Our Promethean board helps us to use the “chubby” stick to make “ten sticks” and the skinny pen to make “ones” when building place value houses.  We then transfer this to paper.  We are learning to be careful with the roof because you must separate the “tens” to make sure the count is correct.  Write down some numbers and let your child tell you how many tens and ones are in it.  Then have your child write a number with the amount of tens and ones you call out.  Ex.  Write a number with 5 tens and 7 ones.  (57)

Honest Abe is our spotlight president this week.  We learn about the wonderful characteristics he possessed and how he worked to abolish slavery and unify the country.  He was the 16th president and while he grew up very modestly, went on to greatness.  One of his definite strengths was his veracious love of reading!

Then we will compare and contrast the two presidents as we remember the different details about both.

LGW-LGW-LGW-LOVIN’ GREAT WORK!  Have you checked with your child about how many 1s, 2s, and 3s he/she has received in our new contest?  Each student is keeping a tally sheet and will bring it home on the 28th of February.  We will have some great treats on the 28th if growth has been shown by each student.  You do not have to get all 3s, you have to have shown improvement by getting a few 1s, 2s, and 3s. The students adorn their papers before placing them in the folder. You will recognize them as the “love”liest papers in the folder!

HOMEWORK:  *************WORD STUDY (same activities each night)

****************************Write these numbers on paper……..56, 34, 79, 91, and 23.  Write beside each, how many tens and ones it has.

56- 5 tens, 6 ones (example)

Write the following sentence with compound words:  My toothbrush is ________ (color).  My grandmother is ______________ (adjective).

Use the paper provided please and place the handwriting guide down in front of your first grader so that proper letter formation is stressed.


REPORT CARDS GO HOME TODAY~~~Please sign and return the tan folder it comes in, keep the report card.  Thank you!

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Aveson’s Agenda for February 5-9

We made a rapid start into February last week with two short days…..our new incentive started….more about that in a moment……:)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful winter white surprises you provided your child with as a reward for our January incentive.  You should have seen the look of anticipation on each of their faces!  The students really enjoyed sharing the items they received. I was so impressed with the creativity and number of white items our parents found!  You are a resourceful bunch!

We continue with bossy r this week.  Try a little test…..say a word containing ar, ir, er, or, or ur and see if your child can write or spell aloud which combination is present in the word.  Try fir/fur and ask your first grader to tell you which is which.  Take every opportunity to point these out in a book when you see them.

Sentence writing is an area we continue to practice. There are tips that we use in class to write clear, interesting, and grammatically correct sentences.  The Pointer Test should be done after every sentence, one description word for each noun in the sentence, and RE-READ are all phrases that we say everyday. Words that your child should be spelling correctly at this time: was, are, I (with a capital), is , that, we, this, and there.  If he/she spells any of these words incorrectly, stop and correct. Practice really does help in this area of the curriculum.

Mathematically, we explore place value and learn the ones, tens, and hundreds place. Our mini-hundreds charts help us to see the columns nicely.  For example: 67 —-there are 6 tens and 7 ones.  We have orange tens sticks and multi-colored “ones”.  We build numbers from these.  We will be building castles, houses, etc. and declaring the VALUE of the property.

Our presidential study will begin this week and extend into next.  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are on the docket.  Just wait until you hear about G.W.’s pets!  Oh what a practical joke lover Mr. Lincoln was!  Hardship was known by both men, but we will learn how they both soared to greatness!

LGW——LGW——-LOVE GREAT WORK!  (SAID EVERY SINGLE TEACHER, EVER!)  This incentive will revolve totally around efforts with written assignments.  Certain written tasks will be deemed LGWs each day.  Students will put forth their very best efforts to color and write neatly, as well as aim for accuracy. Their paper will be marked with a 1, 2, or 3.  This is the key to the numbers for this contest ONLY, not graded papers that are in Friday folders:         1–Good, a bit more effort needed

2–Look at this!  Awesome!

3–Are you kidding me? How long did this take you? Outstanding! Terrific! Can’t be beat!

As you can see, 3 is where you want to be!  After receiving their number, students travel to the LGW table and get to choose the number of items to adorn the paper!  So you will see 1 heart or sticker, 2, or 3~!  Then students make a tally mark on their tally sheet as to if it was a 1, 2, or 3.  At the end of the month, if they have shown progress and received at least a few 3s, we will celebrate with treats!  They can receive 1s, 2s, and 3s to be a contest winner as long as the effort is there to improve.  You will see the tally sheets on February 28th.  Ask your child periodically how many 1s, 2s, and 3s he/she has at that time. Encourage your first grader to put forth best efforts on all written assignments.  So we are off to the races with Love Great Work!

Conference evening is February 8th~ I have contacted the parents that I need to see at this time. If you would like a conference later in the month or to chat on the phone, just let me know.  

We will be celebrating VALENTINE’S DAY on February 14th!  Students may start bringing valentine cards on February 7th.  The rule will be………you certainly do not have to participate, but if you choose to………YOU MUST BRING A VALENTINE FOR EACH STUDENT.  Names below:

Trinity, Ayaan, Ayah, Ryan, William, Nevaeh, Anika, Anusha, Alex, Parks, Barrett, Kelsey, Kevin, Shreya, Mason, Skylar, Charley, Willow, Vedant, Lily, Olivia, Jairo

So your child should bring a total of 22 valentines if he/she chooses to participate.  We will make a friendship circle on the 14th and have a great time opening our valentines!

HOMEWORK:  WORD STUDY (see activity sheet that we always use)


*****************Use the white paper to complete the illustrations on the sheet titled Picture This!  The front and back of the white paper should be used as the students have two illustrations to do.

*****************Write down how many tens and ones are in your grandparents’ ages.

Example:  Grandpa, 6 tens 9 ones     Grandma, 6 tens and 7 ones

Pawpa, 7 tens and  0nes         Memaw, 6 tens and 9 ones

All homework should be completed and brought in by Friday.




FEBRUARY 23 IS INSIDE OUT DAY~ Wear mix and match and inside out!


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Aveson’s Agenda~ January 29th~February 2nd

Well, it has been good to get back into the swing of things. Students are completing more tasks in a given time frame now that we are buzzing into second semester. This is when we start to “kick-it second grade style”.

Bossy “r” has made his presence known in room 7.  Combinations that he is most notably found in are ar, er, ir, or, and ur.  Students have asked…..How do you know which one to write for the “r” sound?  Well………  by READING, of course!  The more you read as I have explained, the more you become familiar with what words look like.  You can almost see them with your eyes closed, once you have read them over and over.  We made a booklet of words that go with each bossy r combination.  We will use it for sentence and story writing.

Silly Story~ is getting faster as fluency increases~!  We each choose different books and Ms. Aveson is the commentator of the show and starts the ball rolling which turns into a crazy story that the home audience would never understand.  At the end, the audience is left scratching their heads saying……Whhhhhaaaattttttt?

Our last 4~Square is now complete.  We move to one page story writing, remembering to ALWAYS do the pointer test.  Chopping up run on sentences is something we have been working to improve.  “Zesting” up sentences with more description is also on our list of things to do. Re-Reading is a must for creating a story that flows.  This is a great area to practice at home, while it might not be at the top of your first graders’ favorite activities, it is so important. 🙂

We have played games with our hundreds charts and will continue to use them to correct number formation and check skip-counting. Now we move into place value.  Students will learn about tens and ones using unifix cubes.  The “tens sticks” are orange and we add the colored cubes to indicate the “ones”.  You will see some of the unifix cube technique on papers sent home.  That will be later in the week after we have worked with manipulatives for a bit.

The sun and earth have quite a bond as we have come to know!  Learning about our planet and how it rotates and revolves at the same time, keeps our flashlight and globe busy!  Remembering that the Earth rotates around the sun in 24 hours, but revolves around the sun in 365 days is going to be tricky!  We will demonstrate this concept each day!

SNOWSTOPPERS ENDS TOMORROW!  If you do not hear from me tomorrow afternoon, then assume that your first grader has earned the amount of snow necessary for his/her white surprise!  On the 31st, please send the white surprise either wrapped or in a bag as we will say goodbye to January with a WHITE AS SNOW explosion!  Thank you for helping with this incentive! 


***************Tuesday night reading in the blue basal book

***************Use the following information to create a 5-7 sentence mini-story

Jessie has a soccer ball.                      She has a brother named Jason.           It is fall.

Weave this information into your story.  Send in by Friday.  Don’t forget to do the pointer test!

FEBRUARY 23 INSIDE OUT DAY!  Have fun by wearing your clothes inside-out and mis-matched!


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Aveson’s Agenda~Jan. 22nd~26

………..What I said last week!  LOL!!!!!  Due to missed days last week, we will go with last week’s agenda.  Homework:  Read in blue books Tuesday night.  Write down the following for two RAZ~KIDS books……title, character names, setting (where the story takes place).  We will be using this for an activity, it must be in on Friday. Should have testing completed tomorrow.  We should be caught up by Friday.  :0)  Sunny days ahead!

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