Week of April 15th

It is hard to believe that we are in the 4th nine weeks!  Time has really flown this year. I am starting to see my third graders change into 4th graders and its a wonderful thing to witness!  This nine weeks I am pushing for more independence from them and a little less hand holding from me.  I have told them that my expectations are higher this nine weeks, as this is our last one together. Its hard to believe that SOL’s are less then a month away!

Current SOL dates –

May 8th and May 9th (Reading SOL)

May 20th and May 21st (Math SOL)

**Each test is given in a two day period

This Week’s Sticky April 15-19th

Monday- Math HW Packet, Cursive, Reading Log

Tuesday- Timed Mult Test Today Mixed up (GRADED) (unless their on another number)

Wednesday- Field Trip Money Due by today!

Thursday-  WS Quiz Today

Geometry Quiz Today

Friday-      DOM Quiz Today

This week’s SOL’s

Reading – SOL 3.5 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts, literary nonfiction, and poetry.

Math – SOL 3.11   The student will identify and draw representations of points, lines, line segments, rays.

Science – SOL 3.3 The student will investigate and understand that objects are made of materials that can be described by their physical properties.

Any questions let me know!  Please have a great week!


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Week of March 18th

Week of March 18th –

International Day – Is scheduled for Wednesday.  Have you signed up for an item to send in?  Does your student have a costume prepared?  The kids and I have been discussing the costumes and schedule for Wednesday and they are all really excited!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Here is our sticky for this week –

This week’s Sticky 3/18 – 3/22

Monday – New HW packets)

Tuesday- x8 Testing (unless testing on other numbers) Wednesday ? International Day -wear your costume!

Thursday – none

Friday –   WS Test Today, Math x Quiz

DOM Quiz Today

SOL’s for this week –

Reading – 3.6i – The students will compare biographies and autobiographies

Math -3.4 The student will

  1. c) demonstrate fluency with multiplication facts of 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10; and
  2. d) solve single-step practical problems involving multiplication of whole numbers, where one factor is 99 or less and the second factor is 5 or less.

Science -3.2 The student will investigate and understand simple machines and their uses.

  1. a) purpose and function of simple machines
  2. b) types of simple machines
  3. c) compound machines
  4. d) examples of simple and compound machines found in the school, home, and work environments.


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Week of March 10th

Happy Sunday Parents,

Below is information about the week ahead.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Sign Up Genius – Our wonderful room mom’s sent out a sign up genius for International Day that is scheduled for March 20th.  It is a fun filled day with lots of great events planned.  Below is the sign up genius to send in items for the event.  I am in need of help from my parents to make the day work, we will need the donations sent in so we can have everything set up.


This week’s Sticky –

Monday – New HW packets, new WS (test next Friday)

Tuesday – x7 Testing (unless testing on other numbers)


Thursday – DOL Quiz only

Friday – Final Fractions Quiz

This week’s SOL’s

Reading – 3.5e – Summarizing the plot of Fiction

Math – 3.2a,b,c Fractions

S.Studies – 3.2a,b,c,d Simple Machines


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Week of Feb 18th

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The class had a great time this week exchanging Valentines.  I love to see them so excited and happy to be together!  Below is details about the upcoming week.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Homework – We are back on our usual schedule for HW – math packet, reading packet, and cursive packet.  All due Friday.

Multicultural Night – This will be held on Thursday from 6:30 – 7:30.  The kids have been working hard on typing out their stories on the computers, and I am super proud of them!

Here is this week’s Sticky

Week of February 18th

Monday – New HW Packets

Tuesday – Timed x4 (unless x3 were sent home to complete again)

Unit Test on Money

Wednesday – Mali Test Today

Thursday – DOM Test Today

Friday – WS Test Today

Happy Friday!

This week’s SOL’s

Reading – SOL 3.6a – Author’s Purpose – does an author write to persuade, entertain, or inform.

Math – SOL 3.6 Money – counting, comparing, and  giving change

S.Studies – SOL 3.4 Mali – Studying traditions, government, and the development of ancient Mali.

Writing – Finishing the Multicultural writing.

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Week of Feb. 10th

Happy Sunday Parents,

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Below are a few notes about the upcoming week.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Report Cards – Will be coming home tomorrow, please sign and return the gold envelope at your earliest convenience.  Remember, the paper copy is yours to keep.

Field Trip – We will be heading to the theater this Friday.  Please pack a lunch for them to eat when we get back to school.

Homework/Testing – They will have Reading, Math, and Cursive this week. They will be getting new word study words, but will NOT be tested until NEXT Thursday on those.  In addition, we will not have a DOM math quiz this week.  Instead, the kids will work on DOL (Daily Oral Language) morning work, which we will review in class.  We will return to DOM and Thursday quizzes next week.  We are trying to make room to review for both.

Sticky for the week of Feb 10th

Monday – New HW Packets

Tuesday – Timed X3 (unless X2 were sent home to complete again)


Thursday – Bring in your Valentines for today!

Friday – Field Trip (pack a lunch)

**Test on Money will be on Tuesday 2/19

SOL’s for this week –

Reading SOL 3.5g – Drawing Conclusions in fiction and poetry

Math SOL 3.6a,b,c – Money – Counting, Comparing, and making change

S.Studies SOL 3.4 – Mali – students will learn about the government, economic development, and oral tradition of Mali.


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Week of January 29th

Hello Parents,

We have lots of things happening this week so let me know if you have any questions –

Homework – As we enter the 3rd nine weeks, we will NOT be doing reading logs.  The kids will be focusing on grade level passages.  They will still bring them home on Monday’s and they will still be due on Friday’s.  We are focusing on getting them to practice reading and using highlighting skills on a reading passage.  They will continue to have math packets and cursive packets as usual.

Ice Cream Multiplication – Each Tuesday, we will have timed multiplication tests for the kids to earn a piece to their multiplication sundae.  We will actually be doing x1 tomorrow, because the kids know those facts very easily.  We already did x0’s as well.  They are building their sundaes in the hallway on a plate with each multiplication fact that they earn fluency on.  Fluency is 80% or better on the test and they get 3 second per problem.  It is NOT graded, it’s just a positive reinforcement for learning them fluently.  In 3rd grade, they are

only responsible for 0,1,2,5,and 10.  However, we will test for their ice cream pieces in all the math fact areas (they will need all facts for 4th grade).  After we are done, we will hopefully have an ice cream celebration!  If your child has to repeat a set of facts they will bring home the test to let you know what to study.  The kids also have been working on small multiplication cards, so they can study them at home.  Reflex or and app on a phone or Ipad works for studying too.

Tuesday Folders – This week the kids will be bringing home 2 items I want to point out in their Tuesday folders.  One, is their DOM test from last week.  This test has a note on it, it needs to be signed and returned to be put in their SOL review binder.  Measurement and Time continue to be a weakness for some students across the grade level, and I will continue to pull groups for remediation.  They will also have a Time Telling worksheet.  I have attached an extra one behind it.  Please review time with your child if they received below a 80% on this.  4th grade will only get harder if they are still struggling with the time.  Again, I will continue to pull and remediate in Time as well.


This week’s sticky

Tuesday –    New HW coming home

x1 Multiplication Ice Cream Test

Time, Temperature, Elapsed Time Test

Wednesday –

Thursday –   DOM Quiz (Graphing & Word Problems)

Friday –        Ancient Rome (open notes test)

Have a good weekend!

Benchmark Testing – starts next week!





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Week of January 14th

Hello Parents,
I hope everyone had a restful weekend.  Below are some things to look forward this week.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Testing – We are scheduled to take our mid year MAPS tests tomorrow and Tuesday, but due to the 1/2 day delay the Monday test may be delayed.  I will keep you informed.  Our benchmarks are as follow –
Feb 4th – Reading part 1
Feb 5th – Reading part 2
Feb 6th – Math part 1
Feb 7th – Math part 2

We will continue to review using our SOL binder.  This week we are reviewing computation and estimation of large numbers (adding and subtracting using regrouping).  They will be quizzed on this on Thursday of this week.  You can review this SOL by using their binder for information.

Word Study – They will get new words on Wednesday of this week and not test until NEXT Friday.

Reading – We will be working on Reference skills – using a dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.
S.Studies – We will start a new unit on Greece and Rome this week.
Math – We will work on time this week.  They will have to work on reading time to the nearest minute.  As well as working on how much time has passed.
Writing – We are continue to write a fictional piece of writing this week.

Important Dates –
Jan 18th at 7:30 – Muffins with Mom
January 21st MLK Day – No School
Jan 28th Student Holiday

Sticky this week –
Monday – New Cursive and math Packets
Tuesday – Test on Science (animal’s and food chains)
Thursday- DOM Quiz
Friday- Have a good Weekend!


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Week of Jan 7th

We are getting back into the routine of a normal school week this week. You will see below what we will be up to. Any questions – please let me know!

New SOL Prep Binders – Thanks to my wonderful parents who donated them, we will be able to start our SOL Prep Binders this week. We will be putting in our morning work (also known as DOM – daily oral math). This will be our formal review, a way of circling back and reviewing material be have already learned this year. Our goal will be to review at least 4 mornings per week, then test on Thursday’s. They will be on the computer and consist on 10 questions. You can use the binders to see what questions to test your child on. Please send the binder back and forth to school each day so that we can use it at school as well.

Upcoming Testing – an e-mail went out earlier about our upcoming testing dates.
Jan 15th – MAPS Reading
Jan 16th – MAPS Math

Benchmarks –
Feb 4th Reading (part 1)
Feb 5th Reading (part 2)
Feb 6th Math (part 1)
Feb 7th Math (part 2)

This Week’s Sticky
Week of January 7th –
Monday – New math packet and Cursive packet today/
Thursday – *DOM (math review quiz) on all of SOL 3.1
(use new SOL binders for practice problems)
Friday – * Word Study Test Today
*Reading a Thermometer/Temperature Test

This week’s SOL’s
Reading – Main Idea of Fiction and Roots and Affixes
Math – Reading a Thermometer and starting to read a clock
Science – connection between food chains
Writing – Completing a whole writing piece including editing
Math Review – SOL 3.1 Number Sense – writing numbers, ordering numbers, comparing numbers


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January 3rd and January 4th

Hello parents,

I hope everyone had a great break!  I wanted to start my e-mail by thanking everyone for the gifts sent in to me for the holiday.  The kids were so sweet and excited to watch me open them!  Thank you so much for thinking of me.  I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed working with your students this year.  I hope the rest of the year continues to go so well!

I also wanted to thank our room parents Mrs. Avallone and Mrs. Williams for all their help with the Gingerbread houses.  They helped collect all the stuff we needed and helped the kids when it was time to put them together (along with some other great parents too).  Thank you ladies for helping out with all of our fun activities this year.  Mrs. Avallone took some great pictures and I am trying my best to get them to upload to the blog, but am having some problems and may have to have the school tech see what is wrong.

This week –

Holiday Reading Log – If the kids beat my time for reading, they will get a reward.  If they participated at all in a reading log they will earn 2 stars on their card.  We will see who read the most!

Homework – There will be no cursive this week, just math and one night of a reading log.  Once again, I am doing this just to keep the kids in a sort of routine, since it is such a weird week for us.

New work – We will start learning to read a thermometer, and work on prefixes and suffixes this week.  They will also get a new word list, but will not test until next Friday.

Any questions please let me know!

Mrs. Wheaton


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Week of December 17th

Happy Sunday Parents,

Can you believe that we are three days away from break?  I hope everyone gets to spend some quality time with their families this holiday break.  Please check out below to what we are up to this week –

We are finishing our Fairy Tale Unit this week and will be putting together our Gingerbread houses from 1:00 – 2:00 on both Monday and Tuesday.  Remember, if you want to volunteer in the room you will need to fill out a volunteer form.  We love having classroom helpers!

Homework – this week’s HW will only be 2 days of reading log and 2 days of Math.  There will be NO cursive this week.  I am trying my best to keep the kids on a steady sense of routine as we get closer to break. So having some HW will help with that.  We do have 2 exams – Math and SS both on Tuesday.

Computers – We have finally gotten our class set of computers!  They are amazing!  Each student has been assigned a computer that will stay in the classroom.  Therefore, we will be doing more grading and completing of class work on the computer than ever before.  The grades can always be seen on Power School, but if you have any questions about what was graded, please let me know.

Winter Reading Log – This is an optional log the kids will bring home on Wednesday.  It is a “Can you beat Mrs. Wheaton” reading log.  It will not be graded, but prizes will be given for those who participate, and those who beat my reading over break (many of them beat my time over Thanksgiving).  They are pretty excited about it!


This week’s sticky-

Week of December 17th –

Monday –      No Cursive this week only Reading Log and Math HW

PJ Day!

Tuesday –      Math Test (Capacity with Perimeter and Area Review)

Ancient Egypt/Ancient China Quiz

Wear Tacky Holiday Clothes!

Wednesday  –  2 days Reading Log and Math Packet Due Today

Wear your favorite winter outfit – hats included!

Thursday –       Winter Break!

Friday –            Winter Break!


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