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I’m not sure about you guys, but I am definitely feeling this cold weather! As I’m sure everyone knows, we may be getting a snow storm this weekend. If so, I hope everyone stays safe and warm!

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In reading this week, the students continued reviewing character analysis while adding on another component of plot and conflict. We reviewed the elements of plot including exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Throughout every story the author utilizes these elements to organize the events. Additionally, in every story there is some kind of conflict that pulls the plot along. It is important for the students to understand how the author organizes the plot to better understand the events in the story.

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In writing this week, the students continued finalizing their hamburger essay in which they wrote about their favorite place to eat. We have worked on this essay for quite a while now and it is wonderful to see how the final essays turn out!

In social studies this week, the students began working on our cumulative states project. In pairs, the students are creating a Google presentation in which they describe their assigned state in the Southeast region using the five themes of geography (location, place, region, human-environment interaction, and movement). I look forward to learning more about the states in our region!

Check out Mrs. Reed’s blog to see what the students learned in math and science this week!


  • SCIENCE: Plant Anatomy
  • MATH: Data
  • READING: Reading Strategies
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Southeast Region of the United States


  • Box Tops: PTO is running a classroom – to – classroom contest for Box tops this year. Families submitting Box Tops need to put MY name on the Box Tops you are submitting. The class with the most box tops turned in by February 22 (one week before our March 1 submission) will win a Pizza Party from the PTO. Parents can help us out by:
  1. Checking the dates on their box tops (expired box tops can make our entire submission get tossed out)
  2. Putting box tops into groups of 50, in a ziploc baggie with the number “50” on the outside.
  3. Using the 50-count Submission sheet if they prefer that method (I’ve attached a PDF of that.)
  4. Bonus Box Tops Certificates cannot go into the baggie of 50 or be attached to a collection sheet.

They are turned in separately and can be sent up in a separate baggie.

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