3rd Grade Battleship

Mrs. Cottrell is an awesome third grade teacher at Ward Elementary! Last week, we talked about an idea for her students to play Battleship in order to practice coordinates and coordinate planes. I was so excited to help her execute this lesson!!

We started off with the Battleship template. You can find a copy for yourself HERE!

Looking back, Mrs. Cottrell and I realized that the class didn’t have a ton of experience with Battleship, so it may have been a better idea to start with just a couple hit points on the grid instead of full ships!



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  1. Debbie Roethke says:

    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing! You don’t by any chance have the directions you used, listvof points, etc. would like to use it as a sample with a school district in Naryland I’m working with in a few weeks. Thanks!

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