Senior Shadowing

At the Center for Communications, one of our goals is for our students to shadow successful professionals in the field of communications or in other fields that students are interested in entering professionally. A job shadowing experience allows our student to explore careers of interest  and gain realistic career information that will aid our students in making career choices.

During their four years in the specialty center, our students learn and apply the principles of communication in areas such as print and broadcast journalism, videography, photography, graphic design, public speaking, advertising, and public relations. They have acquired strong skills in these areas, and they appreciate the opportunity to see how these skills are put to good use in the professional world.

Let’s take a look at where some of the students went during the 2014-15 school year.

In the Studio at WRIC

Haley, Macy, and Matt spent the morning in the WRIC studio and the control room of “Good Morning Richmond.”  After the taping, they had an opportunity to snap a photo on the set.











On the Set with FOX Richmond

Seniors Alyssa and Maki spent the day with Jay Endicott, production manager at WRLH Fox Richmond–ERLH My TV Richmond.  Mr. Endicott described their experience in the following way.

“I wanted to reach out to you to express how much we all enjoyed having Maki and Alyssa join us yesterday.  I think we may have worn them out, it was  a very long day, but they were wonderful to work with and fine representatives of Varina High School and the Center for Communications.  It was a pleasure to have them on set.  I feel like they got a taste of a little bit of everything from makeup, pre-production, scripting, client and crew direction and relations, camera work; they were exposed to a lot yesterday.  Thank you so much.  They were all I wish every shadow or intern could be.  You should be very proud of the caliber student you all are guiding through your program.  These two young ladies were polished, professional, and a joy to be around.  I wish them all the best in their future endeavors and thank you for the opportunity to support your student shadowing program this year.”

Jay Endicott

Production Manager Fox Richmond

Jay 1Fox 1Fox 3Fox 2


In the Studio at K 95

Maddie and Harley got up early and traveled to the South Side to spend time with Lori Kelly and Catfish for the morning broadcast of the “Catfish and Lori Morning Show.”







A Day Spent at Snagajob Headquarters in Partnership with Junior Achievement

Representatives from Snagajob taught seniors about networking, interviewing skills, and career pathways.  After two lessons on campus, the senior class spent the day at Snagajob Headquarters learning about the company’s mission,  effective branding strategies, and tips for effective job interviewing. Students toured the facility, participated in mock interviews, and met with Snaggers who shared their career paths.


On the movie set of “The Prodigal” 

Prodigal 1

I had the great opportunity to serve as a production assistant in the Location Department during shooting of “The Prodigal.”  Our department researched locations,  communicated all working knowledge of the locations, and most importantly had all cast members in the right place for filming. My direct supervisor, Alicia Ayoub,  provided coaching and training in every aspect of the department and film set.  My background in the Center for Communications  helped prepare me with the tools to be successful on the set such as familiarity with the language used by the crew and how a a studio crew worked.






With the Communications Department of the Richmond SPCA

 Laura and Akiah spent the day with Director of Advancement Tabatha Haynes from the Richmond SPCA.  Students toured the facility, talked to staff members, went to WRIC-8 to promote pet adoption on “Good Morning Richmond,”  and appeared in a video posted by the Richmond SPCA on Facebook.




From the Richmond SPCA’s Facebook Page

“What began as a poem by our Retail Manager, Abby Waller, morphed into a voice track by Kat Simons, then was acted out by Richmond SPCA resident, Clinton the dog, and students shadowing our Communications Department from Varina High School’s Center for Communications. Now it is a holiday masterpiece for all to enjoy!”

Check out their video by clicking here.















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