The Center for Communications, located at Varina High School, is one of thirteen specialty centers in Henrico County Public Schools.  Qualified students pursue a rigorous college-preparatory program of studies. 

In traditional classrooms, television studios, and computer labs, students master skills in writing, speaking, television, computer information systems, multimedia, photography, graphic design, journalism, advertising, and public relations.

When you study communications, you prepare yourself for dozens of careers including television, print media, graphic design, even teaching, politics and the law. This center is home to a two television studios and control rooms, two computer labs used for video editing and graphic design and a presentation studio.  Here you will learn to speak with confidence, write with precision and design with flair so that any message you want to send will be effective when it is heard, read or viewed.

Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive study and refinement of writing and speaking skills necessary for effective communication
  • Rigorous college-preparatory program in a specialized learning environment that allows you to pursue your interests in communications
  • Applications of the principles of communications in areas such as television, multimedia, photography, graphic design, journalism, advertising and public relations
  • Production of student news shows, commercials, newspapers, speeches, multimedia presentations and a senior portfolio
  • Use of advanced technology to research and to write television scripts and newspaper stories,  to design newspaper graphics and posters and to shoot and edit news packages and commercials
  • Ethical and technical aspects of communications
  • Field trips, shadowing opportunities and field experiences in partnership with the business community

Students in the Center for Communications and Media Relations participate in the following activities:

  • Writing for our award-winning school newspaper and our student news shows Take 15 and Varina 411 Live
  • Appearing on television in school and countywide broadcasts
  • Designing newspapers, newsletters, logos, advertisements, and posters
  •  Using advanced technology to research interdisciplinary projects and to write television scripts and newspaper stories
  • Creating informative, persuasive, motivational, and computer-assisted oral presentationsIMG_3125
  • Learning more about computers, computer networks, and the Internet
  • Using computer software programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Final Cut Pro
  • Shooting, editing, and producing video projects such as commercials, news packages, and interviews
  • Participating in field trips to local museums, theaters, television studios, and newspapers
  • Studying English literature and composition in advanced placement English 11 and 12 classes


For more information, contact Heidi Craft at one of the following:

  • hhcraft@henrico.k12.va.us
  • 804-226-3139
  • Varina High School, 7053 Messer Road, Henrico, VA  23231


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