Application Process




November 13 Open house scheduled at the Center for Communications and Media Relations
November 19 Specialty center application available online
January 11 Specialty center application due date


  • All parent/guardians must complete an online Parent Authorization and Waiver Form.
  • This form will be accessible through the PowerSchool Parent Portal starting on 11/19/18.
  • It is located under the menu on the left “Specialty Center” (star icon).
  • Once the permission form has been submitted, your child will have access to the program within 24 hours.

For more information regarding the Specialty Centers and the application process, please visit our district website.

Read all of the directions
before you begin the application

Window opens November 19, 2018

Window closes January 11, 2019

Application website address is: 

Download PDF

Student Application Directions:

Once the parent/guardian submits the Parent Authorization and Waiver Form and it has been 24 hours, students can access the online application at: to begin your application. 

1. Please select the link “Specialty Center Online Application” and use your HCPS credentials to login. Note: PowerSchool Parent Portal Credentials will not allow access to the application. 

2. Review the Home Tab. It contains important information. 

3. Once you are ready to begin, select the “Create Application” button (top right). 

4. Take a moment to verify that your personal information is correct. If you see any errors, please report them to your school counseling office before you proceed with the application. This may require you to log out and return the application on another day. 

5. Select Specialty Centers: From this page, select all centers that you would like to include within your application for consideration. Once this is complete click the “Process Selections” button (top right). 

6. Enter Activities: Enter an activity name, hours per week, grades levels of participation and the description for each activity you wish to include. Each time you “Save an Activity”, the activity will show up at the bottom of that page. Once you have completed all activity entries, click on the “Finish Activities” button (top right). Note: You must include at least one activity but no more than five. 

7. Teacher Recommendations: Select two teachers from your school to request recommendations. One of the teachers you select should be from a core subject area (math, English, science, or history). Each time you select a teacher, Save it. Once you are done with two selections, click once on the “Complete Recommendations” button. 

8. Before you select the “Finalize Application” button, review your activities, specialty center selections, audition selections (if applicable) and teacher recommendation selections. Note: At this point you can still make changes by clicking on the tabs. 

9. Once you select Finalize Application and select continue, you will be directed to the project page. This project is optional (though still highly encouraged) for the Center for Communications and Media Relations. You will see the information about the CFCMR project on this page. Print this page and complete all projects. Another option is to use snipping tool to snip and save. 

11. An email is generated to the Contact 1 and Contact 2 on file in PowerSchool letting them know that the application has been received and is being processed. They are reminded to follow up with their student to ensure they complete any required projects or attend any mandatory events. 

12. Application Summary tab: Click on this tab to review or print a summary of your submission. You may return to the application during the submission window to review the applicant summary and completed projects. If you have changes to your application, see your counselor. 

13. You may return to the application during the submission window to review the applicant summary and completed projects. If you have changes to your application, see your counselor. 

14. Once the window closes, you will no longer be able to see this info.

15. Project Dropbox – Students will need to drop their required projects into the Schoology course “Specialty Center Writing Samples and Projects”. Example: Brookland MS Specialty Center Writing Samples). 






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