Welcome to the team!!!

We are excited to welcome our new CFA Theatre teacher, Ms. Shanea Taylor, to the team!!! She is excited to be a part of something so special and we are excited to have her here!

You can read Ms. Taylor’s full bio under the “About” tab -> “meet the Faculty and staff”

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RIR Class of 2020 Graduation Event

This year has been like NO other!!! And HCPS did not disappoint when it came to celebrating our Senior class! Please enjoy this short video that only highlights the amazing time at the Richmond Raceway Victory Lap event!!!

RIR Victory Lap video

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HHS Senior Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation – TONIGHT!!!!!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!

In anticipation of tonight’s virtual HHS Graduation Ceremony Watch Party at 7:00 p.m.,

it is time for us to bid farewell to our graduating CFA seniors!

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 2020!

How to watch the HHS Graduation Ceremony @ 7:00 p.m.:

There are three ways to watch each ceremony live (links can be accessed on any desktop computer or on mobile devices):

Although we are sad to see our seniors leave us, we are so proud of them and we wish them nothing but the best as they move forward with their education, their passions and their dreams!  Congratulations again to our seniors for their many accomplishments, awards, scholarships and fellowships and for their college and career plans!  Best of luck from the entire CFA Warrior Nation Family as you begin this next phase of your journeys!


Check out the Newsletter tab to see the full list of our CFA graduating seniors and their futures!!  (We know the listing below may be incomplete since our students are constantly doing wonderful things and earning additional accolades!  We thank our CFA seniors for completing their CFA Senior Surveys – we used their survey responses to help compile this list!)

Seniors, please do keep in touch with your CFA friends and families!  Please let us know of your successes as you navigate your individual paths, and come back and visit us often!   We hope to see you at future Showcases!

Congratulations class of 2020 – we are so proud of you!

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Senior Showcase – Visual Arts

Congratulations to all of our CFA seniors on your amazing Senior Showcases!

COVID won’t bring them down! Senior showcases may have been different than ever before but these amazing students have still come through with mind blowing works of art and creativity!

Check it out on the link below:

Musical Theatre – Musical Theatre took a fantastic approach leaving a legacy for all future incoming CFA MT Freshman. As requested by the senior class, we are not posting this video so it will remain a special surprise for the new incoming class. Please enjoy the picture below though.

Image may contain: text that says 'A MESSAGE FROM THE MT GRADUATING CLASS OF 2020'Image may contain: text that says 'A QUARANTINE PRODUCTION MADE JUST FOR YOU'Image may contain: 11 peopleImage may contain: 1 person, sitting, text that says 'CHALE MUCH LOVE FROM THE CLASS OF 2020'

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Student Highlight – Thespian Awards

Congratulations to the following CFA/HHS Seniors who were recognized at the HHS Thespian Ceremony (Thursday, June 4, 2020):

Lauren B.

Kaia C. – JMU

Maya E. – VT

Ali F. – VCU

Chelsea G. – Shenandoah

Reid H. – VCU

Talford H. – Mary Baldwin

Rosalie J. – American University

Ebony N. – New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

Preston S. – JMU

Congratulations also to Chelsea G. and Preston S. who were presented with the “Best Thespians” Awards last night!!

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CFA 2020 Honors & Awards WINNERS!!!!

On May 26, 2020, CFA teachers presented honors and awards certificates to graduating seniors at their homes in lieu of the CFA Awards Ceremony that was to take place this weekend. Congratulations to all award winners!

2020 Brad Boynton Award for Excellence in the Arts
Dance: Jaiden L.
Musical Theatre: Liliana M.
Theatre: Chelsea G.
Visual Arts: Cullen B.

2020 CFA Highest GPA: Maya E.

2020 CFA Brad Award (Volunteer Award): Brandy E. and Jeremy E.

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FCFA 2020 Scholarships WINNERS!!!

Throughout the year, the FCFA asks families to participate in raising money, donating snacks, food, money, and time. On behalf of the FCFA Board, we greatly appreciate all that you do. Now is the time to see the fruit of our labors and give back in the way of scholarships. Students have submitted their applications, the Henrico High School Scholarship Committee has reviewed them and chosen the recipients. The FCFA Board is proud to announce this year’s recipients.
FCFA Curriculum Area Scholarships

Two scholarships, in the amount of $750 each, are available for each Center for the Arts curriculum area for CFA students who will be enrolled in an arts-related course of study in a qualified college or university setting.
The 2020 awards go to:

Dance: Cameron H. and Tyler M.
Musical Theatre: Talford H. and Daniel K.
Visual Arts: Taina C. and Alexa W.
Theatre: Preston S. and Chelsea G.

The Lee G. Hanchey Award is a scholarship in the amount of $1500. It was created in 2009 by the Friends of the Center for the Arts (FCFA) to honor Mrs. Lee Hanchey, Director of the Center for the Arts (CFA) at Henrico High School from 1996 until her retirement in 2009. A recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award in 2004, Mrs. Hanchey taught those around her to strive for excellence in their lives by displaying exemplary character, strong leadership and communication skills, and a positive attitude. She proved that combining hard work and vision would always lead to success. Mrs. Hanchey has devoted her career, as well as her personal time, to furthering arts education and recognition. She strongly believes in the value of higher education and dedication to study. Even upon retirement, Mrs. Hanchey is a regular audience member of the CFA events.
This year’s recipient of the FCFA Lee G Hanchey $1500 scholarship is: Katie C.

The William Patrick Gorman Memorial Fund was established by Patrick’s family and friends as a positive and loving way to remember his life and preserve his memory. Patrick was 17 when he died suddenly of a congenital heart defect. Most people were unaware of Patrick’s many physical limitations because he had an uncomplaining attitude and beautiful smile. Art was one of Patrick’s greatest passions, and he was a gifted artist. In a fitting tribute, his memorial fund supports educational experience for visual arts students at the Center for the Arts.
The Gorman Award is a $1000 scholarship awarded to a rising junior or senior Visual Arts student to pursue an arts-related course or fund materials for a community-based project.
This year’s recipient of the Gorman Award is: Catharine S.

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Newsletter is POSTED!!!

Be sure you check out the Newsletter for today, May 22nd, as there is SO much you need to know right now!

Some highlights you don’t want to miss:

  • Senior Exchange Day coming up
  • Company 302 cast members’ shoutout
  • Scholarship news

and so much more!!! Be sure to go find it in your email box OR on this CFA website under the Newsletter tab above! Do not miss out on some awesome things to come!!!

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Student Highlight

Congratulations Jasmine, on your Scholastics National Gold Key Portfolio Award! Jasmine is the now THIRD Center for the Arts Visual Arts student who has won this prestigious award!

Click HERE to see the amazing artcle!

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“Everybody’s a Graduation Speaker”

Graduation 2020 will be like no other in the history of graduations!

One of CFA’s very own, Lily M., is featured in a news segment promoting Senator Tim Kaine’s “Everybody’s a Graduation Speaker” project.

Check it out here ⬇️


Virginia high school seniors urged to take senator's graduation ...

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